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29 REAL Blog Income Reports with Examples, Strategies, and Inspiration


Search Google for “blog income reports” and you’ll find tons of entrepreneurs sharing their numbers to inspire the start of your own blogging journey.

When compiling this list of income reports, I only wanted to find bloggers who generate most of their income through blogging.

A lot of the big names in the blogging space can make anywhere between $100,000 – $500,000 per month, but they do so with the help of their podcasts and large social media following.

This is all fine, but it can also be a little intimidating when you’re starting from zero.

Read on to learn how these bloggers are making anywhere from a few hundred dollars to high 5-figures per month.

Niche Sites and Portfolio Income Reports

This group of blog income reports are of those who have built or are building a portfolio of niche websites, either currently or in the past.

The niches differ, some of which are revealed, but each share details of either a single niche site in their portfolio or the results of multiple sites.

Income from this group of reports ranges between $1,522.49 to $93,708 in earnings for one month.

Let’s dive in.

1. Niche Pursuits

The first income report on this list is our very own Spencer Haws of NichePursuits.com.

Here are the stats of his niche site case study at a glance:

  • What’s the niche: Backyard gear site
  • Income: $5,210.27
  • When: April 2021
  • Visitors: 145,898
  • Income sources: Amazon Associates and Ezoic ads
  • Website started: September 2018
  • Domain: OwnTheYard.com

Spencer launched this website in September 2018, as part of his Niche Site Project 4. His goal with this project was to grow a brand new site from scratch to $5,000 per month.

In this report, we can see that he certainly hit his goal. He actually hit this goal by a longshot in previous months, reaching upwards of $8,000 back in May 2020.

As this is a public case study, you can look at his site in action at OwnTheYard.com, which is a backyard gear site. The revenue is coming from Ezoic and Amazon Associates, which is close to a 50/50 split.

Some interesting details to add are the number of articles on this site and the initial investment. The number of blog posts is over 600 and he has spent roughly $49,000 on this project since its inception.

You can get all the details from this income report here.

2. Fat Stacks Blog

Jon Dykstra is a niche site builder and digital publisher who shares income reports on his blog, FatStacksBlog.com.

Here’s a quick look at a recent monthly income report:

  • What’s the niche: Multiple niche sites
  • Income: $93,708
  • When: September 2021
  • No. of sites: 8
  • Income sources: AdThrive ads
  • Website’s age: Between 7 years and 6 months old
  • Domain: Only one disclosed, cyclebaron.com

Jon’s income reports are an in-depth look into his digital publishing business. He breaks down his income and expenses, shares updates on new and old projects, traffic analytics, and where he buys content.

In this niche site income report, he shares the details of 8 sites in his portfolio, disclosing the domain name of one site; cyclebaron.com.

He launched the site in June 2020 as a public case study, which in this report made a modest $123 out of his impressive $93,708 earnings for the month of September 2021.

You can probably agree that’s a staggering amount of income from building niche sites. No doubt Jon will tell you it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though.

Learn more about Jon’s September income report here.

Jon also happens to teach a full training course on all his strategies.  You can check out the Fat Stacks Course Bundle Here

Learn More From Jon Here

3. Niche Informer

Jesse is the blogger behind NicheInformer.com, where he shares tips on blogging, SEO, case studies, and income reports of his niche site portfolio.

Let’s look at the stats of his recent report:

  • What’s the niche: Multiple niche sites
  • Income: $15,350.99
  • When: May 2021
  • No. of sites: 5
  • Income sources: Ads and affiliate
  • Website’s age: Unknown
  • Domain: Undisclosed

Jesse shares his stats on five niche sites in his portfolio. The details he includes are the income and expenses, content investment, and total number of posts published on each site.

His revenue streams are coming from Mediavine, AdThrive, Ezoic, Amazon Associates, and Awin, with Mediavine being the highest earner.

For more details on this report, you can check out this post on his blog.

4. Carl Broadbent

Carl is a niche site builder who publishes income reports on his YouTube channel. He wanted to replace his 9-5 job with a business that earns passive income so that he could spend more time with his family.

