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All the Hilarious Takeaways from Former President Trump’s Personal Blog


For decades, we all know that Former President Trump has an active online presence. It is no surprise that the man has his own blog. Trump’s personal blog was launched and made famous after the former president was banned from various social media platforms late last year. He and his team found a great way to continue his online presence through creating his personal blog. Since the blog is fairly new, it is no surprise that it may need some tweaks here and there. Here are a few good things to learn about Trump’s personal blog:

Stay true to your theme

The idea and concept of the Trump Blog is to “Save America”. As the blog claims, the content usually focuses on free speech, law and order, fairness, and more. The patriotic concept is equally matched by the patriotic theme. From the button colors, to the typeface style and shade, the color palette chosen for this blog truly reflects the goals of the website. The logo is also a simplistic way to show patriotism. Kudos as well to the minimalist theme of the blog with a patriotic blue font color against a simple white background. It is easy to read, and helps readers really focus on the content more than the design.

Social media is a good source of organic traffic

Everyone is on social media and people really spend lots of time browsing through it. Usually, this is where blogs get significant organic traffic. People may share your post on their newsfeeds for their friends, and their friends, to read. However, bloggers can also create social media pages as support for their blogs. This way, users may be able to keep their readers and followers updated of their new content.

Many SEO experts have noted that Trump’s lack of online presence affects the performance of his blog. They have claimed that Trump find a difficult time winning back audiences since he was banned from various social networks previously. Without people linking back to his blog, and without his social media pointing back to his new posts, it is like ‘shouting into the void’ as one expert claims. In fact, his blog is not exactly performing that great.

Well thought out blog layouts are essential for UX

Anyone visiting the Donald Trump Blog will notice that the posts don’t really have titles. For readers, this may be confusing as they wouldn’t really know what the gist or content of the post. Remember, the titles contain important keywords that will help a website rank on SERP. This is basic SEO knowledge. The lack of a title defeats this purpose. On top of that, blog formatting and layouts are very important for user experience. Good layouts lead readers to read on and browse through the website through internal links. If there are no titles to the posts, then readers would find it hard to choose which post to start reading. If they don’t choose a place to start reading, then they won’t be able to fully explore the greatness of your blog.

From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem that the Trump keeps writing his posts as if he is posting on Twitter. It is important to remember that the format of Twitter versus a personal blog as a platform to release information are totally different.

Crashing affects traffic significantly

Just recently, Former President Trump’s blog crashed after he let out some serious claims on election fraud. No explanation was released regarding the matter on why the website suddenly crashed but there are a variety of possible reasons behind this. One of the possible reasons, and quite a common cause, is the website may have been hacked. Cybercriminals can make money with a compromised website. So always make sure that your website is secure.

Another possible reason is a sudden influx of visitors. Following a really hot and controversial post from the former president, people may have flocked the post to get a glimpse of his lengthy rant about the issue. If there are more users trying to access the website all at once, it might take longer to respond.

Another common and possible cause for the crash would be errors. It may be from the host, from the domain, from the service provider, plugins, extensions, the code itself and whatnots. Keep your website well-maintained to avoid crash-causing errors. For anyone who wants to create a personal blog, always remember that crashing significantly affects internet traffic. No reader likes to visit websites that are slow and crashes often.

Juicy is hot commodity

It is always great to write about the latest, and the juiciest, topics that are going on in the world right now. Everyone likes reading about people spilling the tea, even if it is about politics. However, if a blogger creates a post about a juicy topic but makes it all about himself, it becomes less attractive to readers. In fact, it becomes borderline whiny. Always keep this in mind.

So there we go, hoping everyone learned a little bit about this review of Former President Trump’s personal blog and become better, non-whiny, bloggers in the future.

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