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Where to Buy Online Businesses For Sale in 2021: 11 BEST Marketplaces


Where can you buy online businesses for sale?

There are many ways to go about buying an online business and the process can be daunting at first. Working with professionals is often the best way to go about it, particularly if it’s your first time, and especially if it’s a high-priced site.

These are 11 sites where you can buy online businesses for sale, from brokerages to online marketplaces!

Types Of Online Businesses You Can Buy

What type of online businesses can you buy?

Here are some of the most common types of profitable online businesses for sale on the sites shared below.

More often than not, a website will have multiple ways of generating revenue. It’s not uncommon for an affiliate niche site to also have ads running, for example. However, usually one or another method is the primary source of making money.

Affiliate – These online businesses are very popular. Affiliate sites generate revenue by linking to products in content that visitors can purchase. A commission is earned when a sale is made.

Ecommerce – This is a huge market and ranges from Amazon FBA to Shopify stores. Essentially this is a website selling a product and taking care of fulfillment. There are also many affiliate sites that also have an e-commerce element to them.

SaaS – A SaaS business offers Software as a Service. Members pay a regular subscription fee to gain access to a digital tool or software. 

Apps – There are tens of thousands of apps available in the Apple and Google app stores, and some of them are also for sale. They relate to every topic imaginable and may or may not be making any money. 

Advertising – Advertising is a common method of monetization for niche sites and other online properties. This is often mixed with affiliate or e-commerce methods of monetization.

Lead Generation – Lead generation companies help other businesses gain qualified leads.

Subscription – Besides Saas products, there are other types of subscription services. Online courses and newsletters are just 2 examples.

Where To Buy Online Businesses For Sale

You can buy online businesses listed in many different ways:

  • On a marketplace  where there is little interaction from a third party
  • Through a broker – where everything is closely vetted and you are led through the process
  • In a Facebook group – where there is even less oversight (essentially none)

And some companies that sell online businesses have a mixture of different ways they list sites for sale. Motion Invest, for example, sells sites that they personally own, as well as listing sites owned by others.

Where you buy will depend on how much you have to invest, and your comfort level in buying digital assets. It will also depend on whether you want to buy a small business or a larger one.

We’ve got 11 different sites where you can buy an internet business – consider them all decide which is best for you!

Motion Invest

Where To Buy Online Businesses For Sale

Motion Invest is a highly recommended place to buy websites! Though, full disclosure, the founder of Niche Pursuits, Spencer Haws, is one of the founders of this online business marketplace.

This platform was set up especially for buying and selling online businesses quickly!

There are two different types of site for sale on Motion Invest:

  • Marketplace listings – where anyone can list their site for sale (though, fully vetted)
  • Portfolio listings – sites that have been purchased or built by Motion Invest and then listed for sale

On top of this, sites are sold by either:

  • Buy now – the price is listed and you can buy now
  • Submit an offer – make a fair offer
  • Dutch auction – price decreases $503 every 2 days until sold

From Motion Invest’s ‘About’ page:

“We want to create a place for people who… want to buy a quality site that has long-standing experts in the space vetting and doing the due diligence on them. We offer a simple standardized process when… buying and we make it easier, more efficient, and more reliable when buying and selling sites.”

Price range: $5000 to $200K

Types of online businesses for sale: Mostly niche content websites monetized with affiliate offers and ads


Empire Flippers

online business for sale

Empire Flippers is one of the major players when it comes to selling and buying online businesses.

They have a great site that is easy to navigate, and many listings which can be filtered in helpful ways.

The information displayed with listings is also very good. For example, you can easily see the pricing multiple, whether or not the seller is available for interviews, and the monthly net profit.

Empire Flippers goes through a vetting process with all listings, so you can be sure the details you received are legitimate. As with all online business purchases, you will still need to go through your own due diligence process.

Empire Flippers have been selling online businesses for many years now and are highly recommended. They have done over $250 million in sales, have around an 85% sales success rate, and usually have over 100 listings at a given time.

Price range: $20K to $10 million+

Types of online businesses for sale: Advertising, Affiliate, Dropshipping, E-commerce, Lead Gen, Software, SaaS, Subscription, Apps


FE International

buy online business

Don’t let the website design from the 1970s fool you, FE International means business.

This company is known for rigorously vetting the online businesses that they sell. They are very hands-on with the process, working closely with both the buyer and the seller.

They sell many types of online business, from content niche sites to SaaS companies. You will find listings at a range of price points, from $50K to the multiple millions. However, they specialize in the higher value range.

The team is extremely professional and will be there throughout the whole process.

Unlike most sites where you can buy online businesses, FEInternation charges a buyer’s fee. You will need to pay 2.5% of the final sale price of the business, up to a maximum of $1,000.

Price range: $50K to $10 million+

Types of online businesses for sale: Advertising, Affiliate, E-commerce, Lead Generation, Software, SaaS, Subscription



buy a website business

Not to be confused with Empire Flippers, Flippa is one of the most used services for buying an online business.

This company is less hands-on when it comes to buying a site, and more due diligence is required from buyers. They are not online business brokers like FEI or Empire Flippers, but instead, provide a platform for buyers and sellers to meet.

You will find that you can buy sites from $1 to $1 million, but metrics and other details have not necessarily been vetted. When buying on Flippa, you will need to work out the transfer of finances and assets yourself.