These are the stats of his recent YouTube income update:

  • What’s the niche: Multiple niche sites
  • Income: $10,193.36
  • When: Nov 2021
  • Pageviews: 45,700, multiple sites
  • Income sources: Ads, affiliate, YouTube, and services
  • Website’s age: 27 months
  • Domain: Multiple, including hutchandcage.com, keywordcare.com, and others.

Carl’s income reports, which are published on his YouTube channel, include his entire portfolio of websites.

The income sources involved are from affiliate marketing and ad revenue on his sites and his YouTube channel, a keyword research service, and a couple of joint ventures.

One of his websites is a public case study in the pets niche. He started this niche site, Hutchandcage.com, in September 2019. As of November 2021, he made $1,120.05.

The traffic generated in November was 45,700 pageviews and the site has 491 articles published.

He has just added a new category to his site that is outside of the pets niche, which is an experiment to see how broad he can go with his niche.

You can watch this income report on Carl’s website here.

5. Craft of Blogging

This next blog income report is by Sumit Bansal from Craft of Blogging, where he shares his strategies for building and growing niche websites.

This is his most recent income report:

  • What’s the niche: 8 niche sites
  • Income: $33,539
  • When: Sept 2021
  • Visitors: Multiple sites
  • Income sources: Ads
  • Website started: 2019 or later
  • Domain: Only one disclosed, whyrabbits.com

As you can see, is doing an impressive job with his niche site portfolio by generating $33,539 in September 2021. This is across a portfolio of 8 blogs, which are monetized through ads.

He has disclosed one of his niche sites, whyrabbits.com, which he recently purchased from Motion Invest. His goal with this site is to continue growing the page by updating the content and adding another 100-150 posts initially.

You can get all the details from income report here.

6. Yoyao

Yoyao is a blogger who shares his niche site case studies and income reports on his blog Yayao.com.

Let’s look at some stats of a recent income report for March 2021:

  • What’s the niche: 3 niche sites
  • Income: $5,230.70
  • When: March 2021
  • Pageviews: 40,353 total from 3 sites
  • Income sources: Amazon Associates, Ezoic, and other
  • Website started: June 2020
  • Domain: Undisclosed

Yoyao shares all the details of his three niche sites, including pageviews, earnings, and expenses in this income report. As of March 2021, Yayao made $5,230.70 through Amazon Associates and ad revenue.

You can get all the details on his blog post here.

Listen to a full podcast interview with Yoyao on Niche Pursuits here.

7. Passive Income Unlocked

Jeff of Passive Income Unlocked helps people become their own boss so they can turn their hobby site into a real, income-generating business.

He also shares income reports of his niche site portfolio. Here’s a breakdown of his most recent income report:

  • What’s the niche: 6 Niche Sites
  • Income: $48,453
  • When: Nov 2021
  • Visitors: 1,083,848 total over 6 sites
  • No. of posts: 2,804
  • Income sources: Mostly ad income
  • Website age: From 50 months to 1 month old
  • Domain: Only one disclosed, mybackyardlife.com

It’s clear that Jeff knows a thing or two about generating passive income with niche sites. He made over $48,000 in November 2021 across 6 sites.

You can see from his income report that he produces a ton of content, averaging over 500 articles per website across his main 5 sites and generating over 1 million monthly pageviews.

Jeff recently revealed the domain name of one of his niche sites on his YouTube channel, called mybackyardlife.com. This site alone has generated over $10,000 in one month.

You can learn more about Jeff’s niche site projects on his blog.

8. Create and Go

Create and Go has a mission to:

help 10,000 people make a part-time or full-time income with a blogging business that allows them to live a fuller and happier life.

Their blog and YouTube channel share the strategies they’ve used to grow their health blog and now the Create and Grow blog.

Here’s a breakdown of one of their income reports:

  • What’s the niche: Health and wellness blog and online business
  • Income: $67,317.56
  • When: September 2021
  • Visitors: Undisclosed
  • Income sources: Affiliate and digital products (ebooks and courses)
  • Website started: Sept 2015 and 2016/17
  • Domain: avocadu.com and createandgo.com

This income report covers the revenue from their two niche sites, avocadu.com and createandgo.com. Their sources of income come from affiliate marketing and their own digital products.

