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The 10 Best Dating Affiliate Programs on ClickBank in 2023


Are you an affiliate marketer looking for a product to promote? Then the dating niche may be a match made in heaven for you!

In this product round-up, we here at ClickBank have put together a comprehensive ranking of our best dating affiliate programs of 2022. We reveal the highest-converting ad best-selling dating products, along with key metrics like commission rates, average payout values (APV), earnings per click (EPC), and other numbers you need to pick a winner to promote.

If you’re new to this space, or even a brand-new affiliate marketer, you might be wondering if the dating sphere is worth diving into. Well, the rule of thumb is to get involved in one of the “Big 3” niches that will always be in demand: health, wealth, and relationships.

So, that makes all things love, dating, and casual encounters a solid opportunity, particularly if you’ve had experience and success in some aspect of dating and relationships. Read on to see our top dating offer picks – and don’t forget to sign up for a free ClickBank account to start promoting one of them today!

10 Best Dating Affiliate Programs on ClickBank (Updated Yearly)

Category: Self-Help – Marriage & RelationshipsClickbank Nickname: hissecret

His Secret Obsession

Starting off strong is His Secret Obsession, a program that shows women how to tap into their man’s needs so that she becomes irresistible! With plenty of opportunities for upsells and downsells, there is the possibility of making consistent money.

The starting commission is 75%, but once you make a sale, reach out to their team to get bumped up to 90%! The APV on this offer isn’t too shabby either at $54.92, one of the highest on the list (keep reading to find out the highest!)

Some of the tools they provide you as an affiliate are graphics, email swipes, articles, and buyer demographics — but there are plenty more! Find their contact information below to get started.

Offering CPA: Yes, ask them about it.

EPC: $0.25APV: $54.92Hop Conversion Rate: 0.45%Affiliate Tools Page – https://hissecretobsession.com/aff/Seller Contact – affiliates@beirresistible.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Dating GuidesClickbank Nickname: unlockher

Unlock the Scrambler
Unlock the Scrambler

Unlock the Scrambler is a program for empowering men with the ability to take the next steps with the girl he has his eye on. The product line includes videos, workbooks, and readings to give the “nice guys” a chance.

With specific targeting information and a cache of email swipes that are continually updated, it’s an easy sell if your audience matches the target. As a result, the hop conversion rate is an incredible 2.02%, the highest on this list.

Their affiliate landing page makes setting up your program easy. They even offer a 90% commission on the initial sale and a 50% commission on upsell — it’s even possible to get whitelisted for 100% commission! For further resources and questions, their email is listed below.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.64APV: $81.39Hop Conversion Rate: 2.02%Affiliate Tools Page – https://digistore24-affiliate.coachannel.com/unlock-the-scramblerSeller Contact – support@unlockthescrambler.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Marriage & RelationshipsClickbank Nickname: brbrowning

The Ex Factor
The Ex Factor

The Ex Factor focuses on a rather specific facet of dating: getting your ex back. The program even takes it a step further and promises the ex in question will be begging to come back! The program is different from other offers on this list because there is an option for both men and women.

It also includes a significant number of additional sales opportunities in the funnel, such as an order boost, two upsells, and three downsells. It also provides email swipes for each target audience and gender-neutral options, so you’ll have tools to promote whichever one you select (or both!)

Their affiliate page is highly detailed and has everything you need to start. Follow the link below to learn more!

Offering CPA: $45 by request

EPC: $0.54APV: $53.28Hop Conversion Rate: 1.01%Affiliate Tools Page – https://affiliates.lovelearnings.com/the-ex-factor/Seller Contact – lovelearnings@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Dating GuidesClickbank Nickname: katespring

The Obsession Method
The Obsession Method

Brought to you by the same team as the previous entry, The Obsession Method teaches men the art of seduction from a female perspective and presenter, Kate Spring. Despite the content, the pitch itself is PG, and can find its way naturally in front of a male audience.

