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The 6 BEST StubHub Alternatives for 2022 to Buy & Sell Tickets


StubHub is one of the most popular platforms for ticket buyers and sellers to connect with unwanted tickets. However, what do you do if StubHub doesn’t have the tickets that you are looking for or if they aren’t selling your tickets quickly enough?

You need to know where to turn for the best StubHub alternatives.

In this review, we will go over the six leading StubHub alternatives so that you can determine which one is the best fit for you.

Some are better for buyers while others are more geared toward the sellers. Consider what role you will play in the transaction when deciding which site suits you the best.

Are you ready to learn more about where you can buy and sell tickets?

Let’s dive right in!

What is StubHub?

StubHub is a great marketplace for ticket sellers to hawk their unwanted tickets to a new buyer, allowing them to regain some of the profit.

While some people make this into their entire side hustle, many people use it just a few times to secure tickets to sought-after events or for last-minute ticket sales.

They sell tickets in just about every category including:

  • Theater and arts
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events (including NFL Super Bowl, NBA, and NHL among others)

One of the reasons StubHub is so popular among ticket buyers is its FanProtect guarantee.

You can buy and sell, resting assured that your order is guaranteed to arrive in time for the event and to gain you entry into the event. You will receive a refund or credit if the event is cancelled outright and is not rescheduled.

In exchange for their services, StubHub does charge a fee when fans buy and sell tickets on the platform.

They say that their fee ranges based on the ticket price, time to the event, and demand for those particular tickets. However, it is often a 10 percent fee to the buyer and a 15 percent fee to the seller.

Best StubHub Alternatives


While StubHub focuses on ticket resale for individuals who buy tickets they no longer need, SeatGeek takes a slightly different approach.

They do offer ticket resellers the opportunity to scalp their unwanted tickets, but they are primarily known for being a search engine that allows users to search online ticket vendors to get the best deal and seats.

They sell tickets to major events including:

  • Concerts
  • NFL games (including Super Bowl tickets)
  • MLB games
  • NBA games
  • Broadway tickets
  • Comedy shows

There are some bad reviews for this site online, and they only have a 2.49-star review with the Better Business Bureau. It might be wise to do your homework on this site before you decide if this is how you want to purchase your tickets.

Many of the negative reviews relate to receiving refunds for cancelled events. Know that it may be a struggle to get in touch with customer service to discuss a refund of your money if the event does not get rescheduled for a later date in the future.

Fees: Fees are imposed on tickets bought and sold through SeatGeek but they will vary based on the event and type of ticket you purchase.

Try SeatGeek Here


Among the StubHub alternatives, Razorgator functions the most like the popular ticket selling platform. Sell tickets that you no longer want or can’t use for any reason, as long as they are still valid tickets for a scheduled event.

Razorgator strives to protect its customers from purchasing fraudulent tickets. In fact, they offer a guarantee that your tickets will arrive on time and gain you entry into the event. They use their Razorgator Guarantee to protect consumers.

Since its inception in 2000, this platform has been helping users to find the best prices. They boast that their customers typically save 10 to 15 percent compared to their competitors.

Fees: 10% commission on total sales price for sellers

Try Razorgator Here

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats functions very similarly to StubHub, making it a great option among all of the other StubHub alternatives competing for your attention.

Much like the first ticket reseller, Vivid Seats allows consumers who no longer want their tickets to sell them on the platform.

You’ll be pleased to learn that Vivid Seats offers a similar guarantee for ticket buyers at a competitive price point. They have five main guarantees that they make to ticket buyers:

  • Your transaction will be safe and secure.
  • Tickets will be delivered prior to the event.
  • All tickets sold will be valid and authentic.
  • Orders will be accurate.
  • Buyers will be compensated for any cancelled events with no rescheduling.

They do have a B-rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been accredited since 2003.

Fees: High fees (may range from 20% to 40% of the ticket price plus shipping)

Try Vivid Seats Here


Whether you want Broadway tickets or sports tickets to the latest NFL game, Ticketmaster is a one-stop shop. This StubHub alternative merged with Live Nation in 2010 to create a new and improved platform.

Live Nation Entertainment is now the leading live entertainment company with several brands under its umbrella:

  • Ticketmaster
  • Live Nation
  • House of Blues Concerts
  • LN Media and Artist Nation Management

When compared to ticket resale sites like StubHub, you may find better deals at Ticketmaster. Here, they sell tickets straight from the venues themselves.

While many people make a decent living reselling concert tickets, Ticketmaster does not have room on its platform for you to resell tickets you no longer want.

Fees: Variable based on event and agreement with the venue

Try Ticketmaster Here

Ticket Liquidator

The Ticket Liquidator platform directly connects buyers to hundreds of resale sites where sellers can potentially offload their tickets for top dollar. Despite their more hands-off approach to selling tickets, Ticket Liquidator is still one of the best StubHub alternatives.

For those who want to sell their tickets online, Ticket Liquidator requires you to validate your tickets.

You can start by creating a free account, searching for the event you have tickets for, and then entering ticket information into the system to prove your legitimacy.

Buyers can benefit from their guarantee which offers a 100% money-back offer if your tickets do not arrive on time or grant you entry into the event. This should be enough to give you some peace of mind.

Fees: Variable based on which ticketing website sells your ticket

Try Ticket Liquidator Here

Ticket Network

Ticket Network owns Ticket Liquidator, so you can expect a similar level of service from the site and its role as one of the StubHub alternatives. They carry Broadway tickets, concert tickets, and more.

Among their sporting events offered, they represent:

This ticket resale platform compares itself to Amazon because they do not actually facilitate any of the ticket sales. Instead, they simply allow sellers to list their tickets at whatever price they deem fair.

Ticket Network does not actually have possession of the tickets, as this is handled by the seller. The seller is fully responsible for shipping the tickets and getting them to their new owners.

They do have a guarantee to protect buyers, similar to what StubHub’s FanProtect offers. You will receive your tickets on time and they will gain you entrance into the event you paid to attend. If not, you can contact customer service for more support surrounding the issues you face. 

Try Ticket Network Here

Finding the Best StubHub Alternatives

Whether you want to help someone else get rid of a couple of unwanted tickets or you want to purchase directly from the venue, these ticket sites will help you to make the match with a seller.

StubHub is a great option for buying and selling concert tickets, but these other sites are worth a second look too.

If you are loyal to StubHub but they don’t offer the tickets you are looking for, consider one of these StubHub alternatives to point you in the right direction!

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