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16 Spookiest Horror WordPress Themes in 2021 and Beyond


What better way to celebrate Halloween than to design your website with the spookiest horror WordPress themes ever? Yes, it is quite a specific genre and it may be a bit difficult to look for WordPress themes that will meet all your requirements. The great thing is all of these WordPress themes are customizable. Now, you don’t have to look too far as we have compiled the best, spookiest, horror and Halloween themed web themes on the internet.

There are two general reasons why you would need these horror WordPress themes. One is if horror and spook is your blog’s general niche. These dark-themed web themes are also great for websites whose content is about magic, enchantment, witchcraft, and other similar topics. Or, if you are interested in entering this niche, you could explore these designs so you could get ideas for your content.

Second is if you would want to dress your website to match the current season. You don’t have to change up your entire website’s design, if this is the case. You simply need to add in some bits of interesting design elements here and there. These themes could be used in landing pages, sales promotions, greetings, error pages, and more.

Horror WordPress Themes

Horror WordPress themes are really difficult to find on the internet. A lot of times, bloggers would resort to designing their own or doing major edits on other dark WordPress themes. But, why spend so much time creating new themes when there are loads to choose from? Some of these are even being offered for free.

Exit Game WordPress Theme

Halloween WordPress Theme

Spooky WordPress Theme

Monster WordPress Theme

Happy Helloween WordPress Theme

Creepy Head Theme

Other Spooky Themes, and Templates

Where else could we use spooky themes and templates? There are so many website elements that we could choose from.

Halloween Elementor Template

Although this is more of a kid-friendly theme, this template could be a fresh addition to your website. It is a template for a landing page selling tickets for a Halloween party.

All Hallows – Landing Page Theme

Also a landing page template, this has a darker hue compared to the earlier examples. Violet undertones are always great to add to spook-themed designs.

Scary – Email Campaign Page

Looking for a cool email campaign page for your blog? This might be a great template to use.

Zombie – 404 page

Yes, we all want to be extra with our blogs by designing error pages such as this. Cute and scary at the same time, this 404 page sample is great for any website (even non-horror themed ones). To add a little something special, the zombie hand in this image can also be animated!

Halloween – 404 page

Looking for a minimalist but horror-themed 404 landing page? This is the best example for you. Cute, fun, minimalist, and horror-themed – this template is a great option.


Horror Theme Samples

Here are some examples and mock-ups of websites (and other products) that feature horror and Halloween themes.

Runloween Landing Page

This is a promotional landing page for a Halloween-themed app. It has a dark theme with violet and blue undertones.

13 Ghosts Mock Website

A black background with stark red design elements is a horror staple. We have seen it everywhere, but it never fails to give all of us a little creep. What is even greater about this sample website is the photo collage of a ghost made from even more sinister images.

Futuristic/Apocalyptic Mock Website

The futuristic/apocalyptic theme is also a common horror staple. This is a great design theme to follow as it is very versatile. By adding a few more design elements here and there, you could easily create a unique web theme similar to this sample website.

Passweird Sample Website

Neon, especially neon green, has always been associated with disgust, fear, and anything weird. This is probably why the neon color palette in this sample website is its best, and most alluring, feature. Added to the graphics, the Passweird website just ticks all the boxes for a spooky web theme.

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