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17 WordPress Affiliate Plugins to Help Skyrocket Your Earnings in 2022


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online for both brands and affiliates. Having the right WordPress affiliate plugins can help ease and quicken the process.

But choosing the right WordPress affiliate plugins can be tough because there is an army of them available on the web.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 17+ WordPress affiliate plugins that you can use to amplify your affiliate marketing endeavors and skyrocket your earnings.

We have hand-picked these based on their features and general performance. Some of these plugins are free, while others are paid but worth every penny.

Here’s a table of contents to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

AdSanity WordPress Affiliate Plugin

AdSanity is a powerful, lightweight, and super simple-to-use tool for maximizing your potential earnings. It works flawlessly with your existing content and allows you to create ads manually or automatically. With this, you can put self-hosted and network advertisements on your WordPress site.

Key Features

  • Create and manage ad widgets, sidebars, and articles with ease
  • Shows you how your advertisements are performing by providing reports on clicks, impressions, and conversions
  • Display affiliate banners in any widget
  • Support for multiple offers from the same advertiser
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to add or reorder elements easily
  • Built-in support for adding text links alongside other types of display ads
  • A ton of add-ons to expand the functionality

Price: Starts at $49 per year

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Ultimate Affiliate Pro

This WordPress affiliate management plugin offers advanced features for a one-time/lifetime fee. It has most of the attributes you’d want as an affiliate marketer to run your program effectively.

Key Features

  • Manage an unlimited number of affiliates
  • Ample integration options and works with EasyDigitalDownloads, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, and other platforms
  • 24/7 support system that can handle queries at any time.
  • Dashboard statistics, performance reporting, periodic reports, and even provides custom fields for your affiliates registering

Price: $69

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Link Whisper

This best WordPress affiliate plugin is a groundbreaking WordPress plugin that significantly reduces the time it takes to set up internal links and improve your Google ranking.

Internal links are suggested by Link Whisper based on the content of your website. It finds relevant connections and links them up.

The most effective kind of internal link is in-content and relevant, and Link Whisper provides just that.

You also have complete control over whether or not to accept the link proposition.

Key Features

  • Automatically get link suggestions as you create content
  • Internal link reporting
  • Link suggestions from target keywords
  • Quickly find internal linking options

Price: $77 for 1 website

Get Link Whisper Now!

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro is a premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that helps Amazon Associate site owners manage affiliate links and build product displays.

The plugin includes the following features:

  • Amazon-compliant pictures
  • An Amazon Prime badge for certain items
  • An affiliate disclaimer
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Table builder extension and priority assistance (with premium subscription)

The WordPress affiliate plugin is available for purchase as a yearly subscription or as a lifetime license. Generally, the software isn’t terrible, but it lacks some of the more advanced features found in comparable plugins like Thirsty Affiliate and Pretty Links.

Price: Starts at $67 per year

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Pretty Links


If you hate those ugly affiliate links that turn off your readers or audience, then the Pretty Links WordPress affiliate plugin is an excellent choice. 

Pretty Links transforms those arduous affiliate links into something more memorable, allowing your hyperlinks to make bigger impressions on your audience.

Beyond this, it enables you to include affiliate links to your content automatically.

Key Features

  • Auto-linking feature that allows you to build affiliate links to particular URLs automatically for specific keywords
  • Adaptable and works with the leading responsive WordPress templates
  • Offers Pretty Bar, a fantastic tool that enables you to brand and advertise your links
  • Create branded and custom affiliate links
  • Allows you to manage server-side redirects and 404 issues
  • Offers in-depth reporting that helps you examine, measure and boost the performance of your links

Price: Starts at $79 a year

Get Pretty Links Now!


This WordPress plugin is built just for the Amazon Affiliate program. Its primary features are aligned to affiliate text links and product box ads. Also, if you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, this tool will definitely be a favorite.

Using the AAWP plugin, you have the option of a ton of advertising placements.

