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How To Make Money On Fiverr with These 15 Ideas In 2021!


Do you want to know how to make money on Fiverr?

Are you wondering how there are ‘Fiverr millionaires’ from a platform that brags about charging $5 a gig?

It’s not surprising that Fiverr is one of the first websites many people think of when they think about the online gig economy. Anyone can sign up, offer a service, and get paid by people willing to hire them.

For many, the idea of working for $5 per job might not seem appealing at first. That makes a lot of sense and isn’t going to surprise anyone. However, there’s a lot more to the story than that. The fact is, there are many people charging far more than $5 for a gig.

To get to that point you need to understand how the platform works and pour in the hours to get to that point.

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How to Make Money on Fiverr

how to make money on fiverr

There are those making $30 – $50 per gig, or even more with premium offerings.

On the other extreme, there are providers who have figured out a high-demand gig that only takes them 5 minutes to complete. Even at $5 a gig, if they can line up a couple of dozen gigs in a day, that’s $120 for just a couple of hours of work.

Not too shabby. Especially for a part-time gig.

In other words, there’s more than one way to make money on Fiverr. And to make an impressively decent amount of money.

So how does Fiverr work?

The basic concept is really simple and can be broken down into three steps.

  1. Sign up for an account (which is free)
  2. Fill out your profile and upload a photo
  3. Set up one or multiple “gigs” that you are offering as a freelancer on Fiverr

In this guide, I’ll go deeper into steps two and three. When you set up an account, you get led by the hand by Fiverr so you won’t need help with that.

While Fiverr started as a $5 a gig setup (and you can still set gigs out at that rate), even true beginners have the ability to charge more. There are basic Fiverr gig listings, and then you have add-ons.

Get enough rankings and you may even move up to Fiverr Pro. That’s where you can start charging some serious money.

You can even offer packages that can be pre-purchased for buyers. For example, a 10 blog post package of 800 words for someone who doesn’t want to buy articles one by one.

These are all just part of the process for learning how to make money on Fiverr. Once you have a few positive ratings and some successful work, it can snowball very quickly.

Or as Fiverr likes to put it:

how to make money on fiverr process

Setting Up Your Fiverr Account

Setting up your Fiverr account is really simple and quick, but you will want to spend some time filling out your profile.

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It’s free to set up an account. You just click the ‘Sign Up’ button, fill out the information, and you have a basic public profile.

But if you want to succeed in your quest to learn how to make money on Fiverr you’ll have to go further than that.

After all, look how plain this basic, old profile is which I forgot about from nearly 10 years ago.

bare bones Fiverr profile

There’s nothing there!

You do want to fill out all the information. In my case, I would switch out that picture with one that shows my face and is less ‘moody poet’ and more ‘professional for hire.’

You can fill out your education, certifications, as well as write a description of yourself and your services. That, in particular, is what you want to shine when a buyer is contemplating hiring you for a gig.

Pro Tip For Fiverr Profiles!

Do NOT write this as an informational section. This is a SALES section where you are selling yourself and your skills to any potential buyers.

What value do they get if they hire you? What do they get out of it? Sell yourself here!

In the beginning, you’re doing your best to get attention. 

Study the gigs that Fiverr Pros put up. Some of the best ones are always on the front page. Look at what the ones in your gig’s categories are doing.

What words do they use? What tone of voice? How is their profile set up to catch a buyer’s attention? Use this information to craft your own profile in a way that will get attention and get you some early sales.

Once you’ve had just a few successful gigs, replicate the features of those listings. Copy the style of your gigs that are working and getting sales, and use what you’ve learned to make all your listings better.

Ways to Make Money on Fiverr

One of the most interesting things about Fiverr is just how many options there are for making money. Of all the online platforms they have the most diverse range of services on offer.

That being said, there are definitely certain services that are consistently in high demand on the Fiverr platform. High demand means plenty of chances for a freelancer to create a gig that can earn a lot of extra money. 

If you’re not sure where to start with crafting your first Fiverr gig, start with one of the following services that are always in demand.

Keep in mind that as a beginner you are limited to posting seven gigs, though this should be more than enough to get started. In the beginning, it is much more important to focus on quality killer gig listings rather than pure numbers.

As you get 5-star reviews your Fiverr level will grow. Which each level you gain, you can post more gigs.

Now, all that being said, take a look at these niches where the demand is always high.

Writing Simple Articles

Typing at laptop

A lot of people need written content.

This ranges from simple blog posts and SEO articles, to creating a good ‘About Us’ page for website owners who are looking for Fiverr freelancers.

