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The 7 Best Clearscope Alternatives to Drive Organic Traffic in 2023


Need help with SEO? Clearscope might not be your perfect match. It’s a complex world out there, with ever-changing algorithms and a constant need for optimization. But don’t fret! We’ve found the top Clearscope alternatives:

Page Optimizer Pro

Each offers unique features and pricing to suit diverse needs. We’ve analyzed the pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice. 

By the end of this article, you’ll find the right SEO tool to turn those clicks into cash.

But if you’re in a rush, we recommend you check out Surfer. It’s one of the most popular on-page SEO tools on the market. Try it and see why for yourself!

Surfer (Top Clearscope Alternative)

Surfer SEO, much like Clearscope, is an SEO-focused content editing and content optimization tool. (By the way, you can read our full Surfer SEO review here.)

What sets Surfer apart from other SEO alternatives is its ability to make advanced functions feel almost intuitive. When I test-drive a new SEO software, the interface must speak my language.

It has to resonate with my workflow. 

This leads me to Surfer SEO’s irreplaceability. It’s not just easy to use; it’s efficient, practical, and downright fun at times. 

As an SEO software junkie, I routinely experiment with various content marketing tools to bolster my SEO efforts. But, each time I venture out, I return to Surfer. Other content analysis tools aren’t lacking per se. They’re just not as… effortless.

Surfer SEO has two features I use all the time. First up is the Content Editor. This AI assistant works in real-time to help me with SEO content writing. 

It points out:

Where to use keywords
How to structure my content
and even tips for readability

Then there’s the SERP Analyzer. It looks at the top 50 results for my keyword and gives me everything I need to compete – content length, keyword use, and other SEO factors.

Surfer SEO also comes equipped with a standout audit feature. We use this at Niche Pursuits to revamp existing content so it stays relevant.

They also have a vibrant Facebook group where users share tons of value – I’ve learned a lot from them!

Surfer SEO has set a new bar for content optimization tools.

Pros vs. Cons


It’s the best content editor in the game
Built-in AI content generator, content planner, content score
I’ve seen my content rank higher (in days)
AI content writer
Grow flow
On-target competitive research


Although it’s valuable, the price may be steep for those just starting
Kw research function is just average


Basic: $59/month – 15 queries/day, 50 SERP checks/day, 5 content editors/month, and more.
Pro: $99/month – 50 queries/day, 200 SERP checks/day, 25 content editors/month, and more.
Business: $199/month – 100 queries/day, 700 SERP checks/day, 100 content editors/month, and more.

GrowthBar (Low-Cost Clearscope Alternative)

Growthbar is a comprehensive platform that offers a suite of features designed to streamline the content creation process and optimize search engine visibility.

One of the standout features of Growthbar is its AI content generator. This is more than just a tool that spits out generic content. 

Instead, it crafts meaningful, structured content that aligns with your target keywords and audience interests. 

It’s always ready to step in when writer’s block strikes.

Growthbar also excels in the area of keyword research. It provides a wealth of data on keyword difficulty and the Domain Authority of ranking sites, right within your search results. 

But GrowthBar truly shines in its ability to show you the keywords you can rank for. You can also see your competitor’s backlinks.

Even if you’re an SEO on a tight budget, this can help you secure a lot of backlinks!

The user-friendly interface of GrowthBar is another aspect that deserves mention. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for both SEO novices and veterans alike. 

This ease of use extends to the GrowthBar Chrome extension, which is awesome as well!

All in all, Growthbar is an affordable tool that delivers quality results – that’s why it’s our runner-up for best Clearscope alternative!

Pros vs. Cons


Founders are seasoned experts
Reduces effort required to generate ideas.
It’s a cost-effective solution that still provides crucial SEO data.
The customer support is prompt.
Its design delivers SEO information without clutter.


Some say site inspector feature lacking in depth.