Some of the possibilities include:

  • Text-based advertisements
  • Putting product boxes inside posts using shortcodes
  • Using sidebar widgets to show ads
  • Crafting curated best-seller product lists

Key Features

  • Supports both geographic targeting and Google AMP
  • Quickly personalize ad design and utilize colors and styles that complement your website
  • Craft best-seller lists, fresh releases lists, and a variety of other advertising promoting methods
  • Adds tracking IDs to your links automatically
  • Offers flexibility to customize every option to whatever you choose

AAWP is a powerful affiliate promotion tool that both experts and novices in the industry can use. But it seems more tailored to advanced users. The tool is also extremely flexible and allows for a lot of creative possibilities.

Price: $19 per year

Get AAWP Now!

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If you’re searching for an eCommerce plugin, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is often regarded as the leading free WordPress affiliate plugin, although it has a paid version as well.

The WordPress affiliate eCommerce plugin allows WooCommerce merchants to set up affiliate profiles as well as commission rates.

Key Features

  • Get a dashboard where they can check the status of their payments and growth
  • Calculates refunds and affiliate commissions automatically
  • Features adjustable cookies meaning you can change the length of customizable storage time and keep Refer IDs in the user’s cookies

Price: Free and $99.99 per year

Get YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Now!


This is one of the most complete plugins for developing an advanced affiliate program on WordPress.

Using AffiliateWP, you can have an infinite number of affiliate sites and creatives for more efficient promotion of your website, product, or service. It also offers extensive affiliate and referral tracking analytics.

Key Features

  • Built-in referral link builder allows affiliates to create their own affiliate links
  • Payouts Service allows you to make payments directly to affiliate bank accounts or debit cards in a few easy steps
  • Manually approve requests or automatically do so to make it easier for affiliates to join, eliminating tag time and allowing visitors to continue to the dashboard quickly
  • Connect to a lot of tools you’d use normally in affiliate marketing
  • Stay on top of your affiliate campaigns with real-time reporting and graphs

Price: Starts at $149 per year

Get AffiliateWP Now!


This WordPress affiliate plugin features so many valuable features as it provides detailed analysis on your affiliate initiatives and even includes affiliate link tracking possibilities.

Plus, MonsterInsights is the simplest way for affiliate marketers to include Google Analytics on their website. And as every online marketer knows, Google Analytics is a must-have.

Key Features

  • 24/7 support staff always available to resolve queries
  • Integrate your MonsterInsights account to other WordPress affiliate plugins with ease
  • Offers in-depth analytical reports that provide a view of your highest-earning pages and most successful traffic sources
  • Dashboard is simple to comprehend even for those who aren’t familiar with Google Analytics

Price: Starts at $99.50 per year and the Pro version costs $199.50 a year

Get MonsterInsights Now!

Genius Links

This tool’s auto-affiliation, auto-localization, and link health monitoring features, in particular, are its most impressive features.

With this solution, it’s simple to create short links, but Genius Links also enables you to make Choice Pages that allow your visitors to choose where they want to buy a product. You will be paid regardless of where they purchase the item.

It includes a variety of reporting options, as well as retargeting and A/B testing capabilities that can help you improve conversion rates without much effort.

This tool also supports a wide range of affiliate networks and works with affiliate aggregators, so there will never be a problem with network support.

Key Features

  • A/B testing
  • Choice pages 
  • Retarging capabilities
  • Link health monitoring
  • Automatic affiliation 
  • Automatic localization

The tool is popular among marketers since it can raise commission earnings by up to 200%. So it’s a no-brainer to get the tool.

Price: Plans start at $5 a month

Get Genius Links Now

Affiliates By Itthinx

Affiliates By Itthinx allows you to add affiliate links to your website in a matter of minutes and monitor your progress via reports. Plus, for those on a budget, this is an excellent option for a free WordPress affiliate and referral plugin. 

Key Features

  • Works with a variety of applications, including popular eCommerce platform WooCommerce and others
  • Simple to use and allows you to use blocks and short codes to easily construct your affiliate area and dashboard to match your brand style
  • Dashboard is intuitive and utilizes visuals to show your affiliates’ performance

Price: Free

Get Affiliates By Itthinx Now!

