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Teri Ijeoma Shares How She Sold $14 Million in Online Courses, and How You Can Get Started Too


Discover how to successfully develop and market your online course.

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Teri Ijeoma didn’t want to be an online course creator. She started off as an assistant principal before quitting her job due to her boss micromanaging, which included complaining about which thumbtacks she used in her room! She then decided to try her luck a trading stock to make a living, which soon replaced and exceeded the amount she was making at her 9-5. After numerous people reached out for free advice, Teri began charging for her guidance.

Although she initially led workshops, Teri soon discovered selling online courses through Teachable – an online platform that allows you to create ans sell courses – was a faster way to scale. Three years and $14 million dollars later, she’s Teachable’s most successful course creator, and she’ll share some of her tips with you in this interview.

During this conversation full of tactic-level guidance, Teri provides input on:

  • How to determine the topic of your course
  • Best practices for scaling through partnerships
  • Why you must become a CEO and a course creator
  • Tips for pushing through self limiting beliefs
  • How to boldly charge your true value, so you can scale your revenue

Watch the video for all these tips and more!

To learn more about Teri – and maybe pick up some stock tips – be sure to check out her website, watch her YouTube videos and follow her on Instagram


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