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10 BEST Coupon Affiliate Programs For Monetizing Your Blog in 2021


Personal finance is one of the most popular blogging niches around.

Money affects most people, there’s no denying it, so making and saving money is a topic that is relevant to pretty much everyone. I mean, who couldn’t use some extra cash? Coupon affiliate programs are a great way for money-saving and personal finance bloggers to monetize their blogs whilst helping their audience.

In this article I’m sharing the best coupon and cashback affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting to your audience. These affiliate programs will not only help your audience save money, but they should also help you earn some decent commissions in the process.

Coupon Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for bloggers to monetize their blogs, and finding different affiliate programs to join is the first step on the road to profits.

There are lots of coupon affiliate programs around, but sadly they aren’t all created equal. The ones we’re sharing with you today are trustworthy though, and when promoted in the right way can be very lucrative. Let’s take a look.


Top Cashback coupon affiliate program

TopCashback is a cashback website that allows users to earn cash back on everything they buy when making a purchase from one of their retailers. There are over 4,400 retailers on TopCashback, so the chances are you and your readers could be making cashback from retailers you already shop with.

As well as enabling you to earn money from shopping with retailers you already use, TopCashback has an affiliate program, which you can use to promote TopCashback to your audience. The affiliate program pays a flat commission of $15 for every new user who signs up with the platform and earns their first $10 in cashback.


Coupons.com is a popular source for online coupons for everything from groceries to beauty products. It has its own app where users can find and download digital coupons for most leading online retailers, as well as restaurants and specialty retailers.

The Coupons.com affiliate program will allow you to offer useful coupons to your audience while receiving a commission in return if they use the coupon. The site is completely free for users to browse and find coupons, so you won’t need to ask your audience to pay anything. Each time a user downloads or prints a coupon, the affiliate marketer will earn a commission.


screenshot of groupon.com homepage

Groupon is a well-known coupon website that provides amazing deals for products and services around the world. From restaurants to spa days, holidays, and useful products, there is something for bloggers in every niche on Groupon.

Users can search for offers by location, so they can find great deals and services near them. Groupon has its own affiliate program which allows affiliates to earn up to 10% commission on each sale made through their affiliate links. So if you find a great deal on Groupon, you can promote it to your audience, and watch those commissions come rolling in.


Ibotta is a free cashback site that offers an app and a browser extension to make it easy for anyone to earn cash back on products they already buy. There are thousands of in-store and online retailers to choose from, so most people can make a decent sum of cashback every year from using Ibotta.

Ibotta also has an affiliate program, which is a great opportunity for personal finance and money-saving bloggers to earn commission from promoting this useful app to their audience. 

Affiliates receive $2 for each customer they refer to Ibotta, as well as a range of incentives and bonus opportunities based on performance.


Honey coupon affiliate programs

Honey is a free Chrome browser extension that helps users find coupon codes for over 30,000+ sites. It’s rated 5-stars on the Chrome store from over 163,000 user reviews, so it’s clear that users are loving this service!

The browser extension is super easy to use, simply download it and add it to your browser, then shop as normal. As you shop, Honey automatically finds coupons for the sites you are on, and the coupon codes are automatically applied to your basket before you checkout.

Honey has a referral program available for users, where you can refer your friends or followers. When someone signs up through your affiliate link and makes a qualifying purchase, you will receive 500 ‘Honey Gold’. This can be redeemed for gift cards which you can use online for purchases. 1000 Holey Gold is worth $10, so you make approximately $5 per lead.

Coupon Surfer

Coupon Surfer is a website that helps users find coupons, discounts, cashback offers, and more. It’s perfect for anyone who shops online already and wants to save money and earn cash back on things they already buy.

It’s one of the best coupon affiliate programs around because it doesn’t require new users to make a purchase. As soon as a potential customer signs up for a free account through your affiliate link, you will earn $0.20, plus an additional $0.20 when the user registers their credit or debit card. They have high conversion rates at around 16%, with a long 30-day cookie duration, so there’s a good money-making opportunity here. 

The affiliate program is run through ShareASale, so affiliate commissions are paid out monthly once your earnings reach $50.

Capital One Shopping

Capital one shopping coupon affiliate programs

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that lets users find the best discount codes and vouchers as they shop online. As you browse a website, working coupon codes will automatically be added to your shopping basket at the click of a button.

You can also earn rewards on purchases, which can be redeemed for gift cards to use online. There is also an app with a barcode scanner which you can use as you shop in-store to see if the item you are looking at is cheap anywhere else. To top it off, Capital One Shopping will keep track of the items you have looked at, and alert you when there’s a sale or drop in price, so you never miss out on a good deal.

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The Capital One Shopping affiliate program is one of the highest paying coupon affiliate programs around, paying a healthy $10 for every new browser button install. They also offer a generous 30-day cookie window, so joining this coupon affiliate network should be a no-brainer!


Swagbucks affiliate program screenshot

Swagbucks is a popular site that offers its users cashback, coupons, paid surveys, and more. It’s free for anyone to sign up and make savings as well as cashback for things they already do online.

If you think your audience would find Swagbucks useful, you can sign up to the Swagbucks affiliate program on AWIN. The affiliate program pays $2.20 for each new registration, with a 30-day cookie window.

AWIN is one of the best affiliate platforms for bloggers to join. There are hundreds of affiliate programs on the platform, which you can join at the click of the button from your affiliate dashboard. Commissions are paid monthly.


BeFrugal coupon affiliate programs screenshot

BeFrugal is a coupons and cashback website that anyone can use to save money while shopping online. It basically works by paying the affiliate commissions back to the customer as cashback. BeFrugal has over 50,000 stores to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for, you should be able to find it here.

The great thing about BeFrugal is that users can earn $10 from simply signing up. This is a great incentive to share with your readers, as not only will they basically get some free money, but as an affiliate partner, you will receive $10 for everyone you refer too, as soon as they reach their first $10 in cashback!

Unlike some other cashback sites, BeFrugal pays cashback out via PayPal, direct deposit, 

WP Coupons Plugin

WP coupons affiliate program screeenshot

If you’re looking for coupon affiliate programs, I’m guessing you want to share these coupons with your readers, amirite? 

The WP Coupons plugin is the best way for WordPress users to share coupons on their websites. It’s super easy to use and will allow you to place coupons with your affiliate code anywhere on your website to maximize conversions and grow your affiliate earnings. 

It’s super lightweight, so you won’t need to worry about it slowing down your website, and it works across all themes and devices, so the coupons you share will look just as good on a mobile as they do on a desktop.

Get the WP coupons plugin here

How to promote coupon affiliate programs

There are a few different ways that you can promote coupon affiliate programs to your audience. You can focus on one method, or try them all and see what gets you the best results.

1- On Your Website or Blog

Promoting coupon codes on your affiliate website or blog is the best place to start.

You can create blog articles around a keyword relating to the product the coupon is for, then when people land on your article to read about the product or service, they will also find the discount code which they can then download and use.

The best way to include coupons on your blog is with the WP Coupons Plugin. You could also consider creating a coupon feature page on your blog where you share a list of all your favorite and best-performing coupon codes, with a referral link for each one.

2- On Social Media

Social media is a great place to share coupon affiliate programs.

Your audience on social media already knows and trusts you, so they are more likely to use a coupon code you recommend. Some of the best social media channels to promote coupon codes include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Here are some tips on how to grow your social following to have more people that you can market to.

3- On Your Podcast

If you have a podcast, you can monetize it by sharing coupon codes with your listeners.

For example, if your podcast episode is about ‘how to save money on your weekly food shop’, you can recommend BeFrugal, or another coupon site to your readers. When they sign up and use the service, you will earn your affiliate commission!

4- To Your Email Subscribers

Your email list is a gold mine.

Everyone who has signed up to your email list wants to hear what you have to say, so if you share a great promo code with them, you should see a great conversion rate! You can share your favorite coupon deals in your monthly newsletter, weekly round-ups, or simply add relevant coupons into your regular emails.

If you haven’t already started building an email list, check out our review of Systeme.io – they have a very good free service for starting out with.

Final Thoughts on Coupon Affiliate Programs

Joining coupon affiliate programs is a great way for bloggers to make money from their blogs. Not only do relevant coupons provide value to your audience, but they also have the potential to earn you some decent commissions on the way. 

Some of these coupon affiliate sites don’t even require your audience to make a purchase. They can simply install a browser extension or create an account with the coupon or cashback website, and you will qualify for your commission!

If you haven’t started your own blog yet, check out our in-depth guide on How to Start a Blog. This step-by-step guide will give you everything you need to start your own profitable blog, and you can start earning money by sharing promotion codes on your blog as soon as possible.

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