Even though they fall into the “making money online by teaching how to make money online,” they had success making money with their health and wellness blog first. Then, they started teaching their strategies after.

You can get the full scoop on their recent income report here.

9. Bloggers on the Rise

Bloggers On The Rise is a blog and YouTube channel by a single mom, obsessed with “all things technical” and what looks like building niche websites. That’s because she has a staggering 42 sites in her portfolio.

Here are the overall details of her most recent income report:

  • What’s the niche: From 42 sites (pets, budgeting, homesteading, farm animals, animals, pets, gardening, real estate, and more)
  • Income: $12,794.98
  • When: October 2021
  • Pageviews: Multiple sites
  • Income sources: Ads, Amazon Associates, products/services
  • Domain: Undisclosed

Her income reports are published on her blog in great detail, and sometimes she goes into these on her YouTube channel.

Most of her sites (around 30) aren’t monetized because they generate less than 1,000 pageviews per month. From the sites that make money, she generated $12,794.98 in October 2021.

Her income comes from ads, Amazon Associates, and a product. From 42 sites, they cover a wide range of niches. The niches that bring in the money are pets, budgeting, homesteading, farm animals, gardening, and real estate.

For all the details of this income report, look at this article and YouTube video.

10. Words by Evan Porter

Evan Porter is the man behind Words by Evan Porter, where he shares his blogging journey and tips on building an income online with niche sites.

This is a quick breakdown of his most recent income report:

  • What’s the niche: 2 niche sites (fitness & health and parenting & family)
  • Income: $18,970.51
  • When: September 2021
  • Pageviews: 260,237 and 192,207 respectively
  • Income sources: Affiliate and ad revenue
  • Website started: Site #1 – April 2017
  • Domains: Undisclosed

Evan has only two niche sites in his portfolio, which could be why he’s doing so well with them.

One site is in the health and fitness niche and made $11,235.06 in of September 2021. This site generated 260,237 pageviews from 493 published articles. Nice work!

The other site in the parenting and family niche and made $7,401.38. This one had 192,207 pageviews and has 306 published articles as of September.

Both of his sites’ revenues come from around 70% ads and 30% affiliates.

To learn more about Evan’s niche site case studies, take a look at this article.

11. Skip Blast

Skip Blast is a blog by Shawna Newman where she documents her digital publishing process and earning a full-time income online. She shares a ton of valuable content on SEO, optimizing ad income, and how to sell niche sites.

Here are the stats of a recent income report from her blog:

  • What’s the niche: Transportation, health/fitness, lifestyle
  • Income: $3,867.92
  • When: October 2021
  • Income sources: Ads, affiliate, products, info products
  • Domain: Undisclosed

This income report covers three niche sites, in transportation, health and fitness, and lifestyle, with most of the income coming from the health and fitness niche.

Shawna shares info on monetization, income goal, the growth plan for each site, and her expenses.

You can read this income report on her recent post here.

Listen to the full interview with Shawna on Niche Pursuits here.

You can also get additional training from Shawna’s Digital Authority Academy here.

12. Ryrob

Ryrob is the cleverly named blog by Ryan Robinson, a popular blog on blogging and WordPress. He shares in-depth tutorials and strategies to create an  online business.

Here are the income report stats for March 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Blogging
  • Income: $35,218.31
  • When: March 2021
  • Visitors: 106,006
  • Income sources: Course sales and affiliate
  • Domain: ryrob.com

This income report documents the launch of an online course and affiliate revenue. Ryan hit an impressive $35,218.31 in March 2021, from 149,830 sessions.

You can find all the details of Ryan’s successful income report in this article.

13. Niche Safari

Chris from Niche Safari publishes his income reports on YouTube and shares his tips and strategies for growing a success niche website.

Here is a case study he posted recently on his channel:

  • What’s the niche: Undisclosed
  • Income: $2,042.16
  • When: September 2021
  • Pageviews: 214,367
  • Income sources: Ezoic Ads
  • Website started: July 2020
  • Domain: Undisclosed

In this update, Chris made $2,042.16 from 214,367 pageviews in September 2021. He also discusses the results of a link building campaign he’s trying out.

