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A Full Service Content Provider


Hands Off Publishing is a full-service content provider for bloggers, websites, and other publishers.

Not only do they write content for you, but they take care of basically all the other aspects of creating and publishing a post.

They do the keyword research, post uploading and formatting, adding images, and assuring quality, making the content creation process truly hands off!

I’ve ordered a single 2000 word article to try out and review Hands Off Publishing.

The Content Publishing Process

content writing and uploading service

Because Google loves and rewards sites that continue to produce fresh content, there is always the pressure to be publishing.

As all site owners know, creating content takes up the bulk of our time. Also, there is so much more to it than simply writing the content!

The standard steps to creating and publishing content include:

  • keyword research
  • writing the content
  • ensuring the content is SEO friendly and optimized
  • checking for plagiarism (if it has been outsourced)
  • uploading the content to WordPress (or other CMS)
  • formatting and editing the content
  • adding images and/or video embeds
  • adding internal and external links
  • final publishing

These tasks are often done by multiple different people working for a site. This might include a dedicated writer/s, an uploader/formatter, and an editor. That is if you’re not doing everything yourself!

For smaller sites in the earlier stages, the common scenario is to outsource the content creation but to do all the other tasks yourself. While this takes care of the most time-consuming aspect, the rest of the publishing process still takes a lot of time and effort.

Hands Off Publishing takes content service to the next level.

It’s a different kind of content service because they offer these services in one package. There is one price that includes everything from keyword research to publishing.

Hands Off Publishing

full service content publishing

So what exactly do you get when you order content from Hands Off Publishing?

Firstly, you are going to get the content!

If you’ve ordered 10,000 words made up of four 1000 word articles and two 3000 word articles, then that’s what you’re going to get.

The content will be: 

  • Keyword researched using Ahrefs or SemRush
  • Edited using Grammarly and Copyscape
  • Relevant images included
  • Uploaded to WordPress
  • Ready to push publish

And you can expect all of this within the guaranteed fulfillment time.

Hands Off Publishing offer up to 3 revisions on all articles and posts. They really want you to be satisfied with the product and will go out of their way to ensure you’re happy.

What’s left for you to do in the publishing process?

  • Add internal links (Link Whisper makes this a breeze)
  • Add external links

You may also need to make some final tweaks to make sure the post is formatted according to your site’s SOPs.

No doubt, if you were working with Hands Off Publishing long term, or completing a large order, they would want to learn how you prefer things to be formatted.

Who Is The Service For?

Anyone who requires web content should take a closer look at Hands Off Publishing.

Whether that’s for an affiliate or e-commerce website, an online magazine or news site, or any other online publisher.

Niche and authority sites are a particularly good match with Hands Off Publishing because they are experienced in writing product reviews and comparisons. They know the ins and outs of what site owners require.

What are the other options?

There are several different types of content outsourcing services and methods:

  • Sites like Textbroker: where you select your author based on level of skill and pay rate – a very hands-on method
  • Other content agencies: who focus only on writing the content and emailing it through in doc form
  • Hire a freelancer writer: for flexible options and hope they stick around after training
  • Hire a full-time writer: for a more permanent solution

The best results tend to come from investing in writers and editors for the long-term. However, the process of finding the right person and inducting them into your business takes time, money, and energy.

Often, you can spend all that time looking for and training someone up only to have them go quiet or quit after a short period.

Hands Off Publishing’s service is interesting because they fulfill many functions. What they offer is somewhere in between simply ordering content and hiring a full-time writer/editor.

Surprisingly, the price is comparable or even cheaper than content services that only write content without the extras we’ve been discussing.


hands off publishing pricing

The Hands Off Publishing pricing structure is very straightforward.

All of the features are included with every package, so you’re not having to pay more for keyword research or uploading and formatting. There’s no upselling.

The price is very cheap, especially when you consider all the functions they’re fulfilling:

  • Tester article: 3.8 cents per word for a 1000 words
  • Baby content package: 3.5 cents per word for 10,000 words
  • Kickstart content package: 3.3 cents per word for 25,000 words
  • Authority content package: 3 cents per word for 50,000 words
  • Exclusive option: 4.7 cents per word for premium content

This full-service content publishing model is somewhat unusual, but it’s exactly what many site owners need.

If you’re not ready to hire and train up a writer and editor yourself, Hands Off Publishing might be the service you’re looking for.

  • Over 420+ step-by-step over the shoulder “blueprint” video courses with full lesson notes.
  • 150+ Copy / paste marketing templates, automations, landing pages, workflow systems, hiring plans and more.
  • Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to give to your team so they can execute for you.
  • An active community of elite marketers you can turn to for advice, motivation and partnerships.

View Full Course Details

Ultimately, it’s about freeing up your time from the things others can do, so that you can focus on where you are of most value in your business.

Ordering Content

I’ve ordered a piece of content to test out Hands Off Publishing. It’s for the keyword ‘chainsaw kickback’.

