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13 Perks to Offer Readers to Improve Subscription Rates


It is common to offer perks for readers to improve the subscription rates of blogs. It may be a daunting and expensive task, but we all know we need to take good care of our subscribers. We all have to acknowledge that subscriptions are the lifelines of all kinds of content on the internet. Whether you have a social media page, a website, a blog, a streaming channel, subscribers should be one of the reasons to keep creating great content. Let’s be honest, your blog relies on reader interaction for monetization. Ad placements are also highly dependent on clicks and reader-related statistics.

If we don’t take care of our readers, particularly our subscribers, our blogs might not maintain their current performance. Improving subscription rates should also be a regular inspiration. Retaining a subscriber is, in fact, another part of the story.

There are many ways to improve subscription rates and one way to do so is to offer them special perks that only members can have. Here are some of the unique and creative perks you can offer your subscribers.

Access perks for websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites

Commenting Perks

One common perk to give members would be to allow commenting only for them. This way subscribers can create a small community within your niche. Usually, communities like this are attractive to readers.

Special greetings. Image Source: Pixabay

Subscriber-only pages

These kinds of pages present content that is exclusive to your subscribers. It could be a game, a store page, or content. Usually, this could be accessed by readers who are logged in.

Access perks for Youtube and Twitch channels

Members-only emoticon

You can hire an artist to create a personalized emoticon for you. These emoticons can be used only by your subscribers on your page. It may be a simple perk but it is still as exciting.

Image source: pixabay

Exclusive content

This is very common for blogs and video bloggers. An example of this would be subscribers can gain access to all videos in a series. Or, only members can gain access to a certain area of your website.

Live-chatting perks & Live video access

This is a great idea for video bloggers and social media personalities. It could be live meet-and-greets. Or, it could also be Q&As that are exclusive for your subscribers.

Special custom badges

Since most social media pages and channels require logins, badges could be for avatars. These badges could be used by the subscriber to avail of other special perks.

Material perks to improve subscription rates

Discounts on merch

This can be done in multiple ways. One, you may send your subscribers exclusive discounts that they can use for your online merchandise. You have the option of giving them an electronic card with a QR code or a reference number that they can use to avail discounts at your online store. Or, you can also give a point system where the subscribers can get special points for specific actions. This can be 10 points for sharing content, 10 points for inviting another friend, and the like. Each point can have monetary equivalents that they can use at your store. Also, it could be in a form of a special badge that they can present during events (signings, meet-and-greets, etc) so they could avail special freebies or discounts at your store.

Discount cards

If you don’t have merchandise yet but really want to reward your subscribers monetarily, one of the best ways is to give away discount cards. This may be dependent on your niche or the general theme of your content. For instance, your niche is about camping, mountaineering, and the outdoors. Discount cards from some of your mountaineering and camping sponsors are great. Or, if you run a travel blog, giving discount cards for restaurants or hotels may be great. You don’t have to give everyone the perk. Maybe regularly run a raffle or a contest for all your subscribers to help retain them.

Members-only merch

For true fanatics, this is one of the best perks to keep subscription rates high. Logged-in subscribers can get access to limited-edition merchandise. Not only would the merchandise be members-only but it will also be limited-edition. PRO TIP: make sure to keep this limited-edition merch something you don’t normally sell at your store – special colors, unique items, sample items of future merch, collabs with brands, or even themed items.

Special giveaways

Members-only merch is stuff that you sell exclusively for members. But, nothing stops you from giving your members free stuff. These could be small tokens like keychains, pens, cards, and the like. In fact, if you have lots of stocks of your old merch, you can give them away for ‘top subscribers’.

Image Source: Pixabay

Personalized e-card

For subscribers, getting personal acknowledgment from a brand, a blog, or a personality is thrilling. If you have a social media page or channel, you can shout out to your new subscribers. You can also send them personalized DMs thanking them for their time to subscribe. Since most websites have mailing lists from subscribers, you can send them personalized e-cards every now and then (like for Valentine’s, New Year’s, and the like).

Subscriber-only events

Common subscriber-only events are meet-and-greets, fairs, conventions, and the like. Other virtual events could be lives, exclusive sales, and Q&As.

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