Here’s his video to get all the details of this income report:

14. Shaun Marrs

Shaun Marrs is a blogger and content creator who shares his income reports and niche site case studies on YouTube. He’s seen some great success over the last few years and continues to put out valuable content to help others achieve similar results.

Here is a recent case study update from his YouTube channel:

  • What’s the niche: Unknown
  • Income: $2,493.65
  • When: November 2021
  • Visitors: Around 30k
  • Income sources: Amazon Associates and Ezoic ads
  • Website age: 12 months
  • Domain: Undisclosed

In Shaun’s recent case study update, he shares his income, blog traffic report, rank tracking details, blog word count, and expenses.

The blog made $2,493.65 from Ezoic ads and Amazon Associates. His traffic was around 30,000 sessions and has published 410 articles.

You can watch his income report in the video below:

15. Growth Scouter

This is another in-depth case study by YouTube channel, Growth Scouter. The channel was only launched in June 2021 and he starts his first video off with how he went from 0-10,000 pageviews in only 4 months.

Here is what his income report stats look like six months after his first video:

  • What’s the niche: Undisclosed
  • Income: $19,956
  • When: September 2021
  • Pageviews: 830,767
  • Total Posts: 270
  • Income sources: Amazon Associates, Ezoic, and Mediavine
  • Website age: 8 months
  • Domain: Undisclosed

In his case study, he shares his income from Amazon, Ezoic, and Mediavine, which hit over $19,000 in September 2021.

He also shares details on traffic, his link building strategy, and an on-page SEO strategy he created named ROC (Reader Optimized Content).

Here is Growth Scouter’s most recent YouTube video that breaks down his blog income report:

Food Blog Income Reports

Here are a few blog income reports in the food and recipes niche. The niches range from gluten-free and low carb to green living and comfort foods.

Income from this group of reports range between $4,988.22 to $31,000+ in earnings for one month.

16. Fork In The Road

Fork In The Road is a green living blog by dietitian, Kristina Todini. She shares healthy recipes, green eating guides and income reports of her blogs’ success.

Here’s a summary of the income report for November 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Food blog
  • Income: $4,988.22
  • When: November 2021
  • Pageviews: 78,812
  • Income sources: Mediavine, Amazon Associates
  • Website age: Unknown
  • Domain: forkintheroad.co

Her income reports are well documented, sharing the income from the previous 12 months. Kristina also shares why she publishes income reports, her monthly traffic, and email list growth.

The income report for November brought in $4,988.22 from 78,812 pageviews. Her income is mostly from Mediavine ads and a small amount from Amazon Associates.

To learn more about Kristina’s food blog income report, check out this article.

17. The Bettered Blondie

The Bettered Blondie, created by Sara, is another food blog that focuses on dairy-free, gluten-free, and low carb recipes. She shares income reports and tips to help grow your blog business from home.

Here is a recent income report for January 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Food blog
  • Income: $9,027.34
  • When: January 2021
  • Pageviews: 450,000+
  • Income sources: Ads, sponsored posts, affiliate
  • Website age: 4 years old
  • Domain: thebetteredblondie.com

In her January 2021 income report, she breaks down her $9,027.34 income and expenses. Her income sources are mostly from ads, $2,000 from sponsored posts, and the rest is affiliate.

You can go here to get all the details of Sara’s blog income report.

18. Midwest Foodie Blog

Midwest Foodie Blog is a food blog for busy parents where Kylie shares simple recipes. She started the blog in June 2017 and started taking it more seriously in January 2020 by focusing on SEO and Pinterest.

Here are the stats of her 4th quarter income report for 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Food blog
  • Income: $72,229
  • When: 3rd Quarter of 2021
  • Pageviews: 1,606,410 total
  • Income sources: AdThrive, Amazon Associates, e-book, sponsored posts
  • Website started: 2017
  • Domain: midwestfoodieblog.com

In the report, we can see that her income went from making $17,831 in October 2021 to a tremendous increase of $31,146 in December.

Income sources are from Adthrive, affiliate revenue, some from Amazon Associates, and sponsored posts. Traffic to the blog hit 783,261 pageviews in December.

Get all the details of this income report here.

Lifestyle Blog Income Reports

This next group of income reports is in the lifestyle space. They range from parenting, gift ideas, and recipes to DIY, crafts, and kids’ activities.