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

This tool enables you to build an affiliate program from scratch as well as manage it.

Though you can get the ReferralCandy plugin for free, if you want to get the best out of the tool, you have to go to their website and sign up for a paid subscription. After that, you can begin using the tool.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Dashboard and data reporting to give you insight into your affiliate campaigns
  • Support system via live chat that’s always available every day of the week
  • No restrictions on how many affiliates you can have

Price: Free to download but premium subscriptions begin at $49 per month

Get ReferralCandy Now!

Easy Affiliate


Just like ReferralCandy, Easy Affiliate allows you to seamlessly build a custom and self-hosted affiliate program from the ground up. It works for both eCommerce stores and membership programs. 

Key Features

  • Simple dashboard that allows you to keep track of your program with real-time reports
  • Set up a completely featured affiliate program for your WordPress site within minutes
  • Offers customizable performance graphs that show things like clicks, sales, and payments in the detail
  • Integrate a shopping cart to manage and see one-time and recurring payments from sites like PayPal, Authorize.net, and more

Price: Starts at $99.50 a year

Get Easy Affiliate Now


Affiliate Coupons

This plugin is best for affiliate marketers who intend to profit from promoting deals. Affiliate Coupons allows you to manage, organize, and display coupons on your website. 

Key Features

  • Features a widget that you can use to advertise discounts on your site’s sidebar.
  • Adds a new dashboard interface for managing coupons to your dashboard
  • Allows you to use short codes to put specific coupons or batches of coupons on any post or page of your website

There is a free version of this affiliate plugin, but the premium plans come with several additional features that will significantly boost the success of your site. You’ll get detailed analytics, click-to-reveal coupons, coupon detail pages, and more style alternatives.

Price: Free, paid plans start at $99

Get Affiliates Coupon Now!

Affiliates Manager


If you’re looking to make money via affiliate marketing for free on WordPress site, Affiliate Manager is a fantastic place to begin. The tool comes at no cost, and it offers some fancy features you’d only find in paid tools.

Key Features

  • You and your affiliates can keep track of sales and referral clicks in real-time from your account
  • Simple to use as you can manage, track, and compensate your affiliate partners from your WordPress site
  • Offers an affiliate portal that enables users to sign up and advertise your goods or services

Price: Free

Get Affiliates Manager Now!

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing softwares on the market. It allows you to keep in touch with your website visitors even after they’ve left your site by adding a contact form to your website.

Key Features

  • Allows you to produce elegant email campaigns in seconds, thanks to this program’s drag-and-drop email builder which comes with a variety of templates
  • Keeps track of how your campaigns are progressing and allows you to conduct A/B tests to see which format engages your users more
  • Quickly set up an email newsletter, send emails to your customers, and increase the number of people who subscribe to your platform
  • Advertise your affiliate partners through your newsletter, which offers you another approach to enhance your affiliate revenue

Price: Starts at $20 per month

Get Constant Contact Now

Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is a fantastic affiliate lead conversion tool. It allows you to quickly and easily cloak your long links and make them appear compelling to your audience. Plus, its a great plugin for tracking your conversions and commissions accurately.

Key Features

  • Automatically inserts affiliate links to keywords
  • Add visuals to your links or link pictures
  • Strong affiliate administration platform allows you to locate and replace links on your ThirstyAffiliates dashboard interface with ease
  • Organize your links with categories to keep track of your affiliate campaigns
  • View your affiliate link clicks and campaign’s statistics

Price: Starts at $49

Get Thirsty Affiliates Now!

Over to You

We’ve listed the best WordPress affiliate plugins in the market. However, depending on the nature of your business and brand, some options will work better than others. Before opting for one, ensure that it matches your organization or personal goals. 

That said, the WordPress plugins in the roundup above satisfy the basic and advanced needs of affiliate marketing from generating affiliate links to starting an affiliate program and tracking affiliate conversions. 

So over to you! Get started and watch your affiliate marketing results skyrocket with the right tools.

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