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5 Unique Blog Niche Examples


Unique Blog Niche Examples

Tired of the usual and oversaturated relationship/lifestyle/food/travel blog niches? We don’t blame you.

There are simply too many blogs about the same niches that there’s only a sliver of possibility you can profit from any of these niches with a brand new site.

You could try and find examples of successful affiliate marketing blogs for inspiration. But if you’re looking for a niche that is a cut above the rest, you’re in the right place.

Below are blog niches that will help set your site apart. Due to the relatively low organic competition from these niches, it’ll be much easier for you to succeed and earn money sooner than later.

Grant Writing

This type of writing is similar to fiction-writing in more ways than one. You must tap into your creativity to compel organizations to provide you with the necessary resources for developing your cause.

At the same time, you need to temper your creative juice to help you write proposals geared towards convincing decision-makers about your sound ideas.

From developing business proposals to creating a pitch deck, the grant writing niche should provide you with all the tools to help you close out more grants.

And in terms of making money from this niche, you can join grant writing affiliate programs and promote them in all your posts. You can even promote adjacent writing courses as long as they’re related to grant or proposal writing. Better yet, you can create your grant writing course, culminating the knowledge you’ve acquired about the topic from your time managing the site.

Guest Blogging

Much has been said about guest blogging. So much that marketers don’t even know fact from fiction.

“Is guest blogging dead?”

“If the site has a high “DR” or “DA” but has zero traffic, should I still guest post on that site?” “Seriously, I read somewhere that guest blogging is dead — is it?”

And don’t get me started on spammy cold email pitches.

Due to the false information and terrible practices that have become the norm in guest blogging, why not use this opportunity and create a niche site that promotes its best practices?

From guest blogging tactics to cold email tactics, there are many topics to elaborate on in this niche.

And when it comes to monetizing your blog, there are two possibilities you can take:

  1. Offer guest blogging as a service. Since you already know guest blogging from the inside out, you might as well take a stab at helping clients do their guest posting the right way.
  2. Promote blogging courses. While courses about choosing a blogging platform and building one from the ground up are not necessarily about guest blogging, they are related enough for you to join the affiliate programs of top blogging courses and promote them on your site.

You can even do both if you have the bandwidth and passion for the topic.

Live Chat

Live chat has revolutionized how customers and brands interact with each other.

Instead of waiting for days for businesses to respond to the email you sent, they can now respond to you in a matter of seconds.Live chat has become a personalized communication channel that provides infinite possibilities to brands everywhere.

At the same time, new live chat software and resources have emerged to provide businesses features and options to revolutionize their communication strategy from gathering feedback to delivering survey forms for site visitors.

Adding up all these things makes the live chat niche one to watch.

From creating a live chat from scratch to suggesting the best tools to use, you can create a site that serves as the hub for all things live chat.

Once you have generated lots of traffic from this site, you can monetize it by joining affiliate programs of tools you’ve been promoting. From here, expect your review, comparison, and roundup posts about these tools to earn you money down the road!

Tech Troubleshooting

People love technology, but the feeling isn’t mutual all the time.

Finagling your way around the latest or even old technology could lead to frustration and smashed computer screens and phones thrown onto the floor.

Kidding aside, this is another blog niche opportunity that you can target.

In particular, find tools that people have lots of questions about. Create content that answers these questions complete with screenshots and videos to provide valuable and useful content for all.

For example, there are far too many Microsoft Outlook issues that people are having problems with. Research question keywords for blog post ideas that you answer with your content.

Once you have the content plan in place, below are ways you could do to monetize your niche:

  1. Join the Microsoft 365 for Business affiliate program and promote it on the site.
  2. Join affiliate programs of Microsoft Outlook alternatives and promote that instead (assuming that the issues of Microsoft Outlook are too much to overlook).
  3. Generate enough traffic to leverage on ads.

Again, you can combine all three monetization tactics to profit from the site even more. But if that’s the case, consider pivoting your niche from Microsoft Outlook to a broader topic such as email client software.

Social Media Tools

There’s a lot of sites that detail the best web hosting platforms, email marketing software, and SEO tools. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dedicated site that primarily reviews social media software.

Whatever the reason may be, this is another opportunity for marketers to take advantage of.

Social media management and scheduling is a staple among site owners looking to increase brand awareness by tapping into the users of respective social media sites. And to do that, they’d need an app that allows them to manage all their profiles under a single dashboard.

Aside from Hootsuite and Buffer, both of which are mainstays in the social media tool niche, there are lots of other tools that came into the spotlight years ago. Most of them aren’t only arguably much better than the tools mentioned above but they also have affiliate programs that you can join and profit from.

For example, Agorapulse has one of the easiest social media tools to use in the market. On top of that, it has an invite-only partner program that pays out 15% for every successful referral.

Of course, other social media platforms have programs you can join freely, but this is just an example of a premium tool you can promote in this niche.


The suggestions above are fine on their own and you should proceed to develop a site with these niches in mind. However, the point is also to try and swim against the current to find even more profitable niches.

By trying to stay as unique as possible in your search for blog niches, you can stumble upon ideas with even lower competitors but high demands. It’s just a matter of keeping an open mind and considering every possibility out there as a niche idea.

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