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11 Best Marketing Calendar Software Tools to Stay on Track in 2023


A marketing calendar is used to control marketing activities and ensure your marketing team knows what they should be doing, when, and where. But which is the best marketing calendar software for your needs?

While you could save money by using Google Calendar or by juggling multiple free spreadsheets, parts of important marketing projects may get lost in the process, never to see the light of day!

And, with looming deadlines, targets to meet, and competitors to beat, the right marketing calendar software is well worth the investment to ensure you stay on top of your game!

With an organized marketing team, you can say goodbye to a wasted marketing budget and hello to an increased ROI!

Best Marketing Calendar Software

These marketing calendar software tools will help you to keep control of those marketing campaigns and start smashing those KPIs!

Have a read through the list below and choose the one that aligns with your budget and business needs.

Let’s dive in!

1. Semrush

Semrush is the top marketing calendar software because it’ll help you organize, coordinate, and track all your marketing campaigns in one place.

It also offers a range of other handy tools for SEO, advertising, social media, content marketing, and research data to keep driving your business success.

The calendar software is simply designed to visualize your entire marketing roadmap and keep track of all your goals and tasks.

Plus, you can monitor campaign performance with the Google Analytics integration and readjust marketing projects where necessary.

Whether you’re a large marketing agency looking after multiple clients or a blogger looking to grow your traffic, Semrush is a top marketing calendar software to consider.

Main features:

Visual marketing calendar
Performance analytics
Checklists for each task
Easily share the calendar via email or link
Email notifications for task changes or updates
Reuse campaign templates to save time
Suite of SEO tools for research and link building.

Price: Free with limited features. Pro $129.95/month, Guru $249.95/month, Business $499.95/month.

Try out Semrush for FREE today.

Learn more in this Semrush review and tutorial.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management tool where teams can come together to work on tasks and chat about goals.

The marketing calendar software is one of the best, allowing teams to work on campaigns by channel, establish goals, optimize workflow, and keep track of deadlines.

Besides creating marketing calendars, you get access to marketing resources, social media templates, whiteboards, and internal communication.

Plus, you can automate 100+ boring tasks to streamline your workflow and free up your time.

Main features:

User-friendly interface
Build marketing campaigns quickly
Generate emails, content briefs, blogs, and case studies with AI
Built-in communication, task management, and checklists
Save time with free templates for social media, emails, content strategy, and more
Use online and offline and take advantage of over 1,000 integrations.

Pricing: Free forever for personal use. Unlimited $10/month per member, Business $19/month per member, Enterprise contact sales for customized pricing.

Try out ClickUp for FREE today.

Learn more in this in-depth ClickUp review.

3. StoryChief


StoryChief is a content management platform that allows you to schedule content across multiple channels without sacrificing quality.

No more spending hours copying and pasting! Just integrate your CMS and social media channels into StoryChief and share articles and social media posts with your audience with a click.

This tool is also a place to merge scattered documents and emails so you can collaborate with your team in one central place and save precious time.

And, do you often suffer from writer’s block? Stop staring at the cursor blinking – just use the StoryChief AI-powered suggestions for writing and translations and to improve readability.

Main features:

Build and track content campaigns in the content calendar
Create compelling copy faster with the AI assistant
Collaborate with your team across all channels in one place
Get actionable insights with analytics and reporting.

Pricing: 7-day FREE trial. For both Articles and Socials – Individual Base $80/month, Individual Pro $120/month. The price is half if you only want Articles OR Socials.

Try out StoryChief for FREE right now.

4. Monday

Monday.com is a project workflow management platform designed to help various departments streamline their processes.

A few of the projects that can be managed in this tool include goals and strategy, everyday tasks, business operations, client projects, resources, and more.

Marketing teams can create custom campaign tables with various workflows for the whole team. Tasks can be assigned, and campaigns tracked with detailed analytics to spot where improvements need to be made.

Main features:

Marketing calendar
Analytics dashboard
Assign and manage tasks
Automated workflows
Keep track of milestones with Gantt charts
Easy team collaboration
Multiple software integrations.

Pricing: FREE forever up to 2 seats. Basic $10/month per seat, Standard $12/month per seat, Pro $20/month per seat.

Read Asana Vs Monday to see which project management tool is best.

Try out Monday for FREE right now.

5. CoSchedule

best marketing calendar software

The CoSchedule marketing calendar is where you can plan, schedule, and share all your marketing efforts in one place.

It’s a place to get everything done for your business, including social media, blog posts, emails, event planning, and podcasts, so you can keep control of your workflow instead of having tasks scattered across multiple platforms.

It integrates with all the main project management tools, and you can use the integrated AI Social Assistant to help you draft messages and write winning copy.

In fact, you can learn more about using ChatGPT for copywriting here.

Main features:

Plan your marketing for EVERY platform in one place
Reschedule tasks easily with the simple drag-and-drop functionality
Collaborate with your team on one dashboard so a deadline is never missed
Create reusable social media templates
Plan and post your blog posts right from your calendar
Use the marketing AI assistant to generate new ideas and upgrade marketing workflows.

Pricing: Free FOREVER for individuals. Social calendar $19/month for teams and limitless publishing. Content Calendar and Marketing Suite for teams talk to sales.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that’ll help to organize and boost your marketing strategy.

Using it, you can schedule your content strategy across multiple platforms, engage with your audience, discover essential insights, keep an eye on your analytics, and build your brand and traffic.

It integrates with all the main apps and platforms, has a simple-to-use interface, and allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team.

Main features:

Intuitive and collaborative social media content calendar software
Plan your publishing strategy across multiple platforms in one place
Craft engaging content quickly with Sprout’s AI and automation tools
Check what’s working and what’s not with real-time engagement updates
Make better business decisions with analytics tools and data collection.

Pricing: Free 30-day trial. Standard $249/month, Professional $399/month, Advanced $499/month, Enterprise contact Sprout for custom pricing.

Learn more in this Sprout Social review.

7. TrueNorth

best marketing calendar software

TrueNorth is one of the best marketing calendar tools for marketing teams and comes with a range of resources to streamline operations.

It allows you to plan and track marketing campaigns all in one place, including content creation and advertising.

You can guide your team in the right direction with the growth visualization tool and model different scenarios to test out strategies.

This allows you to streamline ideas and focus on the ones that move the needle. Eliminate the need for messy spreadsheets and plan, track, and collaborate with your marketing team in one dashboard.

Main features:

Guide your team with a growth projection
Experiment and focus on the most impactful ideas
Track and manage your marketing goals all in one timeline
Track progress, activity, and results to double down on what’s working
Automatically integrate your marketing activity across all channels.

Pricing: 14-day FREE trial. $99/month for all features.

8. Wrike

Wrike is a versatile project management tool that allows you to enhance collaboration, manage projects, and organize your workflow.

This tool is meant to be used by teams in all departments and will help to maximize productivity, minimize duplicated work, and cut the time spent on routine admin tasks.

Simple collaborative dashboards can be created to manage marketing, content creation, social media, event planning, and more.

Projects can be set with timelines, and KPIs can be measured to ensure your efforts are staying on track.

Main features:

Project dashboards
Online proofing software
Project resource planning
Customizable Wrike workspace
Save time with automated workflows
Build custom request forms
Work from anywhere with mobile and desktop apps.

Pricing: FREE plan with minimum features. Team $9.80/month per user, Business $24.80/month per user, Enterprise custom pricing.

9. CrossCap

CrossCap is a simple marketing calendar software offering a centralized solution to effectively plan and manage your marketing projects.

The visual interface allows teams to collaborate and create campaign journey maps and timelines when everything needs to get done.

No need to switch between different calendars for social media and content; just have it all in one place and control access and visibility for different team members depending on roles.

Main features:

Customizable marketing calendar
Omni-channel ad planning and promotions management
Templates for marketing budgets

Pricing: Request a FREE demo. Contact CrossCap for pricing details.

10. Optimizely


Optimizely calls itself a ”digital experience platform” and helps brands run tests and uncover insights to create content their customers will love.

It’s also a content marketing and management platform where you can work on planning, creating, collaborating, and fulfilling campaigns with your team.

Using Optimizely, you can streamline work requests, handle tasks and workflows, track timelines, and collaborate with your team so nothing ever gets missed.

Main features:

Content marketing platform to keep your content marketing efforts on track
Content management system to create once and publish everywhere
Eliminate wasted effort on dud content campaigns by running tests and uncovering insights
Build and design targeted commerce experiences designed to your exact customers’ needs

Pricing: Contact Optimizely for custom pricing.

11. Planable


Planable is a social media marketing and content planning tool that allows you to save time and bring all your content tasks together in one place

Collaborate with your team on emails, blogs, newsletters, and social media posts and tweak your content for different platforms all in one place.

Invite the whole team to the party and give them different permissions, add feedback and notes on posts, and get content approved quickly.

Main features:

Content management calendar
Multi-account management
Multi-user collaboration
Post scheduling
Automated publishing
Centrally manage social engagement
Manage and optimize paid ad campaigns.

Pricing: FREE plan up to 50 posts. Basic $13/month per user, Pro $26/month per user, Enterprise custom pricing.

A marketing calendar software should simplify and streamline your marketing processes.

It should allow you to plan your marketing campaigns so that every team member can see what they should be doing, and the whole process should be able to be automated to reduce your workload.

Here’s what to look for in a marketing calendar:

Goals. The right marketing calendar software should allow you to set goals for each marketing campaign.
Visibility. A great marketing calendar tool will have the ability to set different visibility levels for team members depending on their roles.
Collaboration. The platform should allow for team collaboration and discussions within the software without having to jump about to different platforms.
Automation. A great marketing calendar feature is automation, so every day, repetitive tasks will get completed automatically.
Integration. It’s extremely helpful if your chosen calendar software integrates with other apps you may be using, such as Google Sheets, Zoom, or Microsoft Word for example.
Customization. The top marketing calendars come with the ability to customize features such as dashboards and tasks.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marketing Calendar Software

With the best marketing calendar software on your side, you can say goodbye to missed deadlines, improve your KPIs, and stop wasting time flicking between different platforms.

If you have the budget, go for:

These are top marketing calendar choices that’ll take your marketing campaigns to new heights.

Why not try them for a test drive on their free plans to see if they fit your marketing needs?

Want more ways to organize yourself and get more done?

Check out the best AI tools for business to boost productivity.

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