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10 Impressive Youth Bloggers in 2021


The internet is an important resource for all people, young and old. The youth of today are so much more dependent on the internet and it matters to create content that is helpful for them. The presence of impressive Youth Bloggers on the internet is great news for parents. This means that they know their children can learn great things online.

If you are a young blogger, and you want to help others younger or the same age as you, be inspired by these youth bloggers:

We not only need to look at Youth bloggers, but also blogs that are great resources for all the young people on the internet. Blogs like this are great.  It is in places like this where young people learn things they are afraid to ask. Especially in cases when the youth feel like they lack support or they are misunderstood.

If you are a passionate writer but are not yet ready to create your own blog full-time, gain experiences by writing for blogs like this. It would be great for your portfolio and it will be a wonderful learning experience.

Not a lot of people are confident to write about taboo topics like this, especially if it deals with teens. This is a resource created by young bloggers for other young people. It talks about what youth rights are, how to protect themselves, how to cope with feelings related to the topics, STDs, and more.

These are not your normal blog topics, and they may be a little controversial. However, creating unique blogs like this that are educational may be great for passionate bloggers.

3. Carlo Ocab, Digital Marketing

Carlo Ocab is your typical child genius. He was the “child blogger” on the internet when youth blogging was not yet a thing. He created multiple information websites at the tender age of 12. From simply researching information online (about SEO, website building, digital marketing), he was able to create impressive websites that performed well on Google SERP.

He may not be considered so young now, but Carlo Ocab is still a true inspiration. For all the young influencers nowadays, there is much to learn from this “kid blogger”.

4. Nicole Booz & Gina Oursler, GenTwenty, Advice

The general concept of this blog is to provide advice for every twenty-somethings on how to navigate adult life. It talks about how to manage careers, relationships, and skills. The blog also teaches readers how to pay off debt, make more money, budget, and build credit. These are all the things we don’t really learn from school.

As a blogger, the two authors (Nicole and Gina) are inspirational. They used their personal experiences to create great content. This makes their content highly relatable and genuine.  Both authors have been featured in other popular media outlets like Forbes, and Thrive Global.

This is a travel website for millennials. It covers topics like destinations, food, fashion, and more. There are more specific topic categories like digital nomadism, teaching abroad, studying abroad, expat life, and the like. These kinds of content are very attractive for young readers who may be at varying stages of their careers.

Yes, we don’t really have the name of the millennial blogger behind this website. However, we know that they created content for young people (millennials, specifically).

A Nobel prize winner and an environmentalist, Greta may be one of the youngest environmental activists in the world. She has inspired millions in the world, young and old, to lobby for policy changes to protect the environment.

She is not exactly a blogger, but her presence in social media and her millions of followers is enough to give her “influencer status”.

He’s not exactly a blogger, but he is a Fortnite World Champion at the age of 16. This has catapulted him into “influencer status” with activities in Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Also a professional eSports player, he is popular in the Fortnite community. He usually live-streams his games for his fans to see.

The Clements Twins are among the most popular fashion influencers on Instagram. They have 1.9 million followers and they have collaborated with other kid influencers in some of their content. The camera loves them and it shows in all their photographs.

There are actually laws and policies that do not allow minors to manage their own social media accounts. This is why you would see on their Instagram page that their account is managed by their parents.

Jojo Siwa is a professional dancer, an actress, and a model. She has over 33 Million followers on TikTok and over 10 Million followers on Instagram. She has a glitter-filled fashion empire and every young girl just loves her. Now that she has come out to the LGBTQ+ community, she is an even more important inspiration for the youth.

She may have just 2.1 Million followers on TikTok but that does not mean she can’t produce impressive content. She spreads good vibes by releasing hilarious content. However, she still covers very important topics like racism, gender, and the like. She is lovable and truly relatable.

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