A 500-word article is generally the minimum anyone is looking for, but it’s a good idea to offer longer article gigs. Or, even better, batches of longer articles. You can even sell by the number of words and let the buyer decide how much he/she wants.

The online world is always going to need content. If you can provide a lot of good content quickly, you can charge way above $5 a gig and get a lot of orders for much, much higher rates.

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Social Media Services

Most businesses understand the importance of needing active social media. But, generally speaking, plumbers, electricians, and overworked small business owners have enough on their plate.

They don’t want to figure out Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else is hot at the time. They are happy to pay a Fiverr freelancer for a set number of Tweets or posts so they can go back to doing their main job.

There’s always a pretty high demand for anyone who can provide social media services and get results.

Modeling Services

There are a lot of pretty guys and gals offering modeling services. Plenty of businesses or blogs are looking for a good-looking face or two.

They can hold signs that have a motto, slogan, or a pre-arranged script. Some even shoot videos.

There’s a whole section for ‘Modeling & Acting‘ under the Lifestyle Section of Fiverr. If this interests you, check out other successful profiles to see what really gets attention.

Drawing and Digital Drawing Tools

Art is a specialty skill that a lot of us appreciate but don’t have any aptitude for.

This can be a general drawing, a comic strip, or, if you are really good with that whiteboard animation software, then there’s a HUGE demand for what you can offer.

Best of all, most of the top-selling profiles charge much more than $5 a gig for what they do.

Logos and/or Graphic Design

best businesses for introverts

There are a lot of terrible $5 logo services on Fiverr. Then there are also graphic designers and talented freelancers who can get $50 a logo for work that only takes 20 minutes or less.

Earning $50 or more per logo will seem like a steal compared to many alternatives out there. And, if you’re staring at a backlog of a couple of dozen orders starting at that price, that’s called a good problem to have.

There is a lot of competition here so you’ll need to really hustle to stick out and build a reputation. 

Specific VA Service

Fiverr is all about the very specific gigs, defined upfront. Because of this the successful VAs aren’t getting hired by the hour, but they have niched down.

They’ve figured out what specific VA duties are in high demand, and how to break those down into manageable but desirable gigs.

Do a little research and see which Fiverr gigs are getting tons of attention. If you can offer those services as well as anyone then why shouldn’t you get paid for offering specific VA services?

Photoshop in Very High Demand

Everyone understands the versatility of photoshop. But it’s one of those programs that have so many options and advanced features that mastering it can be difficult when you’re starting from scratch.

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Because of what Photoshop can do, and how many of us don’t have the time/patience to learn it, if you’re good at photoshop you will have a LOT of buyers lining up to purchase your gig.

Location-Based Pictures 

Have a lot of nature close by? Woods? Gravel roads? Mountains?

Or do you live in a popular tourist destination like Miami or Las Vegas?

Either way, you have the option to grab high-quality original photos that a client may need/want. In fact, if photography is your hobby, you may already have hundreds of images ready to sell.

Review Writing

To gain traction online, if you’re a seller, you need good reviews. Usually a lot of them.

Plenty of Fiverr gigs involve offering to write detailed reviews. There are so many badly written reviews that if you provide some good ones it’s a couple of minutes of work to get paid for a very simple gig.

Voiceover Work

home voiceover gig

Most of us don’t have the talent to throw out ten different voices.

If you do, then the demand for some quality voiceover work is there. Most scripts are small at 20 to 30 seconds, and you can charge a pretty penny for it.

Even if you’re not a voice actor, you can still get work. Have a very deep voice? Baritone? A high feminine pitch? Depending on the voiceover needs your voice might just be perfect.

A decent microphone and some good recording software is actually surprisingly cheap. Just make sure to set up your recording area away from ambient sounds and go from there.

Video Testimonial

Whether for a blog, a sales page, or a webinar, a good video testimonial is hard to find.

Offer a script. Offer to shoot a script. Over a Fiverr package that does both for a higher fee. A few good video testimonials will not only build you a portfolio but will get rave reviews to help you sprint to that Fiverr Pro status.

Keyword Research

Do you have a subscription to Ahrefs or SEMRush? Or own Longtail Pro?

Many people just starting out with affiliate marketing and building niche sites have too little money, too little time, and something has to go. 

If someone offers a keyword research package using a tool I don’t own, I would absolutely pay for someone to do that for me.

Normally I do my own keyword research. However, I have bought $30 keyword research packages just to see what different tools come up with for low competition keywords.

