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Best Site Builders in 2023?


Whether you’re a solo blogger or own multiple niche sites, outsourcing your written content to freelance writers or a ‘done-for-you’ content service is undoubtedly one of the best ways to grow and scale your business quickly. However, finding (and keeping) top-notch writers can be a full-time job in itself. So, in this BrandBuilders content services review, I’m testing out the premium content service from BrandBuilders to see if it’s really worth the money.

In this review, I’ll cover:

The pros and cons of using BrandBuilders’ Premium Content service
The quality of the content they produced (with a live example)
Turn around time
Who the BrandBuilders Premium Content service is best for
And more!

If you want to get started immediately, you can check out the content packages from BrandBuilders here. Or, keep reading for the full review.

BrandBuilders Content Services Review

Ease of Use

Turnaround Time

Customer Service



BrandBuilders’ Premium Content packages are a great solution for anyone who wants a hands-off solution to outsourcing their content. They handle everything from writing and editing the content to uploading it to WordPress for you. All of their content is written by humans and is optimized using Frase to help you outrank your competitors.


Completely done-for-you content service
Good quality content
Fast turnaround time
Great customer service
High-quality images are included
Professional editing is included


A little more expensive than other DFY content services
One article was not as optimized as I would have liked

Who are BrandBuilders?

BrandBuilders is a one-stop website management company. This means that they can handle the day-to-day running of your website or blog for you, allowing you to focus on other business areas.

This includes everything from keyword research, writing content, uploading content, building backlinks, and maintenance. All for a monthly fee.

BrandBuilders also offers a Premium Content service, where they provide professionally written content that is designed to rank.

This is what I’ve been testing for the past couple of weeks.

BrandBuilders Content Service Review

For the purpose of this review, BrandBuilders provided me with 6k words of premium content. However, I have promised to give you my honest opinion on the quality of this content. So that, my friends, is what you will get.

I’ve used plenty of freelance writers in the past to write content for my sites. I’ve also tried out platforms like People Per Hour and Upwork for individual articles, and to be honest, it’s always ended up being a lot of work on my end.

Even when the content itself has been good, I have always spent a lot of time optimizing and editing the content until it meets the standards I am looking for.

So I was really excited to try out a truly ‘hands-off’ content service.

What Does The BrandBuilders Content Service Include?

Brand Builders Premium Content service includes:

Done-for-you keyword research
All content is optimized using Frase (check out our Frase review here)
Full editing process
Premium stock photos
Perfect on-page SEO
Uploaded for you

All of the content produced by the Brand Builders team is written by real writers from the ground up, so you can be sure you won’t be getting spun or re-written content. This is always a concern of mine when using writers from Upwork.

I chose to split the 6,000 words of content into three articles. Although BrandBuilders can do the keyword research as part of the package, I chose to provide my own keywords on this occasion, as these keywords have been waiting on my list for a while. For context, I will publish these articles on my interior design blog, Emily May Design, which is my passion project.

These are my keywords and how I split the word count.

Article type: Info. Keyword: Marble vs Quartz – 1400 words
Article type: Listicle. Keyword: Best Interior Design Blogs – 2300 words
Article type: Buying Guide. Keyword: Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture – 2300 words

So this should give you a good idea of the type of content BrandBuilders can create in a variety of different styles.

Content Quality

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content. Each article was assigned to a different writer, and although their writing styles were slightly different, they all tried to sound like me.

Here’s a live example of one of the articles BrandBuilders created for me: The Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture.

This article was my favorite. I could tell the writer had read my blog and worked hard to match my writing style, so I’ll definitely request to use her again if I need any similar articles in the future.

I also loved how she provided useful advice to the readers rather than just re-hashing the product description, like you see in many product reviews.

As well as a product photo for each item in the review, this article also included a lifestyle photo for the featured image, which was a nice touch.

Each article I received included two or three internal links to other relevant content on my site. I was happy with all these and didn’t need to make any changes.

I did make some small tweaks to the introduction of one of the other articles, mainly to make it sound a little more like me. But overall, I was very happy with the quality of the content. I will definitely be using Brand Builders in the future.


