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Men’s Blogs to Follow for November


International Men’s Day is celebrated every November and what better way to celebrate than to follow blogs for men. This holiday is celebrated achievements and contributions made by men to society. Highlighting this promotes positive role models for young children. Also, the point of celebrating men every November is to promote awareness of men’s issues.

If you are thinking of creating content for this demographic, there are many options. You could create content for hobbies, lifestyle, fashion, health, fitness, and more. Here are some inspiring men’s blogs to follow if you are thinking of joining this niche:

Sports and Gear

What is good about this niche is that there will always be new topics to write about on a daily basis. There is always something new about sports – players, technologies, game results, and the like. Thinking of a topic will never be a problem! Another great thing about sports and gear blogs is that it is not concentrated only on one demographic. The sports niche is a beloved genre that knows no age or gender. Here are some good examples of sports blogs:

Bro Bible

Dead Spin

Barstool Sports

General Men’s

If you are thinking of having bits and pieces of content throughout a variety of genres, you are free to do so. Most e-magazines cover sports, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, health, tech, and hobbies. Here are some good examples of blogs to follow:


Man of Many

Knowledge For Men

Ask Men

Lifestyle and Fashion

Of course, lifestyle and fashion blogs are the most popular genre out of all. The topics can be varied among clothing, relationships, and mental health. This genre is quite common for e-magazines and the traffic successes for this kinds of blogs are high.

The Art of Manliness


Real Men, Real Style

The Coolector

The Adult Man

Men’s Grooming

This is actually an emerging niche and it creating content for this can be challenging. A lot of men are now more open to skincare, haircare, and even makeup. You could, maybe, do grooming tips and  tricks. You could also write about product reviews of skincare and haircare products men could surely love. There are so many topic ideas you could explore for this. The development of this genre is enjoyable to follow and the uniqueness of the topics can surely be refreshing for readers.


Zeus Beard

Man Face

Men’s Health, Diet, and Fitness

It is also important to note that health covers all aspects of wellness. This includes mental health, sexual health, and physical health. You could try writing advice blogs that cover this niche. This way, you could connect with your readers in a more personal manner.Or, you could create a cooking blog – discussing new ingredients and healthy recipes. Another good idea is a workout blog that, maybe, provides workout plans and tutorials.

Talking About Men’s Health

Men Alive

Active Man

Kevin is Cooking

Fit Men Cook


Hobby Blogs for Men

Hobby blogs may be common but the niche is actually very broad. Men could have varying hobbies and it could be so hard to choose just one! Common examples of hobbies could be enjoying the outdoors, fishing, cars, DIY home improvements, and the like. However, there are still so many more examples to checkout. This may include yoga, cooking, baking, dancing, photography, and more. One tip for this: choose to write about your own hobby. There are no gender distinctions between hobbies for men or women. What is most important is you create quality and unique content.

Cool of the Wild

Speed Hunters

Take me Fishing 

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