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Semrush Review: A Must-have Suite for Serious Bloggers


semrush review

A look into the best keyword tool and content marketing suite for bloggers…

It’s common for bloggers, marketers, and social media managers to routinely search for the best tools to attract more traffic and improve search engine visibility.

It’s also common to rely on multiple tools that range from delivering mediocre to good results. As a result of subscribing to multiple services, users often pay a hefty fee to fully cover their blogging and marketing needs.

But what if we told you there’s a service that doesn’t just settle for “good” results and instead aims for excellence?

The BloggingPro Starter Kit

What if said service is a jack of all trades AND a master of everything it provides for bloggers and marketing professionals?

What if you had access to dozens of tools and features packed into one interconnected service for a fraction of what other SEO services charge altogether?

Our Semrush Review

Today we’re delighted to highlight one of the most powerful services available to bloggers and digital marketers…

As the service creators explain, Semrush is an all-in-one suite for improving online visibility and overall engagement.

Semrush provides assistance in the areas of SEO, keyword research, content marketing, competitive analysis, and all things related to digital engagement and online success.

Let’s dive into the many features this impressive service provides, as it’s perfectly suitable for aspiring bloggers and experts alike.

Full-Featured Keyword Research Toolkit

Semrush provides an extensive (and we really mean extensive) toolkit to help you pick winning keywords for any given project. Here’s how Semrush can assist in estimating a keyword’s value and overall competition, along with the best ways to implement it into your content marketing strategy.

best keyword tool

More specifically, the tool breaks down each keyword by metric such as overall volume, how difficult it is to rank for, its paid search competition, and the top-taking URLs that use said keyword.

You may additionally see each keyword’s trajectory (trend) to better tell whether there’s potential in it. It also discloses the countries with the highest search volumes to help you rank for local keywords in geographical areas where competition is fairly low.

Also, remember this: Your SEO content should always be accompanied by related phrases (not just the ones you’re directly targeting). As a result, Semrush suggests other keywords that may be of interest along with their statistical information.

This means no more guesswork, as every keyword your article contains is fully backed by statistical data. It’s no wonder it’s considered by many to be the best keyword tool.

Other keyword-based data includes:

  • Millions of accurate, detailed keyword suggestions
  • Phrase and exact-match search stats
  • An easy-to-understand difficulty meter detailing how hard it is to outrank competitors in Google’s top 20 search results
  • The probability that a user will actually click on your webpage based on a particular keyword (useful to help you decide whether to pursue it)
  • Average price per click (PPC) – useful if you intend to bid for keywords, not just compete for organic rankings
  • Determine competing pages’ Authority Score, the total number of backlinks, and the estimated organic traffic those pages receive
  • View ads history reports: These show if a particular keyword was targeted in a paid advertisement, how many ads were created, how long those ads were active, the overall traffic they brought to the advertiser, and their average price.

The above information can get overwhelming, but this is exactly why Semrush is by far one of the most reliable SEO services for serious bloggers.

A Better Look Into Organic Reach

The above SEO tool helps you identify the best keywords, but let’s see exactly how all that research can help you get more organic traffic over time.

With the Organic Search Tool Reports, you can see which websites are ranking in Google’s top 100 results for any given keyword and even which ones are driving the most traffic.

These reports also break down an entire website (yours or a competitor) and expose their most used keywords.

In addition, you can keep track of how a website’s ranking changes for each keyword…

For example, if a reputable (high authority) source is losing rank for a keyword that you intend to use, you can probably conclude that said keyword may be too competitive to tackle. You could otherwise go after it in the event your competitors aren’t that authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

The above is particularly helpful when trying to rank for keywords with commercial intent. If the stats are showing a downward trend, this could mean that the keyword in question may not be worth pursuing long-term.

Analyzing Search Rank

Ranking for keywords is one thing, but let’s remember you must periodically keep an eye on your work and thus keep competitors at bay.

For this reason, Semrush gives you some pretty detailed insights regarding website organic traffic to help you understand how search engines treat your content over time…

For example, did you know you can connect Google Analytics and Google Search console to your Semrush account?