The income from these lifestyle blogs ranges between $729.24 to $8,293.66 in earnings for one month.

19. Lifestyle with Leah

Lifestyle with Leah is a lifestyle blog where Leah writes about wellness, family, gift ideas, recipes, and more.

Let’s look at her blog income report for March 2020:

  • What’s the niche: Lifestyle
  • Income: $746.20
  • When: March 2020
  • Pageviews: 350,745
  • Income sources: Amazon Associates, Monumetric ads, digital downloads
  • Domain: lifestylewithleah.com

This income report breaks down her income which is mostly coming from her digital download store, some from ads, and some from Amazon Associates.

Leah shares her blog expenses, top five performing posts, and some upcoming goals.

Check out the full report in this recent blog post.

20. Seng Nickerson

This income report, in the lifestyle niche, is published on YouTube by Seng Nickerson. Her channel teaches the ins and outs of running a successful blogging business.

Here is a breakdown of her income report for November 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Lifestyle, food, and YouTube
  • Income: $8,293.66 total from multiple sources
  • When: November 2021
  • Pageviews: 90,595 (lifestyle blog) and 53,697 (food blog)
  • Income sources: Mediavine. YouTube, Amazon Associates, and other affiliate
  • Domain: Undisclosed

In the video, Seng shares the details of her blogging business, which consist of a lifestyle blog, a food blog, and two YouTube channels. It’s clear to see that Seng puts in a ton of work to make her side hustle a success.

As of November 2021, she made $8,293.66, which is coming from several income sources. She also shares some stats of other niche sites she has in her portfolio.

Check out the video.

21. The Keele Deal

The Keele Deal is a blog by Adree, where she shares about her life as a mom, her marriage, DIY and crafts, travel and more. Her income has gradually increased throughout 2021 as we can tell from her income reports.

Here’s her most recent incomes report stats:

  • What’s the niche: Lifestyle
  • Income: $1,009.74
  • When: November 2021
  • Visitors: 22,178
  • Income sources: Mediavine ads
  • Website started: January 2015
  • Domain: thekeeledeal.com

Adree outlines her income from Mediavine, which hit over $1000 in November 2021. She also shares her traffic, blog and email subscriber goals, and what she hopes to achieve in upcoming months.

Read all about this income report in her blog post here.

Health and Fitness Blog Income Reports

Here are a couple of income reports in the health and fitness space. They range from a personal fitness blog to a blog in the smoothies niche.

The income from this group of blogs range between $754.46 to $15,534 in earnings for one month.

22. Iron Wild Fitness

Iron Wild Fitness is a personal fitness blog by Chantal, where she uses her blog to help others get in shape and for her own accountability and mental health.

Here are some quick stats of a recent income report she shared:

  • What’s the niche: Fitness
  • Income: $754.46
  • When: June 2020
  • Pageviews: 30,000+
  • Income sources: Mediavine, Ebooks/Courses, Amazon Associates, Other Affiliate
  • Domain: ironwildfitness.com

Chantal made $754.46 with her blog ironwildfitness.com back in June 2020. This is income from ebooks, Inbox Dollars, Amazon Associates, and Mediavine.

For all the info on this income report, read her blog post here.

23. Kath Kyle

Kath Kyle shares income reports and her business success on KathKyle.com. Her income report is for a health and food blog called Green Thickies.

Here is a rundown of her success in January 2018:

  • What’s the niche: Smoothies
  • Income: $15,534
  • When: January 2018
  • Pageviews: 231,626
  • Income sources: Ads, affiliate, network marketing, and products
  • Website age: 7 years old
  • Domain: greenthickies.com

Her total income for this month was $15,534, which comes from ads, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and her own products.

The income report goes into the expenses, proof of income, and traffic.

To read more on this blog, check out her article here.

Travel Blog Income Reports

Here are some blog income reports in the travel niche. They range from travel blogging and saving money to paying off debt and living a frugal life.

The income from these travel blogs ranges between $637.12 to $43,707.90 in earnings for one month.

24. Two Wandering Soles

Two Wandering Soles is a travel blog by Katie and Ben, where they share travel tips and money-saving advice for traveling on a budget.

