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Alexa SEO is Real, Here’s What You Need To Know


If you are an avid Amazon shopper, it is impossible that you would not know who Alexa is. Basically, Alexa was designed to be a voice-activated, conversational virtual assistant inspired by multiple science fiction films in the past. The idea is, you can ask Alexa to do searches for you. Just like any tool on the internet, bloggers and website owners vie for its attention for better ranking in search engines.

Alexa SEO may seem like a fairly new concept but it is something that bloggers and website owners must be able to maximize. Since a lot of people, especially in the US rely on voice commands than searching for something on their mobiles or computers, getting Alexa to recognize you is highly beneficial.

Understanding Alexa’s skills

If you want to rank in Alexa’s database, it is important to know what kind of skills the virtual assistant has. This way, you can easily target your keywords to its SEO algorithms. Generally, Amazon Alexa SEO is very similar to Amazon SEO. And in any SEO, keyword search is vital in your online presence.

Alexa has a wide range of unbelievable skillsets. You can ask it a question then it will provide you with an answer. It can check the weather for you. Creating to-do lists, calendar inputs, and alarms is one of its skill highlights. Since 2020, Alexa can tell users traffic conditions and even directions.

The question is, how can you make Alexa recognize your website?

What is the Alexa Rank?

The Alexa Rank uses estimated site traffic and visitor engagement in a three-month range. Getting a rank on Alexa SEO is quite hard and may need some major changes on a website (which are not necessarily great for user experience). But Alexa ranks has various uses.

One interesting thing about ranking in Amazon’s Alexa is the fact that the virtual assistant just pulls up information from the internet. She was designed to gather information from established sources to provide accurate answers. This means if you have a hefty presence in popular review websites like Yelp and Yext, the chances that Alexa pulls you up are high.

Again, we rely on the skills that Alexa has. The only way that Alexa could recognize a (non-commerce) website is to answer questions from its users. If your blog ranks in the lower one million, chances are high that Alexa would use your content as a reference. More often than not, its answers may be limited by its “preferred websites” like WolframAlpha, Wikipedia, Accuweather, and the like.

Why use Alexa SEO?

Why is it important for us to use Alexa rank if we don’t get pulled up by the virtual assistant at all? One answer – ad selling. Alexa analytics computed rank based on internet traffic and user interaction. This is already a good measure of performance for many ad marketers. If your ranking on Alexa is good, then a lot of ad marketers would want to work with your website.

Also, Alexa’s website analytics tool is completely free. This could be very useful for small-scale bloggers as you can check the performance of your website if you don’t want to spend big money on analytics. So, even if Alexa cannot necessarily pull you up for the users to recognize, its analytics still has a lot of benefits for bloggers.

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How to use Alexa SEO?

Using Alexa SEO is similar to the SEO of any search engine. Although it is more similar to Amazon’s SEO, the general ideas are the same. Here are some tips to consider on how to use Alexa SEO:

  • Maximizing Alexa Brower Extension – One way for Alexa to recognize your blog is when users with this extension visit your site.
    • The extension does not really do much for the website but you can find ways to somehow manipulate it.
    • This extension records every IP address that visits a certain website. So make sure to visit your (own) website via different devices to add up to your website’s “interactions”.
  • Publish high-quality content – for any SEO this is a basic must-do.
  • Link building from Authorative sites – Alexa has a list of established websites it gets its sources from, it is good to also build links from here (via guest blogging) and to these sites as well.
  • Social media presence – sharing content on social media just gets more traffic into a website. Chances are

Alexa Rank accuracy

Well, one thing is for sure, Alexa SEO is not as accurate. Since its coverage is not as wide as search engines, it cannot really cover all websites on the internet. Alexa rank and Alexa SEO are easier to use for e-commerce websites, restaurant websites, and such. This is because customer input on review websites included in Alexa’s preference list is valued by its algorithm. Use Alexa rank to your advantage and still aim for good rankings.

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