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How to Find Products on Oberlo: A Beginner’s Guide


We know that it can be tough to make a decision when you’re searching for products to sell online.

We want to remove some of the guesswork that comes with finding a product, and enable you to make data-driven decisions about which products are best for your business.

That’s exactly why we’ve introduced actionable product statistics to all product listings on Oberlo.

In the sections below we’ll look at the data points and features that we’ve added, and explain how to find winning products on Oberlo leveraging them to your advantage.

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How to Find Products on Oberlo Using Data

Here are the data points you should factor into your product selection process:

Star Ratings and Review Counts

When you search for products on Oberlo you’ll see a star rating for every listing which ranges from 0 to 5 stars.

Also, we’ve added the review count – the number of reviews which have been left for each product – next to the star rating.

oberlo star ratings and review

This statistic will help you to gauge how reliable the current star rating is. If, for example, you see that a product has a 5 stars after 100 reviews, you can assume that it’s high quality.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that products which have less reviews are unreliable – they could just be brand new to Oberlo.

Overall the star ratings and review counts will help you to understand how certain products resonate with your target audience – products that you might be thinking about adding to your store.

Order Count

We want you to know the exact number of orders that each product has received whenever you’re searching for new products for your store. This data will help you to gauge just how competitive a product is, and how popular it will likely be with your potential target audience.

When you click on a product listing, you’ll see the order count from the past 6 months.

Oberlo order count

We’ve compiled the data like this to help you understand how the product has performed historically, so you can make better decisions during your selection process.


One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs ask us is: “How can I know how competitive a product is?”

We want to be transparent with every entrepreneur who relies on Oberlo dropshipping, so we’ve added our imports data to our product listings.

This means that whenever you search for a product on Oberlo, you’ll be able to see the exact number of Oberlo merchants who are selling each product on our platform. So, if a product listing shows 100 imports, that would mean that 100 different Oberlo stores have imported that product.

Also, our imports data will help you to better understand just how many entrepreneurs are generating the number of orders that you’ll see in our product statistics.

Supplier Feedback and Longevity 

Identifying a great product is only one step on your path towards becoming operational .

Once you’ve selected a product you want to sell, you’ll need to determine the reliability of the supplier. After all, you want to ensure the products your customers order will be shipped out on-time, arrive on-time, and arrive with all of the items that were ordered. 

Enter Oberlo’s supplier data. 

While viewing products in Oberlo, you can see the positive feedback percentage of suppliers and how long they’ve been active on the platform.Essentially, this data shows just how good a supplier is in terms of communication, shipping speed, and sending items as described.

Pro tip: We recently rolled out variant mapping to all Oberlo users. This feature allows you to reduce stock-outs and replace the products you have with better and cheaper versions based on their availability. You can learn more about variant mapping here.

Summary: How to Find Products on Oberlo

We’ve added all of these data points with one clear goal: to help you to succeed.

There’s a lot that you can learn about a product if you use the data that is present on each listing, so our best advice is to dive into it and start learning.

In summary, here are all the data points that you can use to find winning products on Oberlo:

  1. Analyze star ratings and review counts
  2. Look up the order count for products
  3. See how many times a product has been imported
  4. Check supplier feedback and longevity to find reliable vendors

All of these product statistics are free to use for all Oberlo users. 

If you already have an account, just sign in and access our search function. If you’re new to Oberlo, you can sign up here – it only takes a minute and it’s completely free.

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