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Cool Blogs With Holographic or Iridescent Design


Blog design has developed so much over the years. Now, there are so many blog design styles and ways that it gets so hard to decide sometimes! If you are looking for a unique and interesting design style, why not try a cool holographic or iridescent design? The holographic design trend is a play with light and, artistically speaking, something we see every day. But, if we put it into our digital products (like our blogs), it creates an interestingly unique style. Technically, a hologram is a photo of light that is scattered from an object and displayed in 3-dimension. The colors are that of a rainbow but palettes could be intensified or simplified. Holographic blog designs are enjoyable to do.

Here are some cool blog samples with holographic or iridescent design styles?

How do you make a holographic design?

There are a lot of resources online that allow you to create a holographic design. Creating a hologram in real life is a bit hard to do, but creating a digital iridescent or holographic design style has its own hacks. In fact, you won’t even need any new tools, apps, or software. Your standard image editing software like Photoshop and Adobe will fare just fine. The easiest way is through creating a gradient map adjustment layer in your original image through Photoshop or Adobe. Most photo editing software has iridescent gradient maps ready for you to use. You can try tutorials on how to create holographic and iridescent gradient designs online.

Websites with Holographic Designs

There are a lot of websites that have holographic designs. But these are some of the best ones. You will notice that some color palettes are light while some others are more intense.

Save the Air

Go Mim

Paper Pillar

Motion Theme Webflow

The Furrow

Iridescent Women 


Holographic Web Design Samples

As you will see in these holographic web design samples, the best way to present a holographic web design is through a 3-dimensional image. These kinds of designs make images look more life-like as if the viewers are seeing them in real life. Do you know how to make these even better? Make moving, 3-dimensional images with holographic designs.

Poster Design Sample Neon Hologram

Holoyou Landing Page Design

Art Collage 2020

Chill Poster Design Sample

Ejects Collection


Holographic Effect and Texture

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