Thanks to this, the service helps you analyze every page/URL by digging up their ranking keywords and provide suggestions based on the aforementioned features that come with the service.

You may also view detailed statistics across all devices (including new site visitors, bounce rate, click-thru rate, and much more). Now you can see how your audience interacts with your content, enabling you to set milestones and modify your blogging goals.

Manage Social Media Like a Pro

Semrush is all about organic reach, and this also includes social media traffic. Here’s how its extensive social media tool can help you build momentum on the most popular social networks…

Manage all social media accounts with a single click: This means you can publish to multiple accounts simultaneously or schedule posts based on your engagement analysis.

If you’re also promoting said posts via social media ads, Semrush comes with an intuitive analytics tool to directly compare them to other, non-paid posts shared online.

Keep tabs on your competitors’ publishing habits: Don’t just analyze your own content, but your competitors’ as well.

With the Semrush Social Media Tracker, you can clearly see competitors’ posting frequency, changes in their follower count, their usual publishing times/dates, and which posts are most engaging among their audience.

Other social media features include:

  • A built-in image editor, link shortener, and a UTM-builder to better track each click
  • Add your blog’s RSS feeds for automatic sharing, or those from other blogs to diversify your social media efforts (highly recommended)
  • Deeply analyze performance and the impact of your efforts with easy-to-understand data sets

Site Health & Maintenance

Your site’s health directly impacts your keywords and the ability to rank long-term.

Because of this, Semrush helps you monitor your website and scan over 100 technical errors. This then organizes each error by severity level and makes helpful suggestions on how to fix each issue.

Other technical reports include information on whether your pages can be crawled by search engines, it analyzes their overall speed and helps find internal linking problems.

Other Great Features…

Semrush is packed to the brim with features, and we would have to write an entire book to cover everything it can do.

The above tools cover a good portion of your needs as a blogger and marketer, but let’s briefly touch on other goodies that may be of use.

The Semrush suite of tools can:

  • Reveal traffic stats from virtually any website out there
  • Directly compare your website’s traffic to competitors and provide helpful, competitive suggestions
  • Analyze growth rate and implement suggested fixes and improvements
  • Find out exactly what your audience prefers through a wide range of geographical data, especially when combined with Google Analytics
  • Dissect popular blogs by their most popular topics and keywords
  • Track brand mentions and interact with those potentially interested in you
  • Track referral traffic from virtually any source
  • Get suggested topic ideas specifically tailored to your audience
  • Keep track of newly-obtain backlinks, as well as lost or broken links
  • Built-in SEO assistant similar to Yoast SEO, packed with suggested keyword usage and placement
  • Get suggestions for questions people actually ask, backed with their own statistics
  • Suggest other hyper-targeted subjects such as location-specific topic ideas
  • Semrush analyzes potentially harmful backlinks and makes it easy to contact the originating source for successful removal, hence helping improve SEO score
  • Collect potentially harmful backlinks and easily submit them to the Google Disavow tool (which essentially disassociates bad links from your website)

Conclusion: The Best All-in-One Service Out There

Needless to say, Semrush is an absolute beast of a service for blog enthusiasts, marketers, and social media managers.

The aforementioned features are only scratching the surface, as the entire service is something you must actually witness first-hand to truly understand its full potential.

Yes, Semrush can be a tad overwhelming, but their extensive tutorials and easy-to-navigate features makes learning it absolutely worthwhile.

Our personal suggestion is to re-read this entire article again to fully grasp how powerful Semrush is. The amount of features is simply vast and varied, we are 100% positive the entire suite has something for everyone.

While you don’t technically need something like Semrush to become a successful blogger, this is the sort of service that can put your website on the same level as the most authoritative bloggers you know (think of heavy hitters like Jon Morrow, Brian Dean, and Neil Patel).

The one remaining question now is: Will you try to manually elevate your blog the hard way, or will you rely on Semrush to greatly speed up the process?

Take a Trial and Get More Out of Semrush

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