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How Shawna Newman Scales and Flips Niche And Authority Sites In 2021


Online marketer Shawna Newman is our guest on the podcast this week.

Shawna is a veteran affiliate marketer, having been full-time in the industry since 2009. She currently has 17 niche sites that are monetized with affiliate offers and display ads, but she also runs the online marketing blog Skipblast.com.

She loves testing new things out on her sites, from building a site with an ads-only strategy to trying out the RPMs of different niches. She also has a ton of experience in flipping websites, building sites on aged domains, and adapting her overall strategies based on data.

Basically, every topic associated with content sites is discussed in this interview – keywords, link building, internal linking, ad networks, and so on. Shawna also shares more about the online marketing courses that she offers over at Digital Authority Academy (6 more courses to be released in 2021).

Check out Shawna’s online marketing courses at Digital Authority Academy.

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Shawna Newman Podcast Interview

Links and resources mentioned in the podcast:

And remember, you can get 20% OFF Shawna’s online marketing courses here using code ‘NichePursuits’ at checkout.


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