BrandBuilders uses Frase to ensure that every piece of content has the best possible chance of ranking.

After signing up to BrandBuilders, I was sent a Google spreadsheet with the details of my content along with a link to a Frase document. It was great to be able to see with my own eyes how optimized each piece of content was and how it stacks up against the competition.

Two of the articles I received were optimized to 78% and 81%, which I was very happy with. We always aim for a Surfer score of over 80% here at Niche Pursuits, and I usually use MarketMuse for content on my own sites.

The third article was only optimized to 63%, which I was a little disappointed with. I ran this through my own MarketMuse account and made some changes to bring the score up.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time was pretty good. I received the first article after three working days and received all three articles within the week. I was happy with the turnaround time, especially considering that this included the editing process.

Since I had requested to upload the articles myself, they sent me the images separately in a zip file a couple of days after I received the articles.

The whole process took around 8 working days, which I thought was great.

Customer Service

The customer service was excellent! The Brand Builders customer area is super easy to use, and once I had ordered my content, I could see the progress of my project in the dashboard.

Khaled from BrandBuilders was very responsive and always answered my emails quickly when I had questions. He also sent me a link to a Google Sheet, which allowed me to see the progress of my articles, who they were assigned to, the Frase data, and even comments from the editor. This was very reassuring, as I could literally see every step of the process.

Brand Builders Content Service Review: The Pros and Cons

As with everything, working with a ‘Done-for-you’ content service will have its upsides and downsides. Here are some of the pros and cons I noticed during my experience with Brand Builders.


Completely done-for-you content service

Good quality content

Fast turnaround time

Great customer service

High-quality images are included

Professional editing is included


A little more expensive than other DFY content services

One article was not as optimized as I would have liked


The pricing for Premium Content starts at $180 for 2,000 words. That’s $0.09 per word.

This includes:

Done-for-you keyword research
All content is run through Frase
Full editing process
Premium stock photos
Perfect on-page SEO
Uploaded for you

You also have the option to subscribe for three months at a total cost of $480, which gives you 2,000 words per month, bringing the price down to $0.08/word.

BrandBuilders also offers an unlimited revisions guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the content, you can request as many revisions as you want to get it right.

Who is BrandBuilders’ Content Service Best Suited To?

This done-for-you content service is ideal for niche site owners, bloggers, and online business owners who want high-quality content that’s designed to rank without the hassle.

Because BrandBuilders offers a completely hands-off service, once you have ordered a content package, you can focus on other areas of your business while they take care of the entire content process.

Other Services from BrandBuilders

As well as providing premium content packages, BrandBuilders also offer a range of other services, including:

Managed website services: Full website management for as little as $1,500 per month
Backlinks: White-hat guest post link building starting from $80 per link
Pre-made affiliate sites: Fully indexed sites that are ready to start making money
Custom affiliate sites: The team at BrandBuilders will turn your niche site idea into a money-making website
WordPress speed optimization
Amazon Associates site audit: From $120 per site

So whatever your needs, you can manage everything from your BrandBuilders dashboard.

You can also check out our other BrandBuilders Review if you want to find out more about buying a done-for-you affiliate site.

The Verdict

So… is the BrandBuilders premium content service worth the money?


Although BrandBuilders is a little more expensive than some competitors in the blog management services space, it offers great value to anyone looking for a hands-off solution to outsourcing their content.

It works out at around $80 for 1,000 words, but when you consider the cost of paying a freelance writer, an editor, a subscription to Frase or Surfer, and the price of premium stock photos, it’s actually excellent value. Plus, it’s completely hands-off, so it can save you hours of time (and stress!) every week uploading and optimizing your content.

How to Order Content from Brand Builders

Ordering a content package from BrandBuilders is refreshingly easy. All you need to do is choose the package you want, select any add-ons you want to purchase (such as link building), and you can pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Once you’ve done this, you will be taken to the client portal, where you can fill out more details. If you want to choose your own keywords, you can add them here. You can also select the types of content you want them to create and add any notes for the content team.

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