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RYB 988: How Long Before I Start Selling To My Email List? Friday Jam Session


This is probably one of the highlights of my week because I get to hang out with some cool people every single Friday and answer some awesome questions.

If you couldn’t attend this jam session live, you can always show up here at our “Rock Your Brand Podcast” and listen to our live jam sessions there.

Today I’ll be sharing with you a great topic that I love talking about:
  • How long before I start selling to my email list?
  • Sometimes selling is a dirty word.
  • I don’t want people to hate me.
  • I don’t want people to think that I’m just trying to sell them.

Here’s the deal. You got to get comfortable with that. There is a cool way of doing it, and there’s a not-so-cool way of doing it. I’m going to share with you a few things that I’ve learned over the years.

I will walk you through somewhat of an email funnel, even if you’re just starting to build your list. How you can sell immediately without being sleazy or scammy, but then how you can come back and continue to build Goodwill with those people. Watch and listen to the video below for the complete jam session.

FYI: You might ask, how can I get my question answered and become part of our take action crew? Just head on over to takeactioncrew.com and leave your email address. It’s totally free. We do it every single Friday, and it is a blast.

Enjoy the episode and let’s CRUSH YOUR WEEK!

Watch the Video Podcast Below

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