They also share income reports and this is the stats for the 4th quarter of 2019:

  • What’s the niche: Travel
  • Income: $74,367
  • When: 4th Quarter 2019
  • Pageviews: 1,018,956
  • Income sources: Affiliate, Mediavine ads
  • Website age: 6 years old
  • Domain: twowanderingsoles.com

In this income report, they share their traffic, a breakdown of their income, and places they visited. Overall, they made an incredible $74,367 in three months from 1,018,956 pageviews.

You can read their full in-depth report on their post here.

25. Nomad Numbers

Nomad Numbers is a lifestyle and travel blog with a focus on cost of living. The blog was started by a couple known as Mr. and Mrs. Nomad Numbers, who sold everything they owned to travel and launched their blog in 2018.

Here is an income report for the 2nd quarter of 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Travel
  • Income: $637.12
  • When: 2nd quarter 2021
  • Income sources: Affiliate, ads, and referrals
  • Website started: Summer 2018
  • Domain: nomadnumbers.com

Their income report covers how they monetize their blog, their revenue, and their expectations for the rest of 2021.

Here is the post that breaks it down.

26. Dangerous Business

Amanda is the writer and founder of Dangerous Business where she blogs about travel and how she earns money as a travel blogger.

Here are the stats of her income report for September and October 2021:

  • What’s the niche: Travel blogs
  • Income: $43,707.90 total
  • When: October 2021
  • Pageviews: 169,045 and 42,545
  • Income sources: Advertising, affiliate, paid campaigns, and other
  • Website started: 2010 and 2019
  • Domain: dangerous-business.com and clevelandtraveler.com

In this blog income recap, Amanda shares her travel highlights, income, traffic, and social media progress. Overall, she brought in a whopping $43,707.90 in September and October.

Here is her article with all the details.

27. Site School

Valarie runs the blog Site School, where she shares her eight years of professional experience as a blogger. She owns dozens of website and started Site School to help people build their own sustainable and financially successful business.

Her income report is for a travel blog called Valerie & Valise. Here is the breakdown of her report for October:

  • What’s the niche: Travel blog
  • Income: $9,275
  • When: October 2021
  • Pageviews: 106,503
  • Income sources: Ads, Affiliate, and Product
  • Website started: October 2013
  • Domain: valisemag.com

Valarie includes a breakdown of traffic in this report, as well as articles posted on her blog, and income for October, which hit $9,275.

Get all the details of her blog success here.

28. Monica Lent

Monica Lent is a software engineer and blogger who builds her own SaaS products full-time and shares income reports on her blog.

Here is a breakdown of her November 2021 income report:

  • What’s the niche: Travel and photography blog, paid community, and SaaS product
  • Income: $14,000
  • When: November 2021
  • Income sources: Ads, affiliate marketing, membership, and subscriptions
  • Websites age: 5.5 years, 1.5 years, and 2.5 years
  • Domain: notanomadblog.com, bloggingfordevs.com, and affilimate.com

This report details the income from three projects which include blogs, a subscription SaaS product, and a membership site for developers. Her total profit came to $11,212, which I’m sure you can agree is an impressive profit margin.

For all the numbers and why this is Monica’s income report, read her article here.

29. Living the Dream

Living the Dream is a blog by Jeremy and his wife who share their travel experiences and practical tips for life on the road.

They share income reports of two blogs. Here’s the rundown:

  • What’s the niche: A global travel blog and a local travel blog
  • Income: $12,714
  • When: November 2021
  • Visitors: 17,450 and 243,000 respectively
  • Income sources: CPM ads, affiliates, and sponsored advertising
  • Domain: livingthedreamrtw.com and discovertheburgh.com

Jeremy goes over all the stats of their income and expenses in this blog income report. His figures reached over $12,000 in November 2021.

Check out his report and 2021 year in review here.


There are tons of blog income reports on the internet these days.

I wanted to round up a varied collection of bloggers who share their blogging success, instead of the typical online guru making millions per year.

There are some staggering figures in some of these reports, yet others earning a few hundred dollars are still inspiring for beginners to get started.

If you are inspired, you can read our post on how to start a blog that makes money.

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