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Support These 6 Mental Health Campaigns on Social Media Using Your Blog


Since May is Mental Health Month, the best way to further spread awareness is through mental health campaigns on social media. This act may seem too small and insignificant, since using hashtags and sharing is simply a two-step process. But somewhere, somehow reaching just one person and, hopefully, changing their lives is a big step towards mental health awareness. As bloggers, you have an online presence that can be cultivated to influence a lot of people’s lives. Why not use this platform to spread awareness not only on how to discover issues but to provide avenues for people to seek help and support.

Our view of mental health has drastically changed in the past couple of years where we are all more aware and accepting of mental issues happening all around us. The presence of mental health education has improved our understanding of ‘overall wellness’. People have finally learned how to self-evaluate, how to do self-care, and more importantly, how (and where) to ask for help and support. We have finally understood that to be ‘well’, we not only have to take care of ourselves physically but we have to consider our mental well-being too.

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Here are some of the best mental health campaigns you can support through your blog:


Especially in this time that everything can just get TOO MUCH – the government, the virus, staying home, and everything else, self-care is so important. Self-care topics are great to share at this time. Help your readers find ways to self-soothe to calm down their anxieties. In fact, with anxiety or not, therapeutic routines are great for everyone. It is great to advocate for self-care in your blog. Maybe share your own experiences on self-care.


Just like in the previous hashtag, sharing methods of caring for one’s self is always a great topic. But sometimes, writing posts that would explain WHY SELF-CARE IS IMPORTANT is also a great point for discussion. Some people just find self-care too much, too extra, or too expensive. But, make it a point to help your readers understand that self-care does not have to be too extra or too expensive. This hashtag is similar to #MentalHealthMatters, #MentalHealthRecovery.


This is one of the old hashtags supporting mental health awareness. However, even if it is old it does not mean it is irrelevant. Writing blogs about mental health should not only focus on the person with mental illness. We should take a more holistic approach and include all stakeholders in the situation. What are you going to do if you have a family member or friend with a mental illness? How should you educate yourself so that you could help others? How can you help break the stigma and change people’s perception of mental health? There are so many relevant topics to discuss in this campaign.


The main goal of Mental Health Month is to spread awareness about the existence of mental illness. Many people may not know it but millions of people in the world live and suffer from mental illness. A good fraction of this goes on with their lives without seeking help. One good way to spread mental health awareness is to share avenues where people could seek help. Maybe writing a blog about all the available resources, health care centers, online consultations, crisis hotlines, and the like is a good idea for this hashtag. This hashtag is very similar to #MentalHealthAwareness.


One of the reasons why people with mental illness refuse to seek help is the feeling of being shunned off. Negative reactions from people can make reaching out for help so much more difficult than it already is. We all have the tendency to downplay what and how we feel. This is what prevents us from really looking into ourselves and ask ourselves what’s wrong. Having a mental illness can lead to feelings of loneliness. Without the much-needed support, people could feel further isolated both socially and emotionally. Writing encouraging blog posts of support can help someone in need.


This is a campaign by Mental Health America that provides people with resources to deal with mental illness. Tools2Thrive is a great resource and is easily accessible for everyone. It is a series of information and tips to help a person improve their mental health, with or without illness. The goal of this campaign is to increase people’s resiliency and help them deal with whatever it is they are going through. Tools2thrive have topics teaching people how to support others. Most mental health awareness blogs teach people how to seek help, but rarely how to help other people.


If you need help, support, or just someone to talk to, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach the 24-hour crisis centers of Mental Health America (MHA).

In case calling is too much, you may text MHA to 741741 to find a local mental health affiliate who can help you. 

You can also call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room if you are in a crisis. 

Remember, help is everywhere

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