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Podcasts – Niche Pursuits


I put the word out on Facebook and Twitter for somebody I could talk to about flipping domains and building new sites on expired domains. Sean Markey was the most…

Is Substack the New Blogging?

Are opportunities getting better or worse for the independent online publisher? (That’s you if you own a website!) I think it’s important every once in a while to take a…

Podcast 158
Niche Site Project 4 Income Report For July

I’m excited to give you an update on Niche Site Project 4. I’m actually going to give the monthly income report for July 2019. Sorry about the delay in this…

Podcast 138
Niche Site Project 4 Update for September 2018

Today I’ve got another update for Niche Site Project 4!  This episode is Jake, Jason, and I discussing the latest monthly report for the project. Enjoy! Transcript: Spencer: Hey, everyone.…

Podcast 109
Colleen’s Niche Site is Revealed!

This is the audio podcast of a previously published coaching call.  If you want to read the previous post or watch the coaching call, please do so right here.

Podcast 65
Update on Our Budding Amazon FBA Empire

Hey everyone! Perrin here. It’s been a while (about a month to be exact) since we’ve recorded a podcast on our Amazon FBA business. And believe me, we’ve wanted to…

Podcast 49
How to Manage Writers Effectively

Perrin and I were able to sit down and record a podcast based on our last blog post, How to Mange Writers Effectively. When it comes to starting and running…

Podcast 44
Content Marketing and Traffic Tips from Neil Patel

When I first started the Niche Pursuits podcast, I never considered reaching out to “big name” interviewees.  I was green, but luckily already knew from previous networking some pretty interesting…

Podcast 23
How to Build Links the Right Way with Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper is a sophomore at the University of Florida studying finance.  Even though he’s “younger”, he happens to be a respected expert in the SEO arena; particularly when it…

Podcast 18
How to Build Authority Sites with Jon Haver

A little while ago, I shared the success story of Jon Haver from AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I highly recommend you check out…

Podcast 11
Quality Website Building

After a break of about 4 months, I’ve finally done another podcast!  The podcast recording is just me…no guest this time.  I felt it was important to say a lot…

Podcast 7
Building a Brand with Pat Flynn

I had the great privilege of interviewing Pat Flynn recently.  I’ve always respected what Pat Flynn is doing over on his blog, and enjoy the business insights that he is…

Podcast 5
Building a Real Business with Fraser Cain

I am very excited to present the podcast interview I did with Fraser Cain recently.  Fraser is an internet entrepreneur that I respect quite a bit for his approach to…

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