The affiliate program offers a 75% commission on the initial sale and on upsells. It also sports a low chargeback rate due to the substantive content. Affiliates of The Obsession Method, like The Ex Factor, receive a wealth of behind-the-scenes information on the product funnel, including the front-end product, the order bump, and three upsells. Demographics, email swipes, a PDF report, PPC keywords, and banner pictures are also included.

If your audience is male-dominated, this is an excellent offer to check out.

Offering CPA: $80 by request.

EPC: $0.19APV: $78.13Hop Conversion Rate: 0.24%Affiliate Tools Page – https://affiliates.lovelearnings.com/obsession-method/Seller Contact – lovelearnings@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Dating GuidesClickbank Nickname: makhimwant

Irresistible Texta
Irresistible Texta

An offer for the women of your audience is Irresistible Texts, a program that teaches women how to get guys to respond to their texts by changing the voice he hears when he reads them! The lessons are taught by a man, Matthew Coast, who backs his findings with science and experience.

The affiliate page offers the resources you need to get started, and is mostly email-centric, and therefore, will do great with a mailing list. The way to get started is very straightforward, but if you have questions, their team is ready to help you out! Contact them below.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $0.30APV: $21.09Hop Conversion Rate: 1.41%Affiliate Tools Page – https://affiliates.commitmentconnection.com/irresistible-texts/Seller Contact – affiliates@commitmentconnection.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Marriage & RelationshipsClickbank Nickname: textchem

Text Chemistry
Text Chemistry

Brought to you by the same team as The Ex Factor and The Obsession Method, Text Chemistry is a dating service aimed at women that features dating expert, Amy North. This offering aims to teach basic but effective “desire” text messages that will make men fall in love with a woman and commit to that woman!

Text Chemistry, like many of the other items from this group, includes a high-converting product with an order bump and three upsells, as well as all the resources you need to advertise the offer properly. Overall, affiliates earn 75% commissions on the entire funnel, and there is an opportunity for commission on rebills.

Learn more about the product and whether it is appropriate for your audience by checking out the resources for yourself below!

Offering CPA: $45 by request.

EPC: $0.25APV: $56.27Hop Conversion Rate: 0.44%Affiliate Tools Page – https://affiliates.lovelearnings.com/text-chemistry/Seller Contact – lovelearnings@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Dating GuidesClickbank Nickname: amynorth

The Devotion System
The Devotion System

Love Learnings continues to dominate this list, and next up is the Devotion System. Amy North is once again here to coach the women in the audience. The program’s goal is to make women more enticing to men, so that the man she has her eye on becomes obsessed with and dedicated to her.

The Devotion System crew is transparent about the products and how much you could earn as an affiliate. They also offer a wealth of useful materials such as email swipes, demographics, a downloadable PDF report, a list of PPC keywords, articles, and high-quality graphics.

See their tools page below for additional information!

Offering CPA: $45 by request.

EPC: $0.19APV: $55.00Hop Conversion Rate: 0.35%Affiliate Tools Page – https://affiliates.lovelearnings.com/the-devotion-system/Seller Contact – lovelearnings@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Marriage & RelationshipsClickbank Nickname: mikimaus

Jack's BJ Lessons
Jack’s BJ Lessons

This offering gets right to the point: Jack’s BJ Lessons is a program that teaches women how to improve their oral sex skills for the men in their lives. It is aimed at women who are in a relationship, married, or simply yearn for confidence in their sexuality. Getting “any man sexually addicted to you” is the program’s foundation.

As an affiliate, you will earn at least $30 for each transaction and an additional $20 for each upsell (that’s a 70% commission on the upsell!) This works well because the content is appealing to women of a variety of ages. Even better, Jack’s BJ Lessons team will provide you with one-on-one advice on selling the product and constructing your marketing funnel effectively.

Check out the affiliate page and reach out if you’re not afraid to get direct with your audience.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $0.60APV: $39.99Hop Conversion Rate: 1.50%Affiliate Tools Page – https://www.jacksblowjoblessons.com/affiliate/Seller Contact – jacksbjaffiliates@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Marriage & RelationshipsClickbank Nickname: mmarriage

Mend the Marriage
Mend the Marriage

Love Learnings is back and wants to keep marriages together, which they do with this Mend the Marriage guide. They also offer landing pages for men, women, and have a gender-neutral option so you can cast a wide net with your audience!

