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Why A Freelance Copywriter Should Consider Outsourcing Their Services


Every website needs fresh, high-quality, regular content to stay on top of the search engines. That’s what many freelance copywriters often do these days. But you can reach a point as a copywriter where you have too much work to do it all yourself. If you’ve been considering outsourcing some of your freelance copywriting work, below are reasons to support this decision.  

You Don’t Have Time

This is usually the most significant reason a copywriter brings in other copywriters to outsource some of their articles. Websites need fresh content daily to keep their search engine rank. Some copywriters produce 5-10 or more articles per day for several clients.  You need a lot of regular content to stay on top of the search engines. 

Having that much work is a good thing; the more you write, the more you make. But you can reach a point where you’re writing so much that you don’t have time to exercise, sleep, or take care of your family. 

In these situations, you may want to outsource some of your copywriting work. 

You’re Needed Elsewhere

It might not just be about your time doing copywriting. You could be better off at some point growing your company by bringing in more copywriters. That way, you aren’t spending the whole day just writing; you can find new clients, bring in new writers, and focus on making your business more prominent. 

You Don’t Have The Skill

Most freelance copywriters are highly skilled in their work, but some subjects could be outside your comfort zone. 

For example, you may be comfortable writing legal and medical copy, but software and Internet technology topics may not play to your strengths. 

That’s why some freelance copywriters outsource some of their more technical articles to someone who has worked in that field or holds a degree in it. If you don’t have the experience in that area, you probably haven’t honed your copywriting skills sufficiently to write quality articles in that niche. 

You Don’t Write For That Format

You may have years of copywriting experience, but maybe you have a client who needs commercial scripts. That type of writing is an entirely different area that fewer writers tackle regularly.

Or, your client wants you to write speeches for their executives, but you are as unskilled at giving speeches as writing them! Relieve some pressure today and outsource that work to skilled speech copywriters. 

You’ll Learn

When you bring more copywriters with expertise that you don’t, you’ll learn more about the field. Plus, you’ll observe other skilled copywriters in action, so you can improve your skills as you manage the projects. 

You Struggle With The Messages

Let’s face it: If you need to write content every day or week about the same products or services, it can get stale after a while. Haven’t you already said everything you can say? When you find yourself falling into a rut, it’s wise to bring in outside copywriters that can bring a fresh perspective on a topic. 

You Must Create a Package Of Materials

Sometimes you might have a client that needs several writing materials done at once, such as a white paper, new media kit, website pages, and blog posts. You don’t necessarily need to have more writers all the time, but you can bring a few in to help you get the project completed. 

You Have Extra Marketing Money

As you get to the end of the year or quarter, you may have extra money that you haven’t spent. Perhaps you can use some of those funds to bring in more copywriters to give you a break. Or, use this as a chance to grow your company beyond just yourself!  

Outsourcing extra copywriting work often makes a great deal of sense. You can save yourself time, get high-quality copy, and get it faster than when you try to do it all alone. 

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