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Is it a Legit Way to Make Extra Money in 2023?


Are you wondering what Branded Surveys is and whether you can actually make money with them? Then you’re in the right place, as this Branded Surveys review is going to answer these questions and more.

There are many different ways to make money online, with surveys being one of the simplest and most fun options.

While they don’t all pay a huge amount, they’re a good side hustle to get started with as a beginner or if you have busy work days and don’t want anything too taxing to do in the evening.

Plus, it is pretty satisfying giving your opinion and getting paid for it!

Now let’s take a closer look at Branded Surveys and what it has to offer, so you can decide if it’s worth your time.

In a hurry? Take a closer look at Branded Surveys here.

Branded Surveys Review

Ease of Use


Customer Service

Earning Potential


Overall, Branded Surveys is an easy and fun way to make extra cash on the side. It offers a regular flow of surveys and has multiple ways to earn. It pays you cash or gift cards and has a low minimum withdrawal threshold of $5. The sign-up process is also simple and you can choose to take surveys via the mobile app or from a desktop computer.


A steady stream of surveys available
Free to join and use
Good variety of payout options
Low minimum payout threshold
Earn extra rewards the more active you are
Easy to navigate site and good support


Some surveys are low paying
You may not qualify for every survey
Have to wait for accumulated points to be approved

Branded Surveys Review: What is it?

Branded Surveys (formerly known as Mintvine) was founded in 2012.

They’re a market research company that pays its members to complete surveys, polls and daily challenges.

Over 13 million people in the UK, USA and Canada use the site and new members receive a $1.00 (100 points) joining bonus just for signing up and completing a profile survey.

The information you provide initially helps Branded Surveys to match you with relevant surveys.

What Are the Different Ways to Earn?

By joining Branded Surveys you can enjoy a variety of ways to earn, with the main one being paid online surveys.

Every time you complete a survey or task, you get points. These points can be redeemed for different rewards.

Here are a few different ways to earn points on Branded Surveys:

Branded Surveys review

Surveys are the main way to make money online with Branded Surveys.

Big companies need help with market research to improve their brand and products and the answers from these surveys help with that.

Once you’re signed up you will be sent relevant surveys daily.

As a new survey taker, you can clearly see how many Branded Survey points you’ll receive for completing the survey, and these will vary depending on how long the survey is.

This is a plus, as you can focus on taking the surveys that reward the largest amount of points.

Surveys pay, on average, between 10 – 300 points, which should take around 10 – 20 minutes.

Daily Poll

The second way to earn on Branded Surveys is by completing daily polls.

Basically, all you have to do is answer one question by clicking a multiple-choice answer.

They only take a few seconds to finish, but only reward you with 5 points, meaning they’re not the highest way to earn.

But it’s a quick and easy way to add to your Branded Surveys balance, so why not?


When you regularly complete tasks on Branded Surveys, your efforts will be added to their leaderboard.

If you make it into the daily or weekly top 10, you’ll be eligible for extra bonuses.

Earning these extra Branded Surveys points also helps you to progress to higher membership levels which give you chances to earn extra money online.

Branded Elite Bonus Program

Branded Surveys review

As an active Branded Surveys member, you’ll also be enrolled in the Branded Elite Bonus Program.

New joiners automatically become Bronze members and depending on the pace of your activity, you’ll climb up to Silver and Gold status.

Examples of extra bonuses at the Bronze level include completing 20 surveys in 7 days for a 7% bonus or 30 surveys in 7 days for a 9% bonus.

As you reach Silver and Gold levels, you get rewarded extra for completing the same amount of surveys, so it pays to stay active and move up the ranks.

Refer Friends

As a Silver Badge member, you can earn 50 bonus points for each friend you refer to the platform and Gold members earn 100 Branded Surveys points.

Although, it’s important to remember that your referral has to achieve Silver badge status before you get your referral bonus points.

As a Bronze member, you’re not eligible to earn extra points by referring friends.

Branded Surveys Review: How Do You Get Paid?

Branded Surveys review

After earning $5 (500 points) or more, you can choose to get paid in a variety of different ways.

Opt to get paid cash through PayPal or bank transfer (US only), which should reach your account within three business days.

Another option is to get rewarded with gift cards from big retailers or restaurants such as:

Royal Caribbean cruises
Southwest Airlines
Whole Foods Market
Home Depot

The last option for payment is to donate what you’ve earned to a good cause. Your points will be converted to cash and donated to a charity of your choice.

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn on Branded Surveys will really depend on how much time you spend completing surveys.

It’s also important to be savvy and choose the surveys that pay out the highest.

Upon research, it seems that Branded Surveys does have a steady stream of surveys on offer, but it’s important to remember that the amount you get offered will depend on your demographic.

But, if you manage to complete three surveys a day that get you 300 points each, this is 900 total, or $9.

One point to remember is that to receive full points for a completed survey, it has to pass an approval process.

Branded Surveys Review: How to Join?

how to join

To join Branded Surveys, first, you need to complete the sign-up process:

Click ‘Sign Up’
Add your email and password
Fill out basic information on the registration page
You can also opt to sign up with your Facebook profile
After filling out your profile, answer a series of questions to help Branded Surveys understand your demographic information
Start taking paid surveys that are matched to you
You can fill out extra information in your profile on various topics at a later date to increase your chances of getting approved for more surveys

Who Can Use Branded Surveys?

Anyone looking to make a little extra cash or gift cards in their spare time can use Branded Surveys.

Use the Branded Surveys mobile app or use it via your desktop computer.

While you won’t replace your 9-5 income by using this survey company, you can use it alongside other survey sites such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks to increase your earnings.

If you’re looking to make a significant income online, try out one of these best work from home jobs.

Branded Surveys Review: Final Verdict

At the end of this Branded Surveys review, now we have to sum up whether it’s worth your time.

Branded Surveys is a legit survey site that pays out real rewards in the form of cash and gift cards.

It has an easy-to-navigate platform, and they display available surveys with transparency, detailing how many points you’ll earn and how long the survey should take.

This is a really nice touch, as you can decide if the survey is worth your time before you get started.

Plus, there are different ways to earn and you’re rewarded with higher value bonuses the more time you spend on the platform moving through the badge system.

Overall, Branded Surveys is worth using to earn extra money on the side when you have free time.

Just be aware that you might not qualify for every survey, so only select the ones that you feel fit your demographic.

Alternatives to Branded Surveys

There are many different survey sites that pay for your opinion. Here are a few of the best alternatives to Branded Surveys:



Swagbucks is a popular survey site that has paid out over $512,900,600 to its members.

The platform pays you points, that can be converted to cash and gift cards for completing simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, searching the web, playing games and shopping online.

Surveys pay between $0.50 and $2.50 each.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie will pay you to share your opinion by taking surveys to help brands produce better products and services.

You can even choose to join additional market-based research programs to earn even more.

After earning 500 points with this survey company, you can choose to cash out via PayPal, gift cards or bank transfer.

Surveys pay between $0.50 – $3.00 each.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a survey site that offers you a nice $5 sign-up bonus and will pay you to complete a variety of tasks, such as:

Playing games
Watching videos
Shopping online
Searching the internet
Scanning receipts
Taking surveys

You can choose to be paid in PayPal cash or with gift cards from a range of big retailers.

Surveys pay between $0.01 to $2.50 each.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a high paying survey website that’ll pay you to answer surveys, test products and review ads.

They have over 3 million members worldwide and payout in cash or gift cards from big brands such as Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Home Depot, and more.

You have to earn $10 before you can redeem your balance.

Surveys pay up to $5 each.

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