As with their other programs, the affiliate page is stacked with resources, previews, and thorough instructions on getting started and making the most of the program. The team has put together a solid strategy with a low return request rate, which means you can’t help but win if you add this product to your lineup.

Offering CPA: $45 by request.

EPC: $0.51APV: $56.10Hop Conversion Rate: 0.92%Affiliate Tools Page – https://affiliates.lovelearnings.com/mend-the-marriage/Seller Contact – lovelearnings@gmail.com

Check out their landing page here.

Category: Self-Help – Dating GuidesClickbank Nickname: fbuddy

Friends with Benefits
Friends with Benefits

This last entry is a doozy, as they have the highest APV on this list, and the offer isn’t saturated at all, meaning more for you! The landing page is an auto-play attention-grabbing monologue of a rather aroused woman, so click the landing page at your own discretion. The target audience is men who just want to get the girl (in bed.)

The affiliate page is no frills, but once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to both PG-13 and Rated R versions of pitches, so knowing your audience is important. They also offer banners, emails, videos, and 75% commission on the initial sale, and 75% commission on all the upsells, downsells, and bumps.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $0.46APV: $92.80Hop Conversion Rate: 0.49%Affiliate Tools Page – https://friendswithbenefitsnow.com/affiliates/Seller Contact – mike@insurgentmedia.tv

Check out their landing page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are affiliate dating offers worth it?

Yes, dating affiliate programs are great if you have the right audience. These differ from ClickBank’s most popular offers because they aren’t in the health, fitness, or supplement niches. But relationship advice will always be in demand!

Email newsletters are routinely used to generate dating and self-help traffic, as well as blog posts, YouTube, and organic social. As a result, EPC for certain products may appear lower than what you’d see with higher-ticket offers.

This industry, however, is a niche one! In an unsaturated market, many of these offers are likely to be brand new to your audience!

Which dating and self-help affiliate programs are the best?

If you choose a relationship, dating, or self-help product from this list, ClickBank has already vertified it as a high performer – with actual data to prove it! People are yearning for affection, commitment, and love as the world appears colder and more siloed each day.

It is crucial to remember that knowing your audience is essential for success. Use social listening techniques to determine whether there is a demand for these resources in your community. You will be able to achieve a high amount of conversions and sales if you position these offerings as something you firmly believe in.

How do I get started as an affiliate marketer for dating offers?

We believe in the products listed here and trust their quality, so the rest is up to you! ClickBank offers resources such as this free traffic guide and our Spark Certification Course to help you learn more about affiliate marketing.

Common strategies include a mix of paid ads, diversification of social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) on your own blog. These topics are each their own beast, but if you approach them with an open mind and willingness to learn, you can lead the pack as an affiliate marketer in this space!

Because we know it can be intimidating, we only partner with companies and products that make being an affiliate marketer lucrative and easy.

Check Out the Top Dating Programs on ClickBank

Affiliate marketing is an evergreen method of generating passive income, but getting people to feel appreciated, loved, and desired is its own win. As the holidays churn on, there are plenty of winter-time celebrations that call for a plus one, and now is a perfect time to start offering these products to capitalize on the season!

The dating programs on ClickBank are top-notch, and we hope this list has given you ideas for your next campaign. And if these options weren’t for you, that’s okay too!

We have plenty of other guides available, and you can get started by looking over the ClickBank top-performing products list for the latest top offers on our marketplace – or check out these top offers in any of our most popular niches:

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and aren’t already a member of ClickBank, it’s free to join! Just sign up with ClickBank to get started.

From there, you can open your account, generate an affiliate link from a product you want to promote, and start making commissions. Lastly, you can learn more about affiliate marketing with Spark by ClickBank, our official affiliate marketing education platform.

Best of luck on your journey!

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