It’s a ‘tester article’ which is usually 1000 words, but I asked if we could buy 2000 words instead to get more of a test. Also, the other articles ranking for this term have between 1500 and 2000 words, so I’d like to match them.

The topic is a serious one as it can be a life-and-death scenario. It needs to be a full, well-written, and accurate article. Chainsaw kickback is when a chainsaw suddenly rears up – it causes many serious injuries each year, and even death.

To start the order process, it’s just a case of clicking on the desired package and paying for it. My only complaint here is that I wasn’t able to pay using PayPal and could only use a credit card!

Once paid for, I received the usual confirmation emails along with a link to fill out the ‘content form.’

hands off publishing content service

The content form asks the following questions:

  • What is your niche?
  • What is your website (optional)?
  • How would you like your words to be delivered? If you have ordered 10,000 words, for example, do you want ten 1000 word posts or two 5000 word posts?
  • Would you like us to do the research for you? Presumably, if you answer yes, they will take a look at your website and niche and decide upon target keywords from there. If you answer no, there is a box to write in keywords and headings. For this tester post I’ve given the keyword ‘chainsaw kickback’ and some of the headings I’d like to be covered.
  • What tone would you like your content to be written in? I mentioned the seriousness of the topic and the importance of accuracy.
  • What type of content are you looking for? This is where the type of post can be stated. Review, info-content, listicle, etc. The type of post is usually pretty obvious by the keyword, but it’s an opportunity to expand on what you want.
  • Anything else you’d like to add? I shared a couple of posts from low DR sites that are ranking well for this term and whose position I’d like to take.
  • Shall we get this order started? If the order is fairly straightforward (as mine is), then there’s no reason why not! This is just one article, after all. Alternatively, you can request to speak with a content manager to work through further details.

For my article on ‘Chainsaw Kickback’ I gave a minimal amount of guidance, simply stating a few areas I’d like covered. Things like ‘how to avoid chainsaw kickback,’ which, no doubt, they would have covered anyway.

I submitted the form and waited for the content to come back.

The Results

hands off publishing services

Before the 5 day delivery period was up, I had the 2000+ word article ready to review in a Google Doc.

The article that came back was very good.

I can usually tell if I’m going to be happy with a post right from the introduction, and I must say this one was far better than average!

The post was informative and helpful. It really answered the topic at hand and covered all the bases, going beyond the suggestions I had made.

It struck the right tone when dealing with such a serious topic, knowing that people will be using this information to better understand and use dangerous equipment.

The article was also written at a reasonably technical level so as to not speak down to those who already know something (and aren’t stupid), while not overly complicating the matter.

It’s also no surprise, given the writer got all that right, that the article was also very good grammatically. There were no spelling or punctuation errors to fix up at all.

I usually end up making a lot of edits to a post before publishing, but I published this one as it was. Literally, the only changes I made to the content were to some of the headings (because I like them short)! 

The only other things I had to do were:

  • add some extra images and video embeds
  • add some external and internal links
  • fill out the Yoast SEO info

It is very rare to have to do so little!

Hands Off Publishing Review

get content written and uploaded

The experience that I had buying a single article and working with Hands Off Publishing was very good.

Overall they were easy to deal with, did what they said they would, and the content exceeded my expectations. The article I got back on chainsaw kickback is genuinely helpful and something I’m proud to have on my site.

The benefit of having a content agency do all the extra bits like uploading and formatting also saved time and was really nice!

Having images added, the post uploaded and formatted, and knowing it’s already been checked by Grammarly and Copyscape is great.

The straightforward and transparent pricing also made the process a breeze. Including the full service in the one price saves any confusion and allows you to get on with it.


  • Well written content
  • Uploaded and formatted
  • A very fair price
  • More like having a writer/editor
  • Good communication


  • No user area/dashboard (see update below)
  • Just one buying option under 10,000 words (see update below)
  • The content form could become difficult to fill out for large orders
  • Couldn’t pay with PayPal

The cons I’ve listed here are all minor things.

A user dashboard can be quite helpful especially when dealing with large orders. It’s nice to have somewhere to log into to see what you’ve ordered and what stage things are at. Currently, all communication is through email and forms.

I imagine it is also likely that Hands Off Publishing will add such features in the future. They are a relatively new company after all!

And while the ‘tester article’ is the only option under 10,000 words, this will help them to focus on clients who are ready to invest in their sites.

UPDATE: Since publishing, we’ve been notified there are options to purchase articles in smaller amounts by increasing the quantity of 1k words on the checkout page. Additionally as anticipated, we’ve been notified a user dashboard is coming to Hands Off Publishing in April 2021.

If you are ready to invest in your site, why not try out a tester article yourself?

If you haven’t had the experience of getting an article written, uploaded, and ready to publish in WordPress, you’ve got to give it a go! Try it out and see if it’s something you could get used to.

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