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Myers-Brigg’s Personalities and How It Influences You and Your Content


Like everybody says, people’s personalities are not just black and white. Myers-Brigg’s personalities is probably one of the most extensive nitpicking of human personality ever created. It is a good mix of the different personality categories which make up a total of 16 personality types. Based on the information above, which kind of personality do you think you have and how do you think it affects your blogging? Take this free test for fun!

Remember, we’re not looking at a coin here where there are only tails and heads. We do try to avoid stereotyping here and setting our limitations as bloggers based on our personalities. Take note that the term ‘more’ on niche suggestions merely points out that they would probably find it more interesting than other niches. It does not mean that certain personality types could not do well in other niches.

Extraversion Vs. Introversion

Basically, the idea of this pairing is understanding how and where people get their energies from.

Extroverts are people who enjoy quick-paced tasks. They enjoy being around people. This means that extroverts flouring when surrounded by people of the same energy and pace as them. Extroverts are probably the ‘vlogger’ (or video blogger) types. These types of bloggers are not too bothered that they are in the spotlight a lot. They have live performances on their social media and enjoy interacting with their readers and listeners.

Introverts, on the other hand, enjoy being in small groups or quiet activities by themselves. They are energized by relaxing downtimes. They’re the ones you see talking to the animals during a party. Since blogging is a type of remote work protected by barriers called the internet, this is the kind of work that a lot of introverts really enjoy. All correspondence could be done via email – a perk all introverts surely enjoy. When introverts do video blogging, they are probably the streamer kinds – ‘mukbangers’, and gamers. They stream what they do but they do not talk to their viewers too much. Introverted bloggers could also be the feistiest keyboard warriors but pretty much the shyest in a social group.

Niches extroverts would enjoy more:

Niches introverts would enjoy more:

Sensing Vs. Intuition

This category of the Myers-Briggs personalities explains how people process information.

Intuitive people are said to enjoy finding deeper meaning in things. These people are known to process information through intuition. Literally, readers between the lines. Intuitive bloggers are probably those who like to create memes and parodies. They recreate scenarios and situations in their performances based on how to have perceived them.

Sensors usually prefer facts. These people take information by their senses. Sensors interact with information based on how they sense them (see them, feel them, hear them, etc). They are great with factual data because these are recorded and observed information. News blogs are probably sensors’ favorites where they research and collect data, collate them, then report them. Also, analysing SEO stats for their websites are highly enjoyable.

Topics Sensors would enjoy more:

Topics Intuitives would enjoy more:

  • Horoscopes
  • Personality blogs

Judging Vs. Perceiving

How do people deal with the outer world and pretty much how we perceive life.

Judgers usually like things orderly and well-established. These are people who prefer following a set of rules and are more comfortable when they could see the course of where things are going. They love planning, weighing, and considering their options ahead of time. They flourish best when they have a routine. These are the types of bloggers you would probably see handling organizers and bullet journals. Pomodoro and checklist apps are their jam and their Google calendars are probably the most colorful thing you’ll see in your life.

Perceivers enjoy things with spontaneity and flexibility. They are the go-with-the-flow type of personalities. They are highly adaptable and are constantly changing. These are the types of bloggers that could pretty much create content anywhere and anyhow. Probably, they are also the ones who enjoy going viral. This is since they are willing to do random and creative things just to get a viral post.

Great topics for Judgers:

  • Minimalism topics
  • De-cluttering blogs
  • Healthy eating topics
  • Meal planning

Great topics for Perceivers:

  • Prank blogs
  • Social media related blogging
  • TikTok content creation

Thinking Vs. Feeling

This category of the Myers-Brigg’s personality types would be about decision making. How different are the two when it comes to making decisions? This aspect of personality affects work more ways than we imagine. It could be about money management, advertising deals, design decisions – everything! Decision making is one of the most important aspect in a blogger or influencer’s life as it could dictate the flow of their careers.

Thinkers are the mind over heart kind of people. They do their best to make detached and logical decisions whenever they can.

Feelers are the opposite as they really value feelings and how other people would feel when making decisions. In a lot of cases, these people based their decisions on personal values.

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