There is no buyer’s fee, but you can order a Due Diligence Report from them for $1000+.

You can find out a whole lot more in our extensive Flippa review.

Price range: $1 – $1 million+

Types of online businesses for sale: E-commerce sites, Content sites, Advertising, Affiliate, Dropshipping, SaaS


Digital Exits

buy businesses online

Digital Exits are website brokers for online businesses valued mostly in the $250K+ range.

All of their listings are fully vetted and presented in a prospectus that outlines revenue, expenses, traffic, and the story of the business.

A complete end-to-end content marketing solution.

  • Only the BEST Native English Writers
  • The Most Thorough Quality Control Process Possible
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Create Content that will Generate Traffic and Leads



Digital Exits can also help arrange or facilitate financing in order to buy one of their listings. This allows the seller to receive a cash payout and not require a structured payout of some form (preferred by most sellers).

They do not have a huge number of websites listed for sale at any given time, but you can get plenty of info on what’s available.

Price range: $100K – $5 million+

Types of online businesses for sale: E-commerce sites, Content sites, Advertising, Affiliate, Dropshipping, SaaS




buy an online business

Latona’s is another good online business brokerage.

The business is named after one of the co-founders, Rick Latona. They describe themselves as a ’boutique Mergers and Acquisitions broker specializing in cash flow positive digital assets.’

They only sell businesses with annual profits of at least $20,000 that have at least 1 year of positive trading. But, at any given time, they have a wide range of websites and other online businesses for sale.

You will find the likes of:

  • Online eCommerce Platform for Art
  • Boutique Watch eCommerce
  • Clothing and Accessories Subscription Business

Price range: $15K – $10 million+

Types of online businesses for sale: E-commerce sites, Content sites, Domain portfolios, Lead gen, Membership sites, Saas


Exchange Marketplace

buy and sell online businesses

As stated above, Exchange is Shopify’s marketplace to buy and sell e-commerce businesses.

This is solely a platform for buying and selling Shopify e-commerce sites. Shopify doesn’t intervene in any deals in any way unless fraudulent behavior is detected.

While business details like sales numbers are not vetted manually, this is a marketplace for selling businesses built on the Shopify platform. Therefore, all the numbers are pulled from the Shopify account and are ‘verified’ in this way.

You are able to communicate with sellers through the Exchange platform, and using Escrow is recommended for making the financial transfer.

Quiet light

buy website business

Quiet Light is an e-commerce and website brokerage. They will work alongside sellers and buyers to facilitate a deal.

Quiet Light has many experienced and knowledgeable advisors. Unlike many other brokers, they all have firsthand experience in buying, selling, and starting their own Internet-based business.

Their focus is selling online businesses at higher price points. They want both buyers and sellers to walk away happy from a deal and strive to ensure this is the result.

Price range: $100K to $20 million+

Types of online businesses for sale: E-commerce sites, Crypto, Review sites, Saas, Subscription


Website Properties

buying internet businesses

Website Properties are another website broker where you can buy digital assets.

They have sold well over 500 online businesses and have the experience needed to make buying a website smooth.

They fully vet all of the online businesses that they list so that buyers have the confidence that what they see is what they get. The team will support both parties through the process to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

As it states in the screenshot above, they have:

  • an 85% sales rate
  • done more than $350 million in sales
  • sold more than 500 sites

It’s another great spot to go when you are looking for higher-value and higher-priced sites to buy.

Investors Club

buying a web business

Investors Club is quite different from the other sites to buy an online business.

As the name suggests, it’s a club. You pay a yearly fee for membership and then get access to all the listings on the online marketplace.

Other features of this service include:

  • Exclusive listings
  • Extensive vetting/due diligence
  • Chat with sellers through the app

They handle the legal docs, site transfer, and there are no escrow fees.

Price range: $10 – $500K

Types of online businesses for sale: Mostly affiliate and display advertising sites


Flipping Websites Facebook Group

online businesses for sale

Flipping Websites is one of the many Facebook Groups where you can buy and sell online businesses.

Social media may not seem like the best place to buy an existing business, but this group is best for buying small sites making under $500 per month. However, you do see sites making more than this come up every now and again.

The group is run by Investors.club, but they are almost totally hands-off. Listings need to be approved before being posted, but that’s about it.

You will need to do your own rigorous due diligence, especially if it’s a site listed for a higher price.

Price range: $100 – $100K

Types of online businesses for sale: Mostly niche content sites monetized with affiliate offers


Online Businesses For Sale

So that’s where to buy online businesses for sale!

Always make sure you seek out the right advice from a legal, accounting, and business perspective.

You can learn more about buying and investing in websites in the Investing.io community (requires paid membership). It’s a place especially for those who are buying and selling online assets to get support, advice, and to grow together.

Other things to keep in mind when buying an online business:

  • Escrow fees
  • Will you have support to transfer the website into your care?
  • Will there be ongoing training and support after the sale?

There have been a number of stories about buying an online business from Motion Invest featured on the Niche Pursuits Podcast.

Check out these episodes to hear how others have bought and grown online assets:

  • Gaurav Dhir bought a site from Motion Invest making $70 a month and grew it to $6000 per month in well under a year
  • Yoyao Hsueh also bought a site that was making very little and quickly scaled it to multiple thousands per month

Aspiring entrepreneurs can also join the Niche Pursuits Facebook Group to learn more from a great online business community!

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