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11 Ways To Repurpose Your Blog Post Content


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Whether you are working on your own blog or you are into digital marketing, there is a good chance that you publish blogs on your website or other content platforms.  But with the content marketing rise, the attention span of the users has lowered. A plethora of content is pushed onto them daily. Thus, bloggers, brands, and organizations have leveled up their game with content repurposing to attract new readers.

What is content repurposing? It refers to the methods used by bloggers and digital marketers to recycle content and use it someplace else. It allows you to reproduce your posts in diverse forms leveraging more ROI for all the time spent in creating them. Churning out novel methods to repurpose content is challenging. Brands often face a content crunch. This article will be your perfect guide to make new content from your blogs and stay active.

Here are eleven ways in which you can repurpose your blog post content creatively:

Arrange your posts into a presentation

One way to repurpose your existing or new posts is to create slide deck presentations and upload them to sites like SlideShare. The audio-visual appeal of the presentation decks charms the audience and offers an easy-to-read medium of your original content. Integrate it with beautiful charts and images to present them effectively.

Choose a stunning presentation background from SlideModel to give your deck a professional look. Further, sharing your PPT on SlideShare also increases the audience reach who can share it to their social media handles. You can also embed this deck in your blog if you want to boost SEO.

Create Stunning Infographics

Infographics provide a splendid way to communicate complex information and condensing it into an easy-to-digest format. They are perfect if your blog post contains excessive data and chart-based information. They work well because of their ability to see patterns and trends at-a-glance while also giving your website an attractive look.

You can easily create mind-blowing infographics from sites like Canva and Piktochart. Share the infographic on content handles with a backlink to the blog post boosting its shareability.

Infographics are great lead magnets to build new leads and instill brand loyalty.

Form Engaging Videos

Polishing your blogs and reposting them in video form gives a great way to reformat your old content! Convert your blog post in the form of a video once you have edited it. Here your blog performs the role of a script that makes it easier for you to explain it in a video format. You can embed that video in your blog.

Add structured makeup to the embedded video for increasing site visibility in search results. Post it to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn where it will garner extensive views.

Start a Podcast

Another way of repurposing your old content is through podcasts. People love to hear productive things throughout the day. Podcasts help you transform your old content into an audible, time-efficient form of communication. The podcast makes your repurposed content portable, and since podcasts are an emerging technology, your content can reach more listeners faster than you might expect.

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Brands can boost their content strategy by bringing aboard podcasts. Create fresh content and re-purpose the published ones seamlessly and generate more leads than ever. One should note that podcasts are an effective marketing tool! If used well, podcasts can help you generate a higher ROI on your content.

Compile and Publish your Blogs as an E-Book

If your business often publishes blogs, you gather enough material to turn it into a book or an e-book. A book is a marvelous way to showcase your expertise and authority on the subject matter. Some bloggers even set up sales funnels where they give away their blogs turned into books for free.

E-Books have various advantages. It saves you a lot of production costs and also becomes accessible for your users anytime. Supplement the E-books with research and images to make it worth the additional investment.

Create New Lead Magnets with Emails

Lead magnets refer to pieces of content or blogs that you give to your consumers in exchange for signing up with their email addresses. Build a psychographic segmentation and identify your target audience. Devise and form newsletters or email offers with existing blogs to have a win-win situation.

It will help you to stay connected to your customers through these emails and send them lucrative offers. In return, they will get the information about the content from your blog that interests them.

Turn to Social Media Reposting

Sharing snippets of your blogs on social media achieves a couple of things. It provides you new content to post for attracting your followers. It also promotes your blog post that renders more blog traffic. Here is how you can leverage several social media platforms to broadcast your blog post:

  • Facebook- You can break the content into one-minute micro sessions and make videos. Transform your log into guides or how-to infographics and videos. You ought to highlight the best features of your product with thought-out images to make your blog relatable.
  • Instagram- The video that you posted on Facebook can also be posted as an IGTV video. Tailor your content according to your audience. Host live Q&A sessions and conduct polls to keep your audience intrigued.
  • LinkedIn- Slightly ‘button up’ your video content from IGTV or Facebook video to exhibit it to a more professional audience. You can also directly share your blog on this platform. Further, turn your blog into slides and post them as individual pictures for more readability.
  • Twitter- You can also share snippets from your blog by tweeting imperative lines from it that catch the attention of your audience. Complement it with a relatable and eye-catching image or GIF that instantly boosts client curiosity.

Update, Refresh, and Repost your Old Content

As the world keeps expanding and changing, your old content might not pose as 100% accurate after a while. So, refreshing your well-written and successful evergreen content is another way to bring dynamism to your old blog post.

Update and repost your published blog with new information, statistics, internal links, external links, media, etc. It will give you a perfect excuse to share that blog with your followers.

Write Guest Posts on Other Blogs

Guest posting is a favored content marketing strategy to escalate brand exposure and improve backlinks. It puts your brand and blog in front of a new audience. You can contribute your skills and write on another person’s website/blog on the same topic as your existing blog.

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This way you can get access to an entirely new audience who might be in the dark about your product. Second, it helps you to build search engine authority.

Repost Your Blog Post on Quora

Quora is cited as a good source of content inspiration that offers to answer real user questions in a wide range of categories. This social answers site makes it seamless to repurpose blog posts either as replies to questions or posts to Quora’s user blogs. All you need to do is find high-searched questions and tailor your blog-post to give the answers.

Then you can answer Quora user questions and include a link to your blog that provides a more in-depth answer. You get to acquire more blog site traffic and establish yourself as a leader.

Host a Captivating Webinar

COVID 19 has familiarized everybody with the webinar trend. It allows you to present your blog topic to your audience and also engage with them at the same time. You can also choose to repurpose your webinar as a YouTube video.

Choose one of your most famous blog posts and host a webinar on it. You can also share your screen and present a slide deck based on your blog.

Wrapping It Up

Often the published content fails to reach the desired audience or only splashes with one segment of the targeted audience. Repurposing old content helps you meet your audience, generate more backlink opportunities, strengthen your brand’s message, improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and maximize your content strategy efforts.

Repurposing your blog posts lets you breathe life into your old content. It also helps you to reach new audiences without having to form brand new material every time. The above-mentioned ways list an all-inclusive strategy to repurpose your blog posts. Leverage them to present your blogs in creative ways every day.

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