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Five Content Types to Engage Social Media Followers


Engage Social Media Followers

Forget sharing a link. Try these post updates instead.

Let’s face it: Many of us love to treat social media platforms as a link dumpster. Day after day, all your audience ever sees is the latest URL pointing to your blog or someone else’s.

Even if this content is highly informative, people often get tired of yet another article due to the repetition and monotony of your sharing efforts.

Let’s look at some powerful things you can share on social media – other than a link – in order to engage social media followers like never before.

Niche Images or Memes

Everyone enjoys a great image, as they have the power to speak louder than words. Regularly share an engaging image with your followers and give them a much-needed break from the usual links.

Even better: Find an animated GIF or the occasional meme. These have exploded in recent years (for good reason) and many websites owe their success to them.

Even if your blog is relatively conservative, the occasional visual will do wonders for your readers. It’s all about matching their personality and understanding them at the very core.

Use sources like Giphy and Pixabay to find suitable visuals for your posts.

Niche News and Fun Facts

Here’s a way to post relatable content regularly: Go to Google News and search for keywords related to your industry.

If your blog is about freelancing and telecommuting, search for everything loosely related and read the latest stories on a weekly basis. Then, provide a quick summary or fact for your followers.

Made-up example: “Did you know that 51% of workers are now telecommuting?” or any other fun fact gathered from the news. You get the idea…

Relatable Quotes

Much like images, people will always embrace creative and thoughtful quotes. They make us laugh, feel good inside, or think about specific subjects on a deeper level. Even better, people love to share these with friends and other followers. So why not engage social media followers with these?

Quotes are especially useful among motivational blog owners, and even those that focus on marketing. In the latter case, you can find memorable quotes from the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and countless other people.

Want to get even more creative? Embed a quote into the aforementioned images to create some powerful, shareable visual content.

Use Humor

Have you noticed that most commercials (on TV and radio) rely on humor? Making people laugh is a natural marketing tactic, even if the average person doesn’t see it that way. It makes them remember the advertiser a bit more and creates a positive correlation between the ad and the product.

Consider the same with your social media updates. Even if your blog is a bit conservative, the best way to relate is by being conversational when appropriate.

Pick from thousands of available jokes or witty lines (they don’t have to be strong or outlandish) and post them as a means of keeping followers loving you (while giving credit where it’s due, of course).

Comment and Ask Questions

engage social media followersWhether you rely on “niche” or general questions outside of your industry, remember that your followers are all human beings. Going off-topic once in a while won’t hurt anyone; instead, it will help them see you from a more positive and relatable perspective.

Ask something about the latest football game, comment on the strong blizzard that refuses to go away in the middle of March, or post something that’s more specific to your industry.

Have you tried tools like Hootsuite and Buffer? These allow you to schedule social media updates throughout the day, or even the entire week/month.

Your Turn

Last and not least, I personally suggest that you post more general updates than actual links (more engaging information, less salesy stuff). Can you share some of your best tactics to engage social media followers?

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