Standard: $29/month with a 39% discount, includes AI writing tools, unlimited keyword research, and two users.
Pro: $79/month with a 29% discount, offers enhanced AI writing capabilities, keyword tracking three sites, five users.
Agency: $129/month with a 20% discount, provides advanced AI writing and keyword tracking 25 sites, live support, and ten user accounts.

All plans have a 7-day money-back guarantee and a 5-day free trial.


At Niche Pursuits, we’ve seen significant traffic gains thanks to MarketMuse. We used MarketMuse to optimize our existing content and didn’t just see a small bump in traffic but a substantial increase. 

If you’re a content writer, just know this: MarketMuse works. (You can read our full Marketmuse review here.)

MarketMuse focuses on more than just individual keywords. It’s smarter than that. 

It understands that search engines, and more importantly, your readers, care about well-rounded content. 

As MM Co-found Jeff Coyle said in his interview with NP, ‘The goal of MarketMuse is to ensure that you’re the most comprehensive and highest quality on the topic.’ 

It’s not about how many times you can cram a keyword into a post. It’s about how well you can cover a topic, how many questions you can answer, and how much value you can provide.

I’m going to shout out some of the features:

‘Compete’ feature highlights what top-ranking content is doing right
‘Questions’ feature shows you the questions they’re asking
The ‘Optimize’ feature gives keyword suggestion tips, target keyword suggestions, and content score

Pros vs Cons


Generous free version
Excellent for refining blog posts (quick wins)
Keyword research tool uncovers “low hanging fruit”
Create Brief and Optimize Brief are great for complex topics
Great for content planning


Some say online help is not straightforward


Free: $0/month – Best for users with a low seo writing volume. Limited page-level insights, 1 user, 10 queries per month.
Standard: $149/month or $1,500/year – Full page-level insights, 1 user, 100 queries per month.
Team: $399/month or $3,900/year – Full page-level insights, 3 users, unlimited target keyword queries & content writing briefs.


If you’re searching for a Clearscope alternative, let me share a content marketer secret with you: Frase.io.

This tool takes care of the research, writing, and optimization.

Frase.io has a knack for search intent. It’s like it knows what your audience is asking questions before typing into the search bar. It’s not just answering questions; it understands your audience’s needs and meets them head-on.

Frase.io’s ability to find reference sources for your blogs is one feature that needs to get more love. It’s standing by, ready to pull up the best sources for your content.

And let’s remember the AI writing assistant and the new integration with OpenAI. Plus, the community-driven templates offer a ton of writing inspiration.

But what really sets Frase.io apart from other content optimization tools is how they value their users. They listen to feedback, and they act on it. I remember reading a review where a user was late with his payment due to a client delay. 

Instead of penalizing him, Frase.io’s customer support told him to pay when he could. Clearly, with Frase.io, you’re part of a community, not just a customer.

Frase.io is a choice that I can’t recommend enough.

Pros vs. Cons


Built in AI content generator
It’s straightforward to use
Gives you everything to create content
Helpful online community
Can create folders for different topics (time saver)


Some people say to improve the video tutorials
Users want integration to tools like SEMrush/Ahrefs for traffic data


Basic: $44.99/month – 30 documents/month, Answer engine, and more.
Growth: $114.99/month – 100 documents/month, Content briefs, and more.
Answer Engine: $199.99/month – Unlimited documents, Content briefs, and more.

Page Optimizer Pro

The next Clearscope alternative is Page Optimizer Pro (POP). 

This tool suite helps with on-page SEO and content optimization. 

So, what makes POP stand out? 

Scientific SEO Method: Utilizes SEO expert Kyle Roof’s scientific approach to on-page SEO. Filters out risky recommendations, and focuses on relevant NLP and keyword variations.
Competitive Pricing: High ROI, accessible to all sizes of businesses, offers a 7-day free trial.
Content Brief: Provides Optimization Score, word count target, and placement recommendations.
Content Prompts: Offers ideas for page structuring and topical coverage.
E-A-T Analysis: Lists E-A-T signals valued by Google on your site versus competitors.

But let’s dive into a real-life experience. A CEO started using POP to increase the pageviews of a website. He had hundreds of articles not ranking on the first page of search engine results. 