If you have these tools anyway, why not use them to pay for your subscription? This is a clever Fiverr gig that does really well.

Music Composition/Lyric Needs

YouTube channels, podcasters, and streamers are just a few of the people who need music.

Opening music, closing music, ‘Be Right Back’ break music – these are just a few times when a bit of music composition makes a huge difference.

If you can compose music, you have a skill that is highly sought after. And people expect to pay more than $5 for this type of work.

Translation Services

When you need a language translated, you can’t fake that.

Popular languages have plenty of demand for translation services, but so do less common languages like Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, Romanian, or Tagalog.

If you’re the only one offering translation services for a language, you’re going to get every job looking for that work. Charge per page or per several hundred words and you can have some steady solid translation work coming your way.

Graphic Design

Good graphic work is hard to find.

This goes beyond logos and video illustrations. Custom pictures, custom graphics, taking data and putting them in different charts, all of this is work that is often easier to outsource to an expert rather than learn new skills and do it yourself.

Because of that, these types of Fiverr gigs have plenty of buyers who are happy to pay cash and rate 5-stars to have the graphic work done for them.

Creating Your Own Fiverr Gig Niche

professor puppet fiverr gig

Sometimes the best way to stick out is to create your own new offering. Some of the highest-earning Fiverr gigs are from providers who created something unique and different.

What are some examples of sticking out with a unique gig?

There’s Professor Puppet who has over 4200 five star reviews. He creates messages given by a professor puppet/muppet! In the beginning, only one or two providers did this. Now there are dozens of gigs offering it with hundreds of reviews.

Or, maybe you want your message read in the voice of WWE superstars Hulk Hogan or Macho Man Randy Savage?

There are gigs for returning live fish from the market back to the nearby river, putting prayers/curses out in the world, or digging a buried happy birthday message out from the ground in an Indonesian jungle.

I think my personal favorite is reading a poem to a tree.

Not saying all of these will get you rich – half are doing very well, half just have a handful of orders. But it shows that it can pay to get creative and try out new things.

You never know what could take off in a really big way. 

There are a few basic things to do in order to get more money as a Fiverr provider. 

The first is to never underestimate the power of ratings. You get ranked higher levels when you have a high number of successfully completed jobs and 5-star rankings. The higher the level you get, the more likely buyers are to hire you.

It’s an upward spiral and if you can push to Top Rated Seller or Pro Marketplace status, then you can charge high market rates for top quality work.

So easier said than done, right?

True, but this isn’t impossible.

Ask around and actively pitch your profile to do work for people you know. Always go way above and beyond to get those reviews. And, as a beginner, you might be working cheaper than you like, but you also teach yourself how to set up systems that work.

Don’t give up too early, and don’t be afraid to change up your profile every so often to see if a different description or picture gets more clicks.

What’s the Potential?

Fiverr is an interesting platform. There are many stories of individuals who have made a full-time living on Fiverr or even a small fortune. On the other hand, there are many others who have also struggled to make more than just a few bucks here or there, as well.

While there will be opportunities as well as struggles, that still leaves the question of what the actual potential there is from Fiverr.

The potential for making serious money on Fiverr is actually quite high. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations about how long it will take, the work you need to put in, and what ceilings might exist depending on the services you offer.

What you offer needs to be in high demand and it can take some time to build a reputation that gets the customers lining up for your services.

But serious full-time income is not out of the question.

Just ask Alexandra Fasulo, who makes north of $300,000 a year freelancing on Fiverr. Or this Forbes Article that interviewed three more Fiverr freelancers who make six figures per year.

The top earners will all tell you the same thing.

You need:

  • To work hard
  • Deliver high-quality work
  • Market yourself and push the premium freelance service (or services) that you offer
  • Offer something unique, valuable, or different – and preferably all three

When you can do these things and keep at it, you are far more likely to master how to make money on Fiverr.

Making Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most wide-open marketplaces around when it comes to making money online.

The opportunities are only limited by imagination and willingness to work. If your first listing doesn’t pan out, make some more. There are plenty of opportunities out there. 

While the argument that you can’t get rich $5 at a time certainly holds true, most providers doing well charge much more. Or, they have a very basic service at $5 and more advanced services at higher price points.

There are many roads to making money on Fiverr.

Not only has this article provided you many different paths for creating a profitable side hustle but it should also have you brainstorming even more. There are countless ways to make money on Fiverr.

The first step is just having the courage to sign up, fill out your profile, and just get started!

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