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Announcing the SPI Media YouTube Channel! – Smart Passive Income


We’ve got big news! SPI Media just launched its very own YouTube channel!

Wait, you’re saying—doesn’t SPI already have a YouTube channel? Well, yeah, Pat Flynn has a successful YouTube channel with nearly 300,000 subscribers and more than ten years of awesome videos. So it’s more accurate to say that we’re expanding our YouTube strategy. The SPI Media YouTube channel is our new destination for in-depth educational content for entrepreneurs. In this post I’m going to explain how the channel came about, and why you should consider tuning in!

Why We Started a New YouTube Channel

So why start a new YouTube channel for SPI? After all, Pat Flynn has been producing great content on his own channel for over ten years. Why not build on what we’ve got?

The short answer is that it didn’t make sense.

Entrepreneurs have tons of questions about very specific things, and sometimes the best way to help them out is via video—for instance, a video that shows you how to tag your subscribers in ConvertKit. So we wanted to find the best way to share video content that could help people with specific business challenges and opportunities. 

But Pat’s channel isn’t the best fit for those kinds of videos. Pat’s videos are designed to appeal to a broad audience, and they capitalize on Pat’s personality.  We realized that in order to avoid diluting the focus of Pat’s channel, it made more sense to create a new one.

That’s why the new SPI YouTube channel is designed to be less personality focused and more of a resource library. It’s aimed at helping people answer detailed questions, resolve technical issues, and make the most of specific business platforms.

And finally, Pat’s channel is Pat’s channel. We wanted to start tapping into our internal resources—our team—a lot more, to create great business-building content. And a new channel was the perfect way to do that!

The Nuts and Bolts of the New Channel

So what can you expect from the new SPI Media YouTube channel?

As I just mentioned, the aim of the channel is to provide a breadth of content that addresses specific needs and questions—a library of entrepreneurial resources, if you will. It’s where you’ll find business-building videos on the topics that fall into SPI’s key educational subject areas. We’ll be helping people with everything from email marketing to self publishing books, to affiliate marketing, to podcasting, and more.

Many of the videos will be organized into playlists to guide you step-by-step through different topics and processes.

We kicked off the channel with a foundational video from Pat on each of ten different learning areas, and you can find those videos on the channel now. Each video is designed to be a kickoff point for beginners. From there, we’ll be releasing new videos on each topic that get more specific.

Here’s a preview of two of the foundational videos we’ve posted so far. The first one is the intro video for our Online Courses track.

5 Tips for Successfully Selling Online Courses

This next one kicks off the Membership Communities playlist that we’ll be adding to over time.

How to Start a Membership Community

So look out for much more in each of the playlists in the channel very shortly!

We also have a wealth of expertise on our team that we’ll be leaning on to build the channel content, so let’s talk about that next!

Who’s Behind the SPI YouTube Channel—and Where It’s Going

So who’s behind this brand-new channel? Well, you’re still going to see a lot of Pat, along with Mindy, our solutions manager. Mindy has been a key team member behind the scenes for several years. She manages a whole bunch of technical stuff for SPI, and has a ton of knowledge on the software systems that make our website, email list, and overall business run smoothly.

You’ll start seeing other members of Team SPI contributing, too, whether it’s Caleb on video production, or Matt on business fundamentals, or Karen and Ray on content creation. 

This all means an even greater wealth of great educational content coming your way! So look out for new playlists to help people get onboarded to the tools we use at SPI Media, whether that’s Teachable, Convertkit, Circle, or the many other platforms and systems we use and trust.

How We’re Growing the Channel—and How You Can Help!

Our team is excited about growing this channel to create a valuable entrepreneurial resource library where you can get specific questions answered.

But truthfully, it still takes a lot of work to grow a new YouTube channel, even for an established brand like SPI. Even a bigger brand like ours has to start from scratch on YouTube. We’re not going to get a lot of views or a ton of subscribers at the very beginning. We’ve still got to earn our stripes, so to speak.

How are we planning on doing that?

First off, we’re trying to use search traffic to grow the channel and bring more people into the brand. When you start a new YouTube channel, it’s all about making content that people are searching for—that’s how you get your first chunk of views and start ranking well. So each video we make is optimized for specific keywords that people are searching for on the platform.

It also helps to make a series of videos related to the same thing, so that YouTube will group the videos together. For instance, if you make a series of videos about email marketing that people watch in a certain order, the YouTube algorithm will start to understand that and present the series in that order to attract new viewers.

All that’s to say that we’re doing what we can on the back end—but we also need our superfans to help this channel succeed… 

Subscribe to the SPI YouTube Channel

We know that creating great content is only half the battle—getting it in front of people is the other half. We’re also going to be asking our fans on social media, in the SPI Pro community, via our email list, and elsewhere, to subscribe, like, and comment, to help us grow the channel.

And it goes without saying that we’d love for you, dear reader, to tune in and subscribe to the SPI Media YouTube channel! As I’ve hopefully laid out in this post, it’s where you’ll find a wealth of (free!) resources to help you get started with different opportunities and platforms, and take your business to new heights.

We know how powerful video can be as a learning tool, and this new channel will give you a helping hand to start exploring new opportunities and optimizing existing parts of your business. Curious about affiliate marketing but don’t know how to get started? Want to start using ConvertKit to grow your email list? We’ve got you covered.

And of course we’ll be consistently adding new, in-depth content to the channel.

So go check out SPI Media on YouTube and hit that subscribe button! We’ll see you over there.

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