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Spark by ClickBank Review: The Pros and Cons of ClickBank’s Official Affiliate Marketing Education Platform


Wait, a review of Spark by ClickBank… from ClickBank?!

Yep, that’s right! In this Spark by ClickBank review, I want to provide context about where the Spark affiliate education platform came from, what it’s all about, and who it’s meant to teach.

Spark courses
Spark courses

But in the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that ClickBank owns and manages the Spark education platform – and I personally work with the team behind Spark, including the face of the product, Ben Harris.

So, while I’ll do my best to offer an unbiased look at the program, my proximity to Spark is something to keep in mind. Now, let’s dive into the review!

What is ClickBank?

In case you’re unfamiliar with ClickBank, we’re an affiliate marketplace and e-commerce platform that helps connect sellers (i.e. people with products to sell) and affiliates (i.e. marketers looking to promote products).

There’s a thriving world of online business that you can be a part of on ClickBank – either by selling your own product or by getting a commission when you sell other people’s products. A lot of everyday people don’t even know about the incredible opportunities online – or if they do, they’re not sure how to make affiliate marketing work for them!

So, if you’re new to this “affiliate marketing” thing and want to learn how it’s done? That’s where Spark comes in!

What is Spark by ClickBank?

Spark is the official affiliate marketing education platform from ClickBank. We teach affiliate marketing concepts to help people like you build a successful online business!

Spark landing page
Spark landing page

In a nutshell, Spark is an online community and membership site with video training on everything you need to know to make money online. Currently, we have courses on getting started with affiliate marketing, copywriting, Facebook Ads, email marketing, entrepreneurship, and much more.

This program was launched in October 2020, and since then, our students have already racked up some big wins. Check out these numbers:

  • 500 Spark students have gone on to make money on platform!
  • Spark students have collectively made $2.9M on ClickBank!
  • There are 12.3K active members in Spark’s Campfire community!
  • Spark students have watched more than 40K hours of Spark educational content so far!
  • We have 8 course packages on offer in your membership!

And these are just from the first year of Spark. We have big plans for Spark in 2022 and beyond.

Spark By ClickBank vs ClickBank University: A Quick History

For a full understanding of Spark By ClickBank, we should take a quick look back at ClickBank’s previous education product, ClickBank University (CBU).

ClickBank University
ClickBank University

The reality is, CBU had a mixed reception, and everyone – including ClickBank – knows it. CBU was a product where we partnered with an outside team, and while it certainly offered value, it felt like too much of a high-pressure sales pitch. We wanted our own education platform to be more informative and useful than CBU.

So, we decided to bring our training program in-house, and launched the new Spark By ClickBank brand.

What’s Included in Spark

One of the things that’s special about Spark is our ability to leverage our direct response industry connections to bring the most cutting-edge marketing strategies to students.

We partner with subject matter experts for every subject covered in our courses – including people inside and outside of ClickBank – so we can ensure you’re getting training from marketing professionals who practice they preach.

This includes experts like:

  • Perry Belcher – copywriting and offer creation
  • Ben Harris – affiliate marketing
  • Robby Blanchard – Facebook Ads
  • Max Finn – Facebook Ads
  • Ian Stanley – email marketing
  • Anik Singal – copywriting
  • Paul Counts – organic traffic

Spark is an educational tool that teaches you step-by-step how to get started making money online. It’s primarily intended for a beginner audience, but there’s still some useful information to be found for more experienced affiliate marketers.

The monthly Spark Certification membership includes:

  • 17 video courses with 70-value packed lessons (getting started with affiliate marketing)
  • The Campfire Community Facebook Group (ongoing lectures and Q&As)
  • The 7-Day Challenge with Ben Harris (paid ads)
  • The Producer’s Playbook (entrepreneurship)
  • Perry Belcher’s Secret Selling System (offer creation and copywriting)
  • Robby Blanchard’s $100/Day Formula (Facebook Ads)
  • Future Spark 200 courses

Here’s a taste of what the course materials look like.

Spark Certification

Spark Certification course library
Spark Certification course library

In the core Spark Certification course, you get an in-depth introduction to affiliate marketing across 17 modules. Designed for beginners, this course offers a big-picture overview of how to approach your marketing for a successful online business.

Secret Selling System

Secret Selling System
Secret Selling System

Inside of your Spark membership, you’ll get instant access to Perry Belcher’s gold-standard sales copywriting course, “Secret Selling System.”

This was originally a 3-day workshop put on by Perry Belcher for thousands of dollars a seat, and it’s included in your Spark membership. Learn how one of the top marketing minds in the world approaches offer creation, copywriting, funnel building, and more.

The Producer’s Playbook

The Producer’s Playbook

Go on a journey of discovery about the entrepreneur’s mindset with Anthony Trister. This course reveals what it takes to be an entrepreneur, including mindset, choosing a product, making deals, and more!

Spark Campfire

Spark Campfire
Spark Campfire

Spark Campfire is a space exclusive to Spark students where you can continue learning and growing alongside your Spark courses. Through this private Facebook group, you get access to live webinars with Perry Belcher, weekly Q&A’s with industry experts, and more.

