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8 Types of Blog Posts For Those Who Don’t Like Writing


types of blog posts

It’s Sunday night, you have a deadline tomorrow and the tea (or sometimes Redbull) sits by the table. You are poised to write about something for the weekday so your blog doesn’t look devoid of content or creativity. However, when you finally rest your fingertips on the keyboard ever so lightly, no words come out. You then realize that writing may not be the best choice you made for your blog so you start considering other types of blog posts.

We’ve all been there at one point or another. Writing seems fun until your brain betrays you and starts looking for distractions on YouTube in the form of animal videos. If that happens every time, then you maybe it’s time you should consider other types of blog posts.

While it’s true that writing is one of the most effective ways to attract Google’s (or your audience’s) attention in search engine optimization (SEO), it’s not for everyone. So, we’ve compiled a list of other kinds of blog posts you can try is wordsmithing is not for you.


This one’s pretty clever to a certain extent. You basically allot a quote section for your blog and look for them online, compile them, credit them well, and that counts as a post. It’s one of the most effortless ways to make a written blog post without actually writing. Plus, you get to trick Google’s algorithm especially if you hit past 1000-words.

However, it will likely not pass at all as original content in a search engine’s eyes since it’s all over the internet. It’s just a quote post, after all. That means it will never be a good substitute for regular writing. There is, however, a way to make posts like this more unique: instead of copying and pasting quotes found in the annals of literature and history, quote movie/TV lines instead. The chances are, they are not as widespread in use as traditional quotes from great people.


A picture says a thousand words and can be better for the impatient. It just so happens that there’s no shortage of impatient people on the internet these days. That’s why image galleries can be great as posts– more so if they tell stories or are original. This is already a given for photography or even travel blogs.

Now, if your blog is neither, you can still resort to other types of imagery such as infographics. These are also a great way to present facts perhaps even better than a written post can. Last but not least, there are the usual meme posts which are brief but are guaranteed to go viral. Take your pick and let the pics do the talking.


types of blog posts

By now, videos are a tried and tested medium of information and entertainment on the internet. To be fair, they always have been ever since the television took off many decades ago. However, internet videos allow users themselves to create their own channel, meaning anyone can make their own videos just as how anyone can be a blog writer.

Seeing the pattern here? In that regard, videos are perhaps the closest and best substitute for written content or choice for bloggers. Like written content, they have many variations (these are not all of them):

  • Interviews
  • Vlogs
  • Compilations/’Best of’ videos
  • Reactions
  • Web series
  • Comedy
  • Unboxing
  • How-to videos
  • Reviews

While you can also make written content about those above, videos are somewhat more appealing because you use more than one sensory organ for viewing them. The downside is that they take more effort than writing.

Surveys, Quizzes, and Polls

The only way your audience can participate in a traditional written content is through the comment section. This is definitely not the best way to engage your subscribers. For a more in-depth and effortless post that lest your audience join the discussion better, surveys, quizzes, and polls can do a better job.

Assuming you can make any of these three interesting enough for your audience to finish answering them, you can make a post out of them. In any case, it’s easy to find something people are interested in. A quick look at what’s trending should be enough: favorite sports teams, political leanings (can get messy), or even meta surveys involving your blog (like what should you do next) should work.


types of blog posts

Another way you can increase the engagement from your audience is by being generous with them. Well, not exactly too generous since you’ll be hosting a contest with a free giveaway to whoever wins. The contest could be anything from challenges, raffles, or whatever creative viral or artistic activities you can imagine.

Even better, if your contest involves submissions of work (like fan art or videos) then you can upload them (provided you make that clear). Basically, that’s like having guests do content on your website. For this to happen, you need to have your own loyal followers and they have to be substantial in size. If not, then freebies can do the job and might even attract random people on the internet.

Original Art

This is one of the types of blog posts which require you being an artist or a creative. We all are, anyway, but sometimes creating art can be as difficult (or even more difficult) than written content. Even so, there are visual artists who may prefer doing that to writing and that’s alright. In addition to your own DeviantArt page, you can also publish some of your visual work on your blog or own website.

The same can be said for any comic book artist. Comic strips are all the rage these days and you can even remove the text so they can be retrofitted into new memes. Sometimes even Twitch drawing sessions can be uploaded in a blog and generate good views and engagement. All in all, you don’t have to confine yourself to writing if visual art is more your forte.

Audio posts

types of blog posts

Like videos, audio is one of the most versatile types of blog posts. Case in point are podcasts which are essentially pre-recorded (or sometimes live) radio programs. On their own, podcasts can have many different sub-types, these can be (but not limited to):

  • Educational
  • Interviews
  • Commentaries
  • News
  • Stories
  • Talks

Beyond podcasts, you can also do teleseminars for marketing which is great if you have a partner business. If you’re more of a musician, then definitely include snippets of your voice or song covers.

Guest posts

When all has been said an done, you don’t even have to do the hard work yourself. If you have the capital or the partners, you can request or compensate for guest posts. These are content which other people or bloggers do for your website or blog. As such, it can be anything, even written work if you hate writing that much.

Sometimes, you can even ask for help from some of the more established bloggers to help you inflate your audience size. Both of you will benefit from this but bear in mind that one of the goals of your guest bloggers would be to grab some of your traffic into their site. That means you’ll also need to add some of your own blog posts in addition to the guest posts. Anyway, you don’t have to stick to one format, it’s better to try them all out to see which works well for your blog!

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