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5 Podcast Name Generator Tools You Need In 2022: Find the Perfect One!


Choosing a podcast name can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Using a podcast name generator can be a quick and simple solution to finding the perfect name for your podcast! 

When naming your podcast, there are important factors to consider:

  • Topic
  • Audience
  • Relevant keywords

How do you come up with a podcast name?

What are good names for podcasts?

How does a podcast name generator work and is it a good option?

We’ll answer these questions, plus, you’ll learn about 5 podcast name generators to choose a great name for your podcast show.

Let’s go!

5 Podcast Name Generators to Pick the Perfect Show Name

There are plenty of podcast name generator websites you can visit online. These are five of the best sites to help you find the perfect name for your show.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is user-friendly and you’ll be able to get ideas for show names fast. After typing your keywords into the search field, it will display a list of potential podcast name ideas for your review.

From there, you can pick a podcast name from the list or further search. In addition to the search field, you can also use search filters which let you search names by:

  • Industry
  • Word count
  • Rhyming word

Here are the results with the keyword “finance:”

The list of podcast names is short and simple. It’s limited to one or two-word names and the keyword “finance” is in every name.

When you click on names of interest, it will show you more information about domain availability in case you want to register the domain too.

Visit Business Name Generator


Riverside.FM‘s podcast name generator works similarly. You start by entering keywords into the search bar to get a list of results displayed.

Here’s what the results show for the keyword “finance:”

You can see the resulting names are more specific and detailed compared to those of Business Name Generator.

These results give you a more refined list that you can take and run with. You can pick a name and instantly register it for your podcast.

Although I personally like Riverside.FM’s list of podcast names more, the name generator is lacking in their search functions. There’s a search bar and nothing else.

So, there aren’t any filters to pick names that rhyme or have one or multiple words as with Business Name Generator. With this said, it’s still a good option for detailed, ready-to-register names.

Check out Riverside.FM


BizNameWiz prompts you to use their search bar as well. You’ll type in your keyword, like “finance” and get a list of results like this:

The results look similar to those of Business Name Generator. You get a list of one-word and two-word names with the keyword “finance” in the name.

Clicking on “+” by names of interest shows you domain name availability.

Visit BizNameWiz


Welder works by typing your podcast description into their search bar. Here are some tips they share for getting the best results:

  • Type in a short description for a more creative name
  • Use a longer description for podcast names that are more plain and direct

Here are the results using the keyword “finance:”

Visit Welder


When you land on Nameboy’s podcast name generator tool, you’ll get a search bar where you can enter one or two keywords to get a list of show names.

They also provide tips for picking a good podcast name and tools to start a website or blog for your podcast, right from their site.

Using the keyword “finance” brings up these podcast name results:

Nameboy is one of the longest-running podcast name generators, in operation since 1999.

In addition to finding the perfect podcast name, they can also help with choosing a YouTube name, store name, and more, with their other name generators:

  • YouTube name generator
  • Store name generator
  • Business name generator
  • Brand name generator
  • Blog name generator
  • Domain name generator
  • Startup name generator

Check out Nameboy

How to come up with a podcast name

The process behind picking your podcast name can be overwhelming and stressful. Here’s a 5-step plan to help make the process a lot smoother and help you figure out your show name faster.

1. Pick a unique, creative name

First, you want to pick a unique and creative name. You don’t want your podcast show to share the name of any other podcast or project online. It should be unique and specific to your podcast only.

When listeners are thinking about your podcast, you want the name to be easy to remember, short and punchy.

Using a unique, creative name is good for searchability, too.

2. Make sure your name relates to your podcast

Next, the podcast name should be relevant to your show. For example, if you have a finance podcast, the name should have something to do with finance.

If not, you can cause a lot of confusion for your listeners and draw in an audience that was looking for something else.

A great way to ensure your name relates to your podcast is to use a podcast name generator like one of the five tools shared above.

3. Keep it short and sweet

A short and sweet podcast name will be easy to remember. It can be better for SEO and help get your show picked up by search engines like Google easier.

4. Choose a name that works with all platforms

Thinking about all platforms your show will appear on is important to consider when choosing your podcast name.

This goes beyond podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other places people listen to podcasts. It can also include social media networks, community websites or forums, and other spaces online and offline.

Some platforms are stricter than others when it comes to podcast show names and content.

For example, Twitter is more open to self-expression, allowing users to share lots of different types of content that may be blocked on other platforms like TikTok or YouTube.

So, you could pick a show name that works for Twitter but might not be shown on TikTok. That would block a big portion of your potential audience who would be missing out on your content.

You want to avoid this.

So, while thinking of the perfect podcast name, make sure you choose a name that will work across all platforms.

Common questions about picking a podcast name

Here are some frequently asked questions about choosing a podcast name.

1. How to come up with a podcast name?

There are several ways to come up with a podcast name:

  • Use a podcast name generator
  • Poll your audience
  • Look at the competition to draw inspiration

Pick a podcast name that aligns with the topic and mission of your show. Consider the language and background of your target audience and try choosing a specific, punchy name.

2. How to check if your podcast name is available?

You can check if your podcast name is available in a few different ways.

  • Visit a tool like Namechk for podcast name availability
  • Check podcast streaming services directly, like Apple Podcasts

3. What happens if your podcast name is taken?

Technically, two or more podcasts can share the same podcast name but, it’s not recommended. So, if you find that your podcast name is taken, it’s best just to pick a new name. You really don’t want to share podcast names with a competitor.

You could also do some additional research to see if the podcast tied to the name is still active and if not, contact the owner to talk about using the name for your podcast.

4. Should you use your real name while podcasting?

It depends.

You can actually go either way, based on your comfort level.

People in favor of using their real name like that it ties a real person to the brand. That’s helpful with connecting with your audience and people like to see the face behind the company. It helps with authenticity and engagement.

People against using their real name will argue that privacy and security are at stake. And, they are, potentially.

However, there may be safeguards you can use to protect privacy and security. Then, with those protections in place, will it be worth it to use your real name?

It’s something you have to figure out for yourself.

5. What makes a good podcast name?

Following the tips mentioned above makes for a good podcast name:

  • Make it short and unique
  • Ensure the podcast name fits all platforms you’ll be on
  • The name should be relevant

With these things in mind, you’ll be able to choose a great name for your podcast show.

Final word

This guide should make it a little easier to find the perfect podcast name for your show. Working with podcast name generators is a great way to help find the right name for your podcast. These 5 tools are free, easy-to-use options that can make the name selection process a little smoother.

Once you choose your podcast name and you’re ready to grow your podcast audience, check out Castos. They offer a ton of services that are helpful to podcast hosts including editing, publishing, and distributing your podcast, plus analytics to help you grow your audience.

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