You’ll also see weekly trends from the ClickBank business development team and have the opportunity to collaborate on all things digital marketing with other Spark students!

7-Day Challenge

7-Day Challenge
7-Day Challenge

Look over Coach Ben Harris’s shoulder as he creates a funnel to get his first ClickBank sale in just 7 days. Just follow along to get a feel for how to be a successful affiliate.

Originally done with a focus on Facebook Ads, there’s a newer version of the 7-Day Challenge done using native ads.

$100/Day Formula

$100/Day Formula
$100/Day Formula

Robby Blanchard is known to many as the #1 ClickBank affiliate in the world. He’s found incredible success over the years as a Facebook Ads expert, and he’s bringing that knowledge to Spark students in his $100/Day Formula Facebook Ads course.

You’ll learn how to choose offers, target an audience, create ad copy, set up a landing page for your Facebook Ads, and more.

Spark 200 Level Courses

As we release brand-new expert courses on different topics, they are added to your monthly Spark membership for free.

Convertri Landing Page Builder

If you choose to join Spark Plus, your Spark membership also includes full access to Convertri, a popular landing page builder that will help you build your funnel even faster.

How Much Does Spark By ClickBank Cost?

A standard Spark membership is $47 per month, but if you’re interested in signing up now, there’s an opportunity to try Spark for one month at 50% off.

There’s also Spark Plus, which is $97 per month and includes full access to Convertri’s landing page builder software (which is $97 per month on its own!).

If you just want a specific course, we offer Spark 200 level courses from subject matter experts that you can purchase a la carte at $197. Or you can get access to all of them at once inside your monthly Spark membership at no extra cost.

Meet the Spark Team

The Spark team has three full-time members currently, as well as several subject matter expert partners from all over the world.

Ben Harris is the face of Spark, Holly Miran manages the Spark community, and Monica Snashall works behind-the-scenes.

We wanted you to get to know who you’ll be learning from inside of Spark!

Ben Harris

Ben Harris
Ben Harris

Ben Harris brings over 10 years of online marketing experience to the Spark team. Ben began his career as an entrepreneur, co-founding MB Nutrition, which went on to have the highest rated pre-workout powder in the United States on Amazon.com in 2016 – before being acquired 18 months later.

Shortly after, he joined ClickFunnels, one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world, to assist driving their company revenue and affiliate program. In his time at ClickFunnels, Ben grew affiliate revenue by leveraging partnerships and recruiting high volume clients. In Spark’s first full year (2021), the team led thousands to their first ClickBank sale, and went on to generate millions on the ClickBank platform.

A graduate of Coastal Carolina University, Ben has a deep passion for selling products and services online, and is an avid affiliate marketer. While not on his computer, you’ll find Ben spending time with his fiancé, or on the golf course.

Holly Miran

Holly Miran
Holly Miran

Holly Miran is a master networker and highly present in our Facebook community. She provides a ton of value and ensures our Spark students have an educational and supportive place to meet and network with their peers.

Holly is like a Swiss army knife when it comes to marketing, so her wealth of knowledge is a huge asset to Spark. When not in the community, you’ll also find Holly writing copy, creating TikTok videos, strategizing ways to improve the program, and helping out anywhere else she’s needed. If you have any questions about the Spark program, Holly is your go-to gal!

Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher
Perry Belcher

While Perry isn’t technically a ClickBank employee, he is our partner for Spark Campfire, which is a valuable part of your Spark membership. Inside of Campfire, Perry provides lectures and Q&As for a community of thousands of Spark students.

Perry Belcher is a co-founder of Digital Marketer, a mega-successful online brand for digital marketing professionals – and he’s also a marketing legend with decades of experience in offer creation, marketing strategy, and copywriting.

Spark By ClickBank FAQs

Who is Spark By ClickBank For?

The Spark team eventually wants the product to feature content for everyone interested in making money online – with total beginner tutorials all the way up to super advanced tactics – but for now, the focus is primarily on beginners interested in affiliate marketing.

Is Spark By ClickBank a scam?

Not at all! We have a team of dedicated people working hard on the content, the community, and the subject matter experts featured inside of Spark. Plus, we’re constantly learning what our students need to be more successful and adding new training every month to make Spark even better.

Is Spark By ClickBank Worth It?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, it depends on where you’re at in your affiliate marketing journey.

I’ve been in the affiliate marketing world for nearly five years, and throughout my journey, I’ve read and listened to and watched a LOT of educational marketing content. I’ve also put many of these lessons into practice in my own business.

The highest compliment I can pay to Spark is the fact that, as Content Manager at ClickBank and a business owner with my own affiliate website, I still find myself going through Spark materials and taking lots of notes.

So, if I’m learning valuable things from Spark after several years in this industry, then I believe most people will find plenty of value in the program.

What Spark Students Are Saying

We’ve had hundreds of Spark students make money on the ClickBank platform after going through our materials.

Below is a small sampling of the positive feedback we’ve seen from real Spark students in Spark Certification and in Campfire!

This article was originally published by www.clickbank.com . Read the original article here.

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