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Want to Be a Shaving Blogger? 3 Tips to Gain a Following


Shaving blogs are popular; you can find hundreds of blogs dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and resources for people who want to get a better shave. However, not all of those blogs are well-known. In fact, the shaving niche is primarily dominated by blogs belonging to razor companies.

However, other shaving brands have gained traction in recent years. For example, Shave.net is an online razor retailer that shares in-depth shaving advice on its blog. They’ve got plenty of good content, including tips for shaving when you don’t have access to hot water, and how to make your safety razor blades last longer.

Can independent shaving bloggers get seen?

Although some razor companies are able to rank their sites in the search engines, you’ll find most shaving bloggers on YouTube. However, it’s possible to gather a YouTube following and a large readership for your blog.

If you’re wondering if you stand a chance blogging in the shaving niche, the answer is yes. The key to creating a successful shaving blog is to find a sub-niche and be smart about your marketing.

Not sure where to start? Try these three tips to get your shaving blog and brand off the ground.

  1. Create and embody a unique style

While some people are happy with plain information, others like the bells and whistles that come with a blogger’s personality. For example, if you’re posting how-to videos on your blog, nobody really wants to see you wearing a white undershirt and boxers. Yes, that’s probably what most people wear when shaving, but you’ll gather a larger audience with some style.

The internet is full of popular personalities whose style contributed to their success. For example, The Report of the Week, also known as “Review Brah,” has been producing mundane content for over a decade.

Reviewing fast food alone didn’t make Review Brah popular – his subscribers can’t get enough of his style. He wears oversized suits from the 1990s and slicks his hair back for just about every video. He also has a distinct way of speaking. He’s articulate, polite, and never swears.

Find a style that makes you feel good that you can build your brand around. For example, wear a suit like Review Brah. If you’re worried about getting water or shaving cream on your suit, buy suits made out of an easy-to-clean material and use them just for your videos. If you’re serious about launching your shaving blog brand, it will be a worthwhile investment.

  1. Take a unique approach to your content

Finding a unique angle for your content will be the key to your success. If you think shaving is basic, think again. There are endless angles you can come from and numerous ways you can deliver your content. Here are some ideas:

  • Discuss traditional shaving tools like straight razors, safety razors, badger hair brushes, and making your own lather.
  • Create a blog that focuses on saving money. Find a way to tie in money-saving tips with every article you publish.
  • Start a review blog where you review as many products as you can get your hands on. You might end up with sponsorships and free products.
  • Target underserved markets. For example, women shave with straight razors and safety razors, but most blogs are oriented toward men.

If you find a niche that someone else has already taken, don’t worry. If you can create a stronger brand and market your blog better, you can dominate any niche. There’s room for more than one blog in each niche.

  1. Interact with your audience

One of the most overlooked strategies for gathering a loyal audience is interacting with your subscribers/readers. Whether you’re on YouTube or your blog, make sure you interact with your audience and ask them for their thoughts.

Reply to comments, talk to your audience during live streams, answer their questions, and give them your email address. Yes, it can be overwhelming if you reply to every single comment. You don’t have to reply to each one, but at least give them a thumbs up.

There’s an audience for every shaving blogger

If you’re worried about entering a saturated market, don’t worry. There’s an audience for every shaving blogger.

You don’t have to compete with the major razor brands to gather a loyal readership. All you need to do is find your style, create your content, and market your blog just like any other website.

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