After using POP, he saw a dramatic shift. Pages stuck on search results’ second and third pages began moving to page 1.

After training his team on POP, they implemented it in all their articles. The result? Half of their articles are now in the top 5 search results, with 122 holding the number 1 position.

Pros vs. Cons


Based on proved approach by SEO pro Kyle Roof
Affordable pricing, also credit-based add-ons
Effective KW analysis


Limited integrations
Some users say content brief is basic


Basic: $27/month (7-day free trial) for 20 reports and full domain and AI Writer access.
Premium: $38/month for 40 reports, unlimited tool credits, full domain, and AI Writer access.
Unlimited: $490/year for unlimited reports, 50 credits for other tools, full domain, and AI Writer access.


Outranking helps businesses scale content production and improve content ROI.

I’ve found it to be an incredibly feature-rich platform that’s revolutionized how I create SEO-friendly blog content. 

The ‘Concepts’ feature helps me find the right concept for each section, improving the overall flow of my content. It’s this guidance that I enjoy the most about Outranking.

It’s helped me create SEO-friendly content for my blogs that ranks well and is engaging to read.

Outranking shines with its range of features designed to boost content ROI, including:

AI-generated blog posts that are nearly complete with just a title or outline
An automatic FAQ generator for comprehensive Q&As

These features and a complete analysis of the top 20 ranking pages for your keyword query help create a content plan to outrank the competition.

Optimizing content is also a highlight. With its SEO scoring of over 40 on-page SEO factors, you can easily address any optimization gaps in your content. 

Plus, its AI-based internal link suggestions can help you improve organic positions in the short term, not after 6 months.

The consensus is that Outranking is a promising Clearscope alternative that’s worth the investment.

Pros vs. Cons


It’s incredibly feature-rich
Your content will rank if you follow guidelines
One tool with many features, and a lot of value


UI could be more user-friendly
Can easily spend credits


Solo: $7 for the first month, then $69/month – 200,000 AI words, 400 keyword assessments, 1 domain.
Pro: $129/month – 600,000 AI words, 1000 keyword assessments, 3 domains, +1 user.
Company: $249/month – 1,500,000 AI words, 3000 keyword assessments, 10 domains, +2 users.


WriterZen is a comprehensive Clearscope alternative been significantly impacting the SEO and content marketing world.

Its user interface is a joy to navigate, and the data presentation is beautifully done, providing insights that are easy to understand and act upon. 

The ‘Keyword Explorer’ module is a standout feature for me. It taps into the Google Keyword Database to identify Golden Keywords – those with the highest probability of ranking. 

This feature has been instrumental in my content optimization strategy, reminding me of Doug Cunnington’s Golden Keyword ratio, a method I still use to find underserved keywords. 

The ‘Content Creator’ is another feature. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content. 

It offers live suggestions, note-tracking features, and competitor data, all while providing real-time SEO analysis. 

Basically, I get a second set of eyes that ensures my content stays on point.

But what truly sets WriterZen apart for me is its unique ability to cluster keywords into topics. 

This feature allows me to explore different angles and ideas for my content. It’s this deep-dive approach that helps establish topical authority.

All in all, WriterZen rounds out our top 7 Clearscope alternatives as a solid investment.

Pros vs. Cons


Comprehensive SEO services
AI-assisted content creation
Detailed keyword research
Accurate SERP analysis



Lite: $19/month – Solo user handling single project work.
Plus: $79/month – Power user with unlimited AI support.
Pro: $199/month – Small teams working on multiple projects.
Ultra: $359/month – Medium teams with scalable projects.

Best Clearscope Alternatives: The Verdict

In the final analysis of the best Clearscope alternatives, Surfer emerges as the top pick of these content writing tools, winning on ease of use. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and packed with comprehensive SEO features. 

GrowthBar is a strong contender with its robust data analysis capabilities. Both Clearscope alternatives offer unique strengths, but Surfer’s simplicity makes it the standout choice.

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