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How to Make a Landing Page Like the Pros


The landing page is the arc de arc de triomphe of any affiliate marketing campaign. It has to stand the test of time yet engage visitors in a way that wows them into diving deeper. Here are some tips on how to make a landing page like the pros and increase your conversion rate.

A landing page, if you don’t know, is a single-page website. The purpose of this website is to capture a visitor’s information through a lead capture form. The landing page is where you’ll be able to get the contacts you need to grow your email list and increase your potential customers. So how do you make a landing page that will do all of this? It comes down to sticking to the basics and diversifying your efforts.

Try Out Multiple Landing Pages

This might sound like a lot of work right out the gate, but stick with me. Having multiple landing pages each containing content tailored to a specific audience creates a larger net to bring in more subscribers. The best way to try out multiple landing pages is to invest in the right tools to make the job easier. I suggest Convertri for ease and experience.

Keep Landing Page Navigation Simple

A landing page is not the place to try out anything new or out of the ordinary when it comes to navigation experience. You need to remove any irrelevant content and make sure all of the content is visible of the screen before the user scrolls below the fold. The most important thing, however, if that you make a landing page that seamlessly guides that user. The user should never have to guess where to click next to buy, subscribe, or get more information. Follow UX best practices to ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success.

Choose Typography That is Respectable

Typography is a way to grow trust. Conversely, it can also be a way to break trust. So, it would make sense then that you must choose the type that you use on your landing page wisely. I recommend sticking to the classics. Helvetia and Arial always convey a clean and concise message that seems trustworthy and intelligent.

Use Your Power Words

Power words are words that your readers can relate to. They typically trigger an emotion and compel an action. Here are some power words that you might know:

  • Unforgettable
  • Embarrassing
  • Forbidden

Utilizing these words in your copy can help keep the reader engaged and “hook” them into your offer. Find more helpful power words here.

Create Scannable Copy for Your Landing Page

Scannable copy allows for readers to easily get the gist of your page. Bullet points and lists can help break up chunks of text and varying font sizes between headers and paragraph bodies can help indicate to the reader the most important parts of the page message. However, don’t rely too heavily on these elements to keep your reader engaged. Make sure the copy is good before you make it scan-friendly.

One Acronym: SEO

It’s important at you improve the chances someone finds your landing page by optimizing for search engines. You want your landing page to show up on SERPs (search engine results pages) so you need to use relevant keywords on the page, in the URL, in the headlines, and in the image alt attributes. This little steps will indicate to search engines what your page is about and who should see it as a search result.

People Look at Landing Pages on Their Phones

A big chunk of your visitors will come to your site via their smartphone. So you need to make sure that your landing page looks good and is easy to navigate for mobile. Optimizing for mobile also conveys that you are a trustworthy and professional as well.

Share Buttons

Share buttons will help visitors share your page to their social media and to their friends and family who might also be interested in what you’re promoting. Landing page builders often have social share buttons as a built in option.

Put the CTA Above the Fold

What do you want people to do when they get to your landing page? Whatever that is, you need to create a clear and specific call to action (CTA) and put it above the fold of the site. Above the fold refers to the screen view before the user has to scroll to see more. This is helpful for visitors because they don’t have to scroll to figure out the next steps.

Find Some Helpful Tools

There are oodles of landing page tools out there that can help you optimizing, streamline, and make a landing page like the pros. I recommend the Groove Funnels tool. The basic version is free and it will help you build an email list, create a funnel, and much more.

Keep these tips in mind when you go to make a landing page and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

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