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Top 5 WordPress Gamification Plugins


WordPress Gamification Plugins

The best WordPress gamification plugins to increase sales and blog engagement…

Gamification provides blog visitors with various tasks in exchange for virtual or real-life rewards.

These perks typically come in the form of points, badges, and ranks. A popular example is Reddit’s Karma system, in which points are given to users for posting helpful or otherwise agreeable comments.

How gamification works: In this case, blog owners configure the system to award visitors for any desired action (more on that in a bit).

A typical configuration includes the amount of points given / subtracted, how many times an action must be taken, and even awarding extra benefits for a limited time.

WordPress Gamification Plugins

A “gamified” blog can bring a lot of benefits if implemented and marketed properly…

  • It encourages users to leave comments in exchange for benefits
  • It promotes more blog posts to be published
  • There’s more incentive to share on social media
  • It invites users to visit your site more frequently
  • Great for ongoing contests, polls, and survey participation

All in all, gamification grants benefits for completing just about any activity on your blog. Doesn’t that sound fun?

This is especially useful for those so-called boring niches, as it helps give your content a real boost with fun activities. Who doesn’t like recognition and some healthy competition among each other?

I have refrained from compiling a big list of plugins, as most of them perform similarly to one another. Needless to say, here are the most prominent and useful ones for your gamifying pleasure.


Let’s get one thing out of the way: GamiPress is by far the best WordPress gamification plugin in this entire list.

It is a free, open source tool that maintains itself through optional addons to strengthen its overall features. GamiPress provides you with an insane amount of perks, including:

  • Grant users points, achievements, and ranks. This is a powerful combination if you let your imagination run wild
  • Award any of the above for publishing posts, commenting, logging in, registering, among other actions
  • Set the currency type of your choice (points, gems, credits, and more)
  • Set specific requirements before awarding users (such as logging into your blog three days in a row)
    Set a time limit for completing certain requirements (thus creating a sense of urgency)
  • Users can spend their points to unlock hidden features on your blog
  • Encourage users to share their achievements via social media
  • Notify users about new activities and benefits via email
  • Shortcode support to show off leaderboards and other stats
  • A wide range of premium addons available

This gamification plugin truly is something else.


This powerful plugin is great for personal blogs and WooCommerce stores alike:

  • Increase engagement and sales by encouraging purchases through virtual rewards
  • Ability for users to convert virtual points into real money (PayPal and Stripe)
  • Multiple shortcode integration
  • Allow users to buy real-life products with points
  • Leaderboards, detailed stats, user history, and real-time notifications upon receiving new benefits
  • A premium option grants you access to dozens of addons, priority support, and usage on unlimited websites

As you can see, this one could really help you sell more products as opposed to being used strictly for fun.

WP Optin Wheel

I personally find WP Optin Wheel hilarious, in a genius kind of way. It basically allows you to collect leads and build your mailing list, but it turns the optin form into a game of “wheel of fortune.”

For example, your optin form could say: “Here’s a chance to win some major discounts! Enter your name and email below, then spin the wheel.”

Then, you could configure an animated wheel with various discount options.

You can also set the wheel to appear on various spots throughout the website, to be triggered by a timer, and of course, configure the odds of anyone landing on an attractive benefit.

I have yet to see how effective this is, but I’d personally feel compelled to spin the wheel in exchange for something great.

Captain Up

Captain Up is similar to some of the above, but it also gives you the ability to message users. This is great for building rapport, professional relationships, announcing discounts, and just connecting with your audience more personally.


I am actually saving one of the best for last (this one is my second favorite, aside from GamiPress).

WPAchievements has been extensively supported with new badge types, avatars, integration with other plugins (such as BuddyPress), and much more over the years. You can otherwise find traditional perks such as leaderboards, shortcode support, and the ability to grant points for tons of actions on your blog.

What’s Your Endgame?

I have always loved the idea of game-like elements on a website. This is partly why Reddit has become addictive for many, as users endlessly seek to accrue more points through helpful conversation.

Think of ways to implement these into your website; I guarantee it’ll become much more engaging if marketed properly. This is especially true if you mix things up with the occasional poll or contest, followed by some aggressive social media announcements.

Have fun!

Author: Elvis Michael

Elvis Michael is an avid blogger and e-trepreneur, endlessly exploring new ideas and effective ways to inspire.

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