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10 Personal Finance Blogs You Should Be Following In 2022


Personal finance blogs are a popular breed of blog niches. Since everyone wants to maximize the potential of their earnings, savings, and investments – personal finance blogs are sure to get significant internet traffic from SERPs. It is a good idea to follow popular personal finance blogs for two reasons. One, you can get inspiration and ideas from these blogs if you wish to join the niche. And two, you can learn a thing or two about handling and maximizing the potential of your wealth.

Here are 10 personal finance blogs that are valuable sources of information:

The Penny Hoarders blog is probably one of the most relatable personal finance blogs on the internet. There are topics discussing savings, getting out of debt, finding multiple sources of income, and more. It is sure to not overwhelm and intimidate readers. The blog deals with topics that are realistic and achievable. This is especially helpful for people who are just starting their journey towards better personal finance.

This finance resource deals with topics such as investing, banking, savings, and even retirement. It is basically your one-stop-shop for any information that will give you your money’s worth.

Ex-hedge fund investment manager Todd Tresidder does not build false hopes. He gives advice on wealth building, investing, and retirement planning in a no-nonsense way, citing the gains and risks involved, such as the uncertainty and stress of day trading, but also its immediate and huge financial gains. A self-made millionaire who made his money through investing, Financial Mentor is a blog you ought to be following.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you need to have money to be able to invest. This makes saving money the first step towards financial independence. The internet is not too saturated with blogs about savings, so finding a good one to follow is easy.

This blog talks about topics like budgeting, bills, paying off debt, ideas on savings, and more. The author also has a podcast you could follow.

One of the more popular blogs, Making Sense of Cents is both a personal finance and lifestyle blog that gives tips and advice on making money online, from blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance online jobs, and money-making side hustles. It doesn’t have serious topics on investing and building wealth for the long term.

Guy on FIRE is a personal finance blog started in 2016. Written by 20-something Drew whose goal is to gain financial independence and retire early, the topics are about his passions, real estate rental, and income from stock dividends, from where he builds his wealth. He shares his rental reports on his four properties and seven units in Washington DC and monthly dividend income from stock investing.

Created by a financial analyst, this blog focuses on teaching families how to manage their money and be able to build other streams of income. On top of that, there are discussions on family purchases, budgets, multi-level marketing businesses, and more.

Who does not want to retire by 40? This blog is all about achieving the goals of financial independence and early retirement through saving and investing and earning passive income. Joe Udo, the blog’s creator, shares his stories and tips on real estate investing, investing in dividend stocks, and his travel hacks. His posts are about frugal living, early retirement, making money, and self-employment. Joe’s net worth is more than $2.3 million, a sign that he must be doing things right.

This blog proves that being frugal does not have to be sad. Your happiness does not have to be compromised by being frugal. Shannyn’s lifestyle and personal finance blog write about travel, fitness, home, and life in general while keeping within the budget. Her finance section includes tips on credit cards, getting out of debt, money management, and frugal hacks. It’s a personal blog that is fun and informative.

Looking for free financial advice? Money Under 30 is probably the best go-to financial advice blog on the internet. This blog discusses a multitude of things. Of course, it’s got the basic finance blog content – credit cards, banking, and investing. But, it also has a few tips and tricks for insurance and loans. It may be targeted to the millennial age group, but all advice given in this blog is applicable for any age.

We all have to acknowledge the fact that cryptocurrency, in the last couple of years, has become a trusted and preferred means of investment for people of varied ages. Invest Answers is more popular on YouTube but reading their blog is equally informative. This blog has an entire library of information and guides to cryptocurrency and investments. This includes tips, tricks, comparisons, reviews, and more. It also gives various tools to help anyone interested in cryptocurrency investments.

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First published in 2018; updated January 2022

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