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The 1k Niche Property Project – Month ZERO


Welcome to the 1k Niche Property Project!

Here, we’re going to be documenting our journey of taking a niche website from zero to $1000 in monthly recurring revenue.

We wanted to show you the ins and outs, ups and downs, wins and losses, and give you a good idea of what it’s like to build a niche website and take it to a minimum of $1000 in monthly recurring revenue.

We are going to be documenting our journey in these monthly updates, and sharing as much detail as possible of every step along the way.

If that sounds interesting to you, we’d love to have you join us.

Why We’re Doing This

At this point, you’re probably wondering why we decided to do this.

While I can’t give you a simple one-line answer, I can dive into the three different reasons that we decided to take on this project and documented the way that we are.

To Show What Can Be Done:

If you’ve been following Brand Creators for any length of time you probably know that we’re extremely passionate about creating niche websites and the way that they can help people grow their income.

It’s not always easy for people to understand the entire process from beginning to end and we’re hoping that by documenting this journey in as much detail as possible, we can show people exactly how the process works and how they can use it to create “passive” income in their own lives.

We know that when people have their eyes opened to the opportunity, that they’ll start to take advantage of it, and that they’ll have the tools they need to start down the path to financial freedom.

To Test Our Assumptions:

The second reason we decided to take on this project and documented the way that we are is that we wanted to test some of our assumptions.

While we have built a series of sites from the ground up and know that this model works, there are a few different theories that we wanted to test through this project to see if we could speed it up (both for ourselves and for anyone else who’s interested in building this kind of a business).

Theoretically, by combining the content blitz strategy with an expired domain, we should be able to skip the Google sandbox and get her content index faster.

Essentially, if our theory works the way that it should we will be able to take the site from zero traffic to $1000 a month in passive recurring income in less than one year.

To Add To Our Portfolio:

The third and final reason we decided to take on this project should probably be the most obvious one.

We have an existing portfolio of sites that bring us recurring income every single month and we would like to expand and grow that portfolio.

This project is another site inside of that portfolio and any money generated from the site is returned to us as income.

Beyond that, if the theory works as outlined above, we will be able to replicate this and grow our portfolio much faster.

How It’s Going To Work

The way that this project is going to work is essentially as a case study.

Each month, we will be adding or updating content, doing keyword research, and all of the other tasks associated with building out a niche website.

At the end of each month or going to compile a detailed report of the amount of money that we spent, the amount of money that we earned, as well as all of the relevant details about the time and effort we dedicated to the site.

These monthly reports will give you a full accounting of everything that we’ve done whether we did the work ourselves or outsourced.

Hopefully, these reports will give you a little bit of insight into the costs associated with building out a site, the potential revenue opportunities, and the true amount of work that’s needed to take one of the sites from zero to $1000 in monthly recurring revenue.

We will also make sure to keep everyone up-to-date with a variety of different videos on our YouTube channel and a few podcast episodes to answer any questions you guys may have about the project. 

What We Did To Get Started

Since we’re essentially in month zero (October will be month one of this niche site project), we don’t have a ton of activity to report.

Meaning, I can’t show you fancy screenshots from inside of Google analytics or revenue reports but we can talk about the process up to this stage.,

Just like with any other niche site, the first few steps are almost always going to be the same and we needed to start by choosing a niche.

Chose A Niche:

Because of the different things that we are testing in this project, we did not follow our traditional niche selection process (you can find some more resources on that here).

Instead, we looked at a few different services that offered us the ability to buy an expired domain.

This means, we essentially skipped the brainstorming part of the process and limited our options to the different types of domains that were available.

From this list, we followed our traditional niche research process, starting by validating that there were other successful sites in the niche.

If we can find a minimum of 2 to 3 different sites that were generating substantial traffic in the space and were monetized with ads and affiliate links, that niche went on to our shortlist.

Once that list was compiled, we took all of the available options and made the choice based on the niche we thought had the most opportunity for us to build a site and create content that would rank quickly.

If you’re interested in understanding exactly how we go through this process, you may want to check out the niche properties course here.

Purchased an Expired Domain

Once we were happy with the niche, we worked with the company to purchase the expired domain.

If you’re not familiar with what an expired domain is, it’s essentially a website that someone has built and then let go of.

We can purchase these domains, once the previous owner no longer wants them, and in the eyes of Google and the other search engines, they still have much of the authority that they were given under the previous owner.

In theory, this means we can skip the “sandbox” stage in our content should rank a little bit faster.

As part of the domain purchase, the company we work with sells a package of the domain and package of written content together, meaning for the first 100,000 words we don’t have to write any of that content ourselves or worry about finding a writer to outsource the content to.

Did The Keyword Research:

After we purchased the expired domain and content package, we started doing the keyword research that’s necessary before we can create the content.

Since the point of this project is to try and take this site from zero to $1000 as quickly as possible, we focused our efforts around high volume and lower competition search terms in our new niche.

The company we are working with did give us some ideas, but we used our traditional keyword research methods to come up with the list we will want to use to create that content.

As mentioned before, because we are building this ion expired domain we can go after some more competitive terms a little bit sooner than we would be able to otherwise.

This means, we can skip the stage we often have at the beginning of a niche site project, where we need to test a variety of different content “themes”, to see where we will start ranking.

I must say, it does make the keyword research phase a little bit more fun because there are a lot more opportunities open to us from the get-go.

Outsourced the First 70ish Articles

As mentioned above, because we bought the domain from a service that sells it as a package, the $9000 we spent not only included the cost of the domain but also 100,000 words of content.

We typically like our content to come in somewhere between 1200 and 1500 words, depending on the kind of content and how competitive the keyword is that we are trying to rank for, meaning this pre-purchase package should net us about 70 articles worth of content.

The goal is to have all of these articles published within 6 to 8 weeks of when we bought the domain, which falls in line with the content blitz strategy we are using.

When we do our first monthly report in October 2021, we will let you know at that point how many of those articles have been published, as well as any additional costs that we may have incurred above and beyond the initial $9000 investment.

That’s A Wrap

At this point, we expect to get our first few articles back within the next week or so and will start publishing as soon as that happens.

Make sure to come back in October for the Month One update to see how many articles we published and if we’ve